Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now What The Hell Are We Going To Argue About?

I kid. There will always be something to argue about.

It would have been about a hundred different types of amusing if he had not been picked up but good luck to you, Captain America.

I would say we barely knew you but the truth is we knew far too much about you, considering.


Deano said...

Now What The Hell Are We Going To Argue About?
JFJ @ 1LW.

Oooh, the excitement! Just like Christmas as a kid. Will Reddox get claimed? Will we claim anyone? (Willis Likes Colin Stuart, Lord Bob likes Lundmark).

Interesting to talk up Reddox as Pisani-lite before waiving him - are they trying to find him somewhere else to play?

...and there's all that 'expect the unexpected'. LaForge wouldn't lie to us, would he? Not US! We have to be onside capwise by 12:00 EST time tomorrow. So a move has to be made now. (I hope its more than Polio on LTIR).

I am tired of the grousing and fear its only sox and gonch again this year.

Black Dog said...

I doubt they're looking for someone to claim Reddox, imo Quinn liked him and would have preferred him over MacIntyre.

If he gets claimed while MacIntyre has a space on the roster I will not be impressed. The list of decent young guys who could at the very least play on the fourth line who have been let go is getting longer every day.

Winchester, Thoresen, Glencross, Brodziak, now maybe Reddox?

These guys are supposed to be a dime a dozen (and yeah I know Thoresen isn't even in the league anymore) but dropping guys who can move the puck the right way, kill penalties, win draws, score a little, all the while keeping a guy who can't skate?


Black Dog said...

Note also that I picked first Brennan and then Reddox as my darkhorses to make it.

Kiss of death.

hunter1909 said...

Oh for a computer holiday.

No emails, no signing in for nearly a week.