Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Someone Likes It, Er, Ruff

Crazy busy with work and life these days plus it is the offseason for the Oilers, at least for another week or so, but I do have some shit in the hopper, its true.

Had to post a link to this bit of brilliant reporting I read on the way into work this morning on the subway.

An interesting story but I especially love the last line.

He says two other Furries who met Whitson witnessed the animal sex and turned him in

What's that, boy? Timmy's fucking Lassie up the ass by the old well again?
You can't make this shit up.


Good Muckin' Tonite said...

Ah, at last - get to read a story about screwin' the pooch while I make puppies at work.
Jesus! Where do they find this shit?
Let the jokes begin.

mattwatt said...

Favorite part of this story is how this man is member of a group called The Furries, who dress up as animals and most likely have sex with each other (Am I making the correct inference here?) turn in a guy in who takes it a step too far. Would love to read the police report on this one.

Report: Eye-witness, dressed as Goofy and Air Bud, give detailed accounts about how suspect accost said dog and "boned" the dog victim.

As for another effed up thing to witness, here is a youtube video about people who are in love with objects. Great television.

Black Dog said...

Mattwatt - yeah I think that's the deal.

There was an episode of Entourage where a woman is a Furry and wants Turtle to dress up a rabbit and have at it.

In the end he just can't do it so of course Drama grabs the costume and rushes into the house. Scene fades to black as the two giant rabbits go at it.

I'm pretty open minded, so I like to think, but sometimes I just shake my head and laugh.

I have a buddy who has family in Croatia; one time he was visiting and was hanging out with a cousin who had sex with chickens.

I'm not making this up and I'm pretty sure he wasn't either.

My buddy declined an invitation to tag along. He actually thought it was nto a fetish or anything, his cousin just had a hard time finding human company.

Probably because he was "the guy who fucks chickens" in his village. Try and meet a woman at the discoteque with that rep.

LittleFury said...

The bestest thing of all is the graphic taht accompanie sthat story.

mike w said...

I'm just picturing it.

A man dressed as a dog takes off his dog helmet, "Whoa whoa, Troy, what the hell are you doing?"

Black Dog said...