Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bye Bye Hunter

There's dopey moves and then there's dopey moves. On a team in desperate need of size, toughness and two way forwards the Oilers sign another small forward. Unless this is the precursor to another move or two, we've got a problem Houston.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Edmonton Minis.


hunter1909 said...

LOL yeah well, innit?

Tada Black Dog, enjoy jacking off to this worthless franchise.


Anonymous said...

is this the best we can do?

OF17 said...

This is a positive move, as we're getting a highly-motivated, skilled veteran for cheap and short-term. It does make me scratch my head a bit though. If we had too many contracts and couldn't add a player like Betts or Malhotra without sending anyone out, why can we add Comrie? This must mean that another deal is in the works, and Robert Nilsson is likely shopping for a new house by Saturday.

doritogrande said...

The girl's coming to Edmonton, right?

Travis Dakin said...

HAHA so uh.... I won't hold it against you if you don't actually turn your back on this team Hunter. We all say things in a fit of rage.

Deano said...

So what happened to 'salary going the other way'?

If we are going to break our own rules could it at least be for the on-ice product instead of revenue and the monument to Katz's ego?

I agree that he is definitely good enough for our top 9 and cheap but....

Shit! (spits)

We missed out on the stuck-up girl, so we gave the old head-case girlfriend a booty-call. Nobody drives us crazy like she does.

Anonymous said...

WTF??? Tambellini is looking like he doesnt have a clue!!!

This has to be the shittiest team in the Western conference if its stays the same.

Deano said...

Anaheim signed Eminger for 2 years @ 1.125 each. Sweet move - the guy was drafted 6 places in front of Grebs.

doritogrande said...

Maybe Rexall plans to offer "all you can eat shrimp" promotions?

RiversQ said...

I don't hate it. The price is right and quite frankly Comrie's impact won't be much different from the Oilogosphere fashionable choices of Betts or Hilbert.

Black Dog said...

I don't hate it. The contract is terrific and the guy is going to be highly motivated. If he scores twenty its a hit.

The only issue for me is that they already have four small offensive minded players on the roster.

I would have loved to have seen this same contract given out to, say, Niedermeyer and Moore.

Maybe something is in the works, though. I would say there has to be because this is an oddball roster right now.

OF17 said...

I'm with you, Pat. Great move if looked at in a vacuum, but it makes me scratch my head a little when looked at in the context of the team. Something else must be on the way.

As an aside, even with Comrie signed, I'd like to see both Niedermayer and Moore get the same one-year deal.


Not the most typical of forward lines, but they're all pretty balanced except for the butter soft minute 2nd line. In order of toughness of minutes, I'd go 3 toughest, 4 and 1 next middling, 2 softest. And that looks like a team that should compete for a playoff spot.

Baroque said...

I'm wondering why she's carrying around a small suitcase. Jeez, that purse is huge. She could practically hide a body in that thing.

(And maybe he needs to shop in whatever the men's equivalent of the "petite" section of the store is, as those jeans are going to trip him and he'll fall flat on his face.)

Black Dog said...

Baroque, I think that bag is actually their apartment, its certainly big enough.

Bruce said...

She could practically hide a body in that thing.

A couple, if they are Oiler forwards.

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