Saturday, July 04, 2009

One Day Too Late

Hah! I wrote this post about three hours before our old friend was traded to the coast.
The Oilers look to still be in the Heatley chase although at this point they really can't sweeten the deal anymore, imo. I had my doubts about Heatley before and this past week certainly hasn't improved my opinion of him. Either he or his agents need a good shake and I'm afraid that if he does come to Edmonton he would be asking out within a year and at that point the law of diminished returns would kick in. Who trades for a three time quitter?
If Heatley doesn't pan out I think they go back to plan B, which is stick with the status quo, add a 3C and another grinder on the fourth line and see if Quinn and Renney can work some magic.
And as Jonathan Willis shows, Plan B might not be so bad anyhow.
But if Tambellini is still looking for a first line LW might I present an old friend?
Yes yes this ship has sailed, if he had really wanted to he would have stayed, not a true first line winger blah blah blah blah.
And the cap hit could be a killer in 2010/2011.
But he's a proven first line left winger who is available. He can play the toughs. He'll net you twenty five to thirty goals. He will give you an honest effort every night and he will set a great example for the kids.
He would not cost you any of your prize kids and he's better then pretty well everyone else out there who may be available
And as my little exercise showed you can massage the roster to fit this salary onto this club.
Plus there's the whole jinx/karma thing to reverse. You don't, once you finally have the financial wherewithal to do it, walk away from the player born to be an Oiler, a guy who would have been the first Oiler of any consequence to spend his entire career with the club. Yes it took two to tango but the hockey gods know who is in the right and who is in the wrong. How else do you explain how the once proud Oilers have become a circus, a joke, the poor man's Leafs as it were.
At least all of those years when they were losing they were known for enthusiasm, for an exciting hard driving brand of play (actually known as Oilers' hockey), for terrific ice, for being a team that was closer knit than any other, for being a team that you could cheer for, the underdogs with the big heart. And Smyth had the biggest heart of all.
Rip the heart out of the team and you end up with porridge, as LT calls it.
Think outside the box man! All is not lost!
Only half joking here folks. Well maybe three quarters. I'll tell you one thing, if the cap were going up over sixty million I would bet we'd see him coming back.


Scott said...

Ryan Smyth is practically a son of Boreas. He was given to the Oilers as a gift and now that Boreas has been disrespected he has put the Oilers under a curse. It's the only rational explanation.

Black Dog said...

I have no idea what that means but I agree 100% ;)

Halfwise said...

Boreas was the Greek god of the north wind, bringer of cold winter air, according to Wiki.

What we have had lately is the offspring of Zephyrus, god of summer breezes and (a little known factoid) early spring tee-times.

Lesser deities on the Rexall scene also include Spurnus, god of the free agent snub.

Baroque said...

What is the name of the "god of bureaucratic pettiness with respect to the fans"? :-)

Doogie2K said...

Biggus Dickus?

Jonathan Willis said...

As much as I like the shoutout, Derek Zona (Coachpb, Kurri_17) actually wrote the Penner article.

Black Dog said...

Jeez you're lazy Willis.