Friday, July 24, 2009

Serenity. Again.

No phone. No interweb. No electricity. No running water.

Serious shit folks.

Drinking wine and Guinness. Saunas. Stars. Good friends. Family. Food. The silence. The quiet warm nights. The eee eee eee eee.


doritogrande said...

And here I am driving 450 kilometers today for work.

You ass.

Bruce said...

BDHS: Nice. Enjoy those stars. While you're at it, keep an eye peeled for an occasional early Perseid meteor. They have a real long build-up before maxing out around Aug 12. Perseids are real quick and come from the northeast.

Showerhead said...

doritogrande: how has work been this summer? I recall you saying something about the interlake? And you never got back to me about the draft, jerk ;)

BDHS: enjoy it and enjoy it well! It also brought me joy to see you recommend Grand Beach in your travel post a while back - I've spent the last month living and working (t)here and it's been one hell of a summer. I also spent a week doing the same thing in Gimli and like doritogrande says, it's not to be missed. Just don't ask me to pick favourites :)

Hope everyone's having a great summer. I've found a coffee shop in Grand Marais, 5 min from Grand Beach, with free wireless and 50's tunes and it seems a great spot to catch up on my blog reading. Cheers all!

doritogrande said...


I'm currently requiring a redbull for every day I have to make the 7 hour round trip. It's cutting into my bank account. Beautiful drive between Inwood and Peguis though, and then back between Hnausa and Gimli, including my favourite little town of Finns which has, and I am not making this up, a single house.

Thought I got back to you RE: the draft but maybe something got filtered out of hotmail. Damn.