Saturday, August 29, 2009

They's Fidgets!

Remember the Little Rascals? When we were kids (1970s you wiseacres) once we got cable in Sudbury we would get the old Our Gangs cartoons on Global. Some pretty funny shit that became even funnier as we got older and began to pick up on a lot of the other stuff going on, like Buckwheat constantly looking over at the director (or maybe his Momma?) to get his cue.

One of my buddies could quote the scene where bullies smushed tomatoes into Buckwheat and Porky's faces and Buckwheat (Mr. Wheat! Mr. Wheat!) told Spanky and the rest of the gang what happened.

Buckwheat - He took a tomato, see, and then he smushed it our faces, see, he smushed it all over, see, that's what he did. Ain't that right Porky?

Porky - Mmm, hmm.

As for me the one I remember best of all is the episode where a couple of crook midgets (sorry, little people, remember this was way before political correctness reared its sweet smiling face) dressed as babies in order to pull a job.

They's fidgets!


Rumour has it that Mike Comrie is coming back to join the circus which tells us that the little guy's career is hanging by a thread. Yes he scored thirty goals twice before but I think that that first one must be a mistake. After all he was playing for MacTavish who as we all know can't coach young creative players.

Wait a second!

Anyhow he's fallen on tough times but he's had some injury problems so this may be the reason. He played pretty well for the Senators in their Cup run despite having a shoulder injury and he actually took on some reasonable competition for Ottawa although his linemates were Fisher and Schaeffer. Still he was a viable NHL player even in 2007/08 when he scored twenty one goals.

Its a terrific contract and its the type of bet that the Oilers need to make more often. They're only a few years behind the curve on this one (although to be fair they did hand similar contracts out to Sykora and Tjarnqvist in 2006). Shortterm contracts are the way to go, if you can, and going after guys who have a lot of motivation to do well is a pretty smart thing to do as well. Guys like Comrie, Grier, Dominic Moore, Blair Betts and so on are on the road to Ansoncarterville, which is just a stop before Jefffriesentown. They're fighting for their careers at this point.

Of course the one problem with the whole Comrie deal is the fact that they already have four guys who are similar players - Gagner, Cogliano, Nilsson and O'Sullivan. Comrie is more established obviously and if he has a good year he will likely help the PP and do some damage against the soft opposition but he is not big, he doesn't PK, he doesn't win faceoffs.

So if this is true what does it mean? Well it means one or two of the aforementioned kids is on his way out of town most likely. Or it means that Tambellini is going with the hand that he was dealt, meaning a lineup like this:


Hell you might even see Potulny on that Comrie line and Pisani with Pouliot and Moreau. This club wouldn't have a fourth line in the traditional sense of the word. It would get pushed around and it would bleed goals against (only the Horcoff and Pouliot lines would be able to do anyhting against tough opposition and even that would be iffy) but maybe this is what we're looking at. Even without Comrie in the mix this club still has O'Sullivan or Nilsson or Cogliano not playing in the top six.

Khabibulin is going to need a groin transplant by Halloween.

Great contract. Wrong player. Unless Tambellini still has something up his sleeves.


David S said...

I dunno BD. The MPS fourth line would seem to be a decent combo if we're to believe Quinn doesn't take the common approach to line matching. Those three guys could pinball 10 minutes a night and wreak havoc with opposing teams.

OK. Maybe six minutes a night with Moreau pencilled in for at least 2 boneheaded penalties a game.

Black Dog said...

David, I have no problem with that line honestly, I'd just think they'd want at least two lines that could take on some sort of heavy sledding. I like Stortini but he's not at that level.

Apparently Matheson says its all BS anyways. But he also has Penner on the third line possibly which does drop Moreau into that type of role.

Schitzo said...

BDHS - knowing this organization, Penner as 3LW means Moreau is pencilled in as 2LW.

RiversQ said...

So to decipher the traditional hockeyspeak, that would make Penner a true 2nd liner right? Not such a bad thing , although his skillset doesn't lend itself to starting in his own end. Still I can't see this making sense unless they actually bring in an upgrade like Heatley.

As for Comrie, I think of him about the same as Betts or Hilbert. Good to have another vet or two but not nearly enough to make the team a good one.

The Oilers are depressing these days.

Black Dog said...

Schitzo - ah, um, fuck ...

Rivers - yeah they're fucked so many ways and all they seem to do is compound the errors. In salary cap hell with a whack of contracts at 3 million plus a year and a few kids who will get paid next summer? Give an aging goalie same and make it longterm to boot.

Thing is I can't see Penner in that role though. He's either a soft minutes guy or he has to play with Horcoff and Hemsky.

Its awful.

Dennis said...

I'm still not really all that interested in the '10 fortunes of the team - it all depends on the maturation of the kids - so I read Lain and Pat's site more for the stories than anything else.

Bruce said...

Matheson's remark about Penner being more comfortable at 3LW is at variance with the statistical record.