Monday, June 08, 2009

Isn't It Amazing You Can Do Anything?

Was outside of the city for the first time this summer this past weekend at a cottage just down the road from Bobcaygeon. Good times had by all but it was certainly capped by a Saturday night playing darts, drinking port and listening to the Hip after the womenfolk and the little people were all tucked away. It was seriously fucking quality.

We ran through enough CDs including Phantom Power, which after Fully Completely may be my favourite, although I'm partial to Up To Here and Road Apples. Phantom Power has to be the most underrated Hip as far as I'm concerned. Something On, Emperor Penguin, The Rules, Thompson Girl, Bobcaygeon, Escape Is At Hand For the Travelin Man ... all terrific shit. And probably my favourite two lines out of any Hip song are in Vapour Trails when Downie roars:

I pulled the car on over to give you a ride
but there's nothing uglier than a man hitting his stride

My favourite song off the album is Fireworks with its reference to walking home the long way and the goal that everyone remembers.

If there's a goal that everyone remembers it was back in ol '72
We all squeezed the stick and we all pulled the trigger
And all I remember is sitting beside you
You said you didn't give a fuck about hockey
I never saw someone say that before
You held my hand and we walked home the long way
You were loosening my grip on Bobby Orr

Isn't it amazing anything's accomplished
When the little sensation gets in your way?
Not one ambition whisperin' over your shoulder
Isn't it amazing you can do anything?

Listen to that when you have a bottle of anything in you and you'll be up and at it.
Gord might say that nothing is uglier than a man hitting his stride but I have to disagree. The boy is hitting his stride now and its something to behold.

Now of course I'm sure many of you are saying 'oh no, here we go again about the boy, blah blah blah, he can do no wrong' but the reality is I am not one of those parents who turns a blind eye to his kids' faults. The boy is terrific but he's stubborn and cocky and it takes him ten times as long as anyone else to do something. He's deliberate and methodical and he will not be rushed. He already spends a half hour taking a dump, as discussed previously, and he eats his cheerios one 'o' at a time. While other kids at his birthday party ripped through the cake he sat and savoured each bite, still eating long after the rest of them were bouncing off of the walls downstairs from the sugar bomb.

Last night we put them all to bed and we could hear him talking on and on while his older sister was trying to get to sleep. My wife threatened him with getting moved out of their room into our room and when he ignored her he was taken away, protesting loudly and plopped into our bed. As she walked to the door he cracked "If I keep talking now, where will you move me?"

"Outside!", my wife snarled.

The boy has always acted like an Allied airman shot down behind enemy lines when confronted with punishment. Name, rank and serial number only. A trip to the step for a timeout leads to a swagger over and a sprawling sneering arms folded do your worst to me you'll never break me aura. I half expect him to light a cigarette and put on a Bowery accent.

'Do your worse copper, you'll never get me to talk'

Of course he's a sweet little fellow, all hugs and kisses and he treats his baby sister like the goddess that she is. He's a generous soul, a good man through and through.

Here's the thing. He has the knack. Everyone remarks on it. He has IT, whatever it is. I don't have it. I know people who do but I'm not one of them. He sits at a friend's piano and he doesn't smash the keys like most little kids (and his old man) - he plays the notes and listens to what he is doing. He sits at a drum set and within a minute he is pounding out a rudimentary beat, looking like he belongs there.

He always looks like he belongs there, wherever there is.

A few weeks ago he stepped onto the playing field for the first time. He's one of the youngest ones out there, an October 3 in a league made up of 3 and 4 years olds. Its a riot really, a herd of little people all chasing the ball, this way and that, slowly one by one they drop off and wander away until the end of the game usually involves a half dozen and no more. And the boy always sticks it out until the end, running endlessly, charging into the pack, getting knocked down and knocking down, taking the ball and racing away with it. (The fact that he often leads the pack onto adjoining fields does not in any way take away from his accomplishment! ;) )

He loves it and next year he will be the boy on his team like the little guy in the hat who does what he wants when he wants this summer.

I was never that boy.

He picks up a bat for the first time and hits line drives. At the beer store he tells me that O-p-e-n spells open. He saunters up to the older kids in the schoolyeard and gets himself included. He leaps from the pool deck into the water without an ounce of fear. He struts down the stairs in his T shirt and tie when he accompanies his sister and I to ballet.

What's with the tie, pal?

I'm wearing it to ballet.

Um, ok.

And as he pulls on his boots:

I think the girls are going to like my tie.

And when we get there he takes off his jacket and walks over to where the girls are playing tag and he leans against the wall and smiles.

He is the boy. He is a star. And he knows it.


Lowetide has been doing his usual plethora of posts regarding the upcoming draft and the present depth chart for the Oilers and where Tambellini might take the team this summer. Nobody knows whether there will be a bloodletting or minor surgery, whether they will try and hit the home run or try and bring in some established depth guys to help hold the fort while we wait for the kids.

Next year's team will be bigger and it will be tougher, we know that.

Robert Nilsson is certainly the best bet to be a goner.

Other then that, who knows? I would believe that they should move Moreau and Staios because while they have a lot of what this team needs (experience, grit) the roles they play now can be done for cheaper, probably better and I believe both have value around the league. Jacques and Stortini and probably Brodziak will help fill in the end of the roster. Horcoff, Hemsky and Pisani will probably be a third of the top nine and likely Penner will join them.

A lot of the debate is revolving around the other young smallish players on the club. Gagner will be back but is there room in the top nine for both Cogliano and O'Sullivan?

I look at Detroit and they aren't all that big; then again they're just so damn hard on the puck. But O'Sullivan and Gagner are listed (yeah I know I know) at 5'11 190 and Cogliano is at 5'10 184. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hudler, Helm, Draper - all 5'11 or smaller. So it can be done.

All things being equal I'd rather big talent over small talent but I'd rather small talent over no talent and I think Traktor's comment in a thread at Lowetide's the other day that Cogs is a good bet to score 25 this season may be a tad low if he has the right linemates.

Really though for me its all about July 1st and this guy specifically.

Damien Cox remarked in his mailbag just recently that Bouwmeester and Edmonton might be a marriage we could see. Cox is not the first to mention this idea. In fact its been a number of months that the idea, once considered a pipedream, has had legs and its gotten play from various media, including a lot of guys who are very connected.

There's no better guy for the Oilers to go after, imo. He's huge. He's mobile. He's durable (19 games missed in seven years). He adds offence and he plays the toughs and he could anchor Edmonton's blueline for a decade because he's twenty five years old. I love Hossa, as you know, but he'll be nearly 31 when next season starts. A great player but while the Oilers could offer Bouwmeester a cap friendly contract that takes him late into his thirties, any offer to Hossa is going to be a cap killer and the decline in production is likely to come relatively soon.

Add Bouwmeester and you have three defencemen in he, Gilbert and Grebeshkov who can give you quality on the blue for years. Plus the kids Smid and Peckham. And the vets Souray and Visnovsky.

And then you can deal from the strength on the blue to add a little of what they need up front. Trade Gilbert without Bouwmeester and suddenly you go from strength to one injury away from having a second pair of Smid and Staios. Sign Bouwmeester and trade one of your quality blueliners and you still have two nice pairs.

Who knows what Jay Bouwmeester wants to do this summer? For years he had no interest in going home but now there is smoke. The Oilers HAVE to chase this guy and if there is interest they HAVE to make it happen as long as the contract isn't ridiculous.

He's serious quality.


PDO said...

100% agreed.

It just seems too good to be true.

HBomb said...

Simply put - 15 years, 75 million dollars, with only about 5 million of that after age 35.

So essentially 7 million a year to age 35, and 5 cheap years after that to get the cap hit down. Structure it however in order to make it work.

Need to go to 90 million over that term to make it go? Fine, do it.

Land the big fish and go from there. He MUST be priority one.

Then, go to a team wanting a blueline upgrade in Philly and see if you can land Simon Gagne. And away you go....

Smytty777 said...

If there is any chance at all of signing J-Bo the Oilers have to push as hard as possible to sign him. This guy is not as mean as Pronger, but he is just as good. He is a franchise player and the opportunity to have one of those types of players is incredibly rare.

PDO said...

But the FLyers may not be the team. Some GMs say, it's the Flyers, but others are telling me JayBo is headed out to ALberta with the most likely landing place at Edmonton where Steve Tambellini has a pretty good, young team that underachieved this season but now has Pat Quinn behind the bench.

More fire.

I'll get back to you soon Pat... tore my shoulder up and only have one hand to type with.

HBomb said...

PDO: Shoulder dislocation? First time or second or more?

Don't fuck around, even if it's the first instance. Get the surgery and be done with it.

PDO said...


Second time. They think I tore my Labrum. See a specialist in 2 weeks. Gonna be a long time with no hockey.

And I did it the day after I worked my first shift as a landscaper.

HBomb said...

Brutal PDO, brutal.

I suffered a massive dislocation playing rugby in 2001 when I was 19. After two subsequent dislocations from simply putting my arm above my head in 2003 and 2004, I went under the knife. No problems since.

I had torn basically all the tendons that hold the joint in the socket though. Labrum sounds rather minor compared to the arthroscopic job I had done (Bankart repair is what it's called).

Get it done right - you will eventually be back on the ice playing at 100% that way.

PDO said...

Bankart repair is what they're looking at... it's a type of Labrum injury from what I've read.

Did you have the "catching" sensation going on? Basically...

2 years ago I took a hit from behind right on the shoulder. Huge blinding pain for 5 seconds.... then nothing.

Next night I'm taking a faceoff and feel something "snap/slide" over my shoulder. Blinding pain... then it snaps back into place. Instantly feels better than sex. That happens two more times (once from a hit, once while making out and shifting awkwardly).

In Feb I got in a scrum, fell, dislocation. Rehabbed like a mother fucker, fine in a month.

Last Tuesday I got tripped up while winning a faceoff. Snap, crackle pop. Other C heard it.

After a week it STILL hurts like hell and I have almost no range.

mattwatt said...

I always remember when there were whispers of Florida offering Norton or Bouwmeester for Pronger, but not both. I literally lost my shit when I heard that.

For me, the choice seem obvious at the time, and I know very little about hockey. Bouwmeester was a stud then, is a stud now. I thought Lowe sure as hell should take Bouwmeester for Pronger, and be damn happy that he did. Anytime you can get a top 15 D-man who was still very,very young for a top 5-Dman at the time, sounds like a reasonable trade.

I am no Nostradamus, but even I could see how nice this would have been.

Has anyone in the Oilogosphere ever discussed in the comments/other blogs on how Lowe screwed up the Pronger trade? ;)

mattwatt said...

Also, I realized now that I typed Norton instead of Horton, my mistake.

Black Dog said...

mattwatt - yeah I remember the Florida rumours as well; they were the best of the lot although iirc they were floating the idea of both players you mention. No wonder our hopes were so high.

Its just a rumour and in a lot of cases reporters are picking up on older reports and recycling them but Al Strachan was the first off the mark and while he's a douchebag he's often on the mark.

Hbomb - yeah that's how they'd have to structure it

PDO - to be honest I cannot see the Flyers being involved - their cap issues are ridiculous and they have a nice top pair already.

I think its the Oilers, Canucks and Leafs myself.

Olivier said...

Don't forget the Habs. 30+ mil available under the cap, Komisarek wants to test the FA waters, Hamrlik is getting up there and Markov is their only remaining stud if some idiot give 6mil to the big K...

They won't land him, but they will be used to drive the price up.

Traktor said...

I'm with you guys - Bouwmeester should be priority #1.

HBomb said...

IF you land Bouwmeester, here's how I'd approach it:

1) Look to deal Souray to a California team. For Clowe or Marleau from San Jose if the Sharks lose Blake to retirement, or to LA for Frolov (assuming they don't sling him to Tampa for Lecavalier).

2) Now your blueline is Bouwmeester-Visnovsky-Gilbert-Grebeshkov. Toughness is suddenly an issue. How I'd address this is offer up a signed-for-three-more Grebeshkov to Nashville for one-year-from-UFA Dan Hamhuis.

Yes, you'd be in a situation where Hamhuis and Frolov would both be UFA after 2009-10, but that could be dealt with in due time.

I'm not even going to mention how obvious it is that Moreau and Staios need to be ditched for draft picks to clear cap space, because Pat already has. It's at the point where it's obvious in every scenario surrouding the Oilers this summer.

All acoounts are that J-Bo and his wife want to be as close to home as possible. If the Oilers show him the money, they can get it done. And it would be a coup d'etat bigger than the original Pronger acquisition, IMO.

PDO: I'll say it again - get the surgery. You're fucked otherwise.

Black Dog said...

Hbomb - I wonder if San Jose would be willing to deal Michelek? There are rumours to that effect. Take more then Souray though.

Can't agree with you on the Grebs though. I understand what you are saying but I'd want someone a ways from UFA so unless you get someone under contract or can sign whoever is incoming its a waste of an asset. See if Peckham or Smid can fill the top four spot from within and then deal from strength again.

Traktor - I know you're not a big fan of moving Souray based on past comments - question for you - who would you move of the present top four if they landed Bouwmeester?

Olivier - yeah I forgot the Habs.

HBomb said...

Well, Ottawa needs defensemen, and they have a pretty good forward to trade now:

Heatley wants out.

Call me a dreamer, but just think - deal Penner, O'Sullivan, one of the big money D and a pick to Ottawa for Heatley, then sign Bouwmeester.

You may see me streak down Whyte Avenue wearing nothing but an Oilers ballcap if that scenario plays out. Either that, or a two-week "hookers 'n blow" bender.

LittleFury said...

Call me a dreamer, but just think - deal Penner, O'Sullivan, one of the big money D and a pick to Ottawa for Heatley, then sign Bouwmeester.

Yeah, but where would they find the cap room for those guys? They'd have to move $14-$15M in salary to accomodate both of 'em. That's Souray/Lubo, Horcoff and Gilbert or some variation thereof. And they still need a goalie. I can see one or the other, but not both. Not without gutting the rest of the team, anyway.

Traktor said...

Black Dog: I think you deal the guy who brings back the most in return.

That's probably Visnovsky.

Black Dog said...

Agreed LittleFury - sorry Hbomb, I want no part of Heatley, not at those monies.

Traktor - no kidding, huh? I had you for a deal Gilbert guy. No idea why though.

I'd prefer to move Souray - I just think Lubo brings too much to the table - he drives results - but Souray is the one guy whose skills aren't replicated in the top four so I can see why there are those who would rather keep him.

In any case it has to be one of the two vets who goes if it comes to this. By the time this team is ready to contend both Kubo and Souray will be near the end, imo.

Deano said...

I just posted this at Lowetide:

Sign Bouw. Deal Lubo for Weiss + Emminger.

Fla loses Weiss + Emminger instead of JayBo. We add him and Weiss and someone to take Staois' minutes.

HBomb said...

Radical thinking:

Visnovsky, Penner, Cogliano for Heatley

Souray for Clowe

Nilsson, Moreau and Staios ditched for picks

Sign Bouwmeester

Top 7 forwards: Hemsky, Heatley, Horcoff, Gagner, O'Sullivan, Clowe, Pisani

Top 4 defensemen: Bouwmeester, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Smid

We'd need a 3C, a veteran defenseman, a goalie, and some cheap vets to fill out the end of the roster, but hey, why not swing for the fuckin' fences?

Bruce said...

Visnovsky, Penner, Cogliano for Heatley

HBomb: Say what??

I wonder if San Jose would be willing to deal Michelek? There are rumours to that effect. Take more then Souray though.

BDHS: You think? Michalek is likely seen as part of the problem in San Jose, especially after his 6 GP, 1-0-1, -3 playoff "run" in '09. His P/G rate is 0.68 in the regular season, 0.41 in the post-season on a team infamous for its underachievement. His goals total has stagnated in the lower 20s. His contract has four years to run at cap hit $4.33 MM.

Souray OTOH could be seen as part of the solution. Based on '08-09 he brings all of Michalek's offence (23 golas each, Michalek with 4 more assists), plus a whole bunch of stuff the Sharks don't have, and need.

MattWatt: In the whirlwind of time that Pronger had demanded the trade but not yet been moved, I deal I liked best that seemed to make sense for both teams, was Pronger for Bouwmeester straight up.

hunter1909 said...

Wow. Heatley thinks Edmonton as a potential destination. Bouwmeester now possibly wants to come home, now that he's growing up.

Oilers have competant management. And well above average new coaching, to right a decade of terrible wrongs. And to top it all off, an owner who not only has shown that he knows what to do, but has deep pockets to back up his talk.

I don't know or care about the cap issues, but to jettison some of the Moreau/Pisani/Penner/Horcoff/Staios albatross contracts, plus use some of the vaunted Oiler assets as trading chips for some seriously good players, and coached properly(In Quinn I trust, forgive me but I'm Irish), and yes indeedy we've just entered a brand new era for the Oilers.

So long as they keep hold of that amazing top four from last season, or end up with 4 good puck carrying defencemen, you can count me in.

What I'll never understand, is how Kevin Lowe's stock as GM plummeted so fast after the Pronger trade. He was seen as one of the up and comers, and for the 2005-06 season delivered to an extent. What exactly happened to him? Does anyone know?

HBomb said...

Bruce: upon further review, my latest-and-greatest idea is Visnovsky and Cogliano for Heatley, with Omark as a throw in if-need-be to get a deal done.

Then again, I like Heatley more than most and want to see the Oilers pull a series of moves to end up with both Heatley AND Bouwmeester.

Dream big.

Black Dog said...

Bruce - Michalek is another one of these teases, I'll give you that. Like Penner he always wants you leaving more. But like a lot of guys like that he's intriguing, always the idea that he's about to turn it around. Playing with Hemsky ....

Hunter - some would say that he was shacled financially and that is why the Pronger deal which closed the window and then the Smyth deal which removed a second top end guy in the period of eight months.

But aside from that he failed to fill holes properly and also tried to have it both ways, basically rebuilding while spending to the cap. Brutal.

Hbomb - man we usually agree but I have to say no to Heatley over and over again. He scores a lot of goals but playing with Spezza and Alfredsson he had better. He's a one dimensional player, I would call him soft and this is the second time he has asked out of a club.

If they gave up Lubo and Cogliano for him I would shoot myself.

PDO said...

After chewing on this....

You know, these trades NEVER work out for the team dealing the star.

Pronger (x2), Hossa (to Pitt), Smyth, Luongo, Thornton, Richards, Boyle....

Penner, Nilsson, Staios, 2nd round pick in 2010.

Bet that would be one of the best offers out there.

Trading Hemsky, Gagner or Visnovsky?


Heatley wants out. Badly - otherwise it wouldn't be public. He gave a short list of teams he would go to, and it's even shorter because they won't all want him.

Murray's trading a lesser player than Pronger with his nuts in a far tighter vice grip. Offer him a lot of assets and see where it goes.

Deano said...


Your observation only shows that Ottawa will come out poorly because of this. It says nothing about the team that lands Heatley.

Smyth worked out for neither side. The Bruins went farther without Thornton than the Sharks did with him. Richards did not get Dallas anywhere. Boyle also did not help the Sharks achieve.

You might want to look at the impact that the 'star' has with his new team before declaring the move 'can't lose'.

Based on what I have listed, maybe staying away from the adrenalin-fueled lunacy might be a better strategy.

Just because its 'on sale' you don't have to buy it.

Offer Murray no assets at all and let Heatley and his fat contract destroy the balance of one of our competitors

Black Dog said...

pdo - if we could clear the decks and add him then I might consider it

but still probably not

paying that much cash for a guy you had better get someone who can play in every situation (Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hossa, Crosby, Iginla) or who is so dominant offensively (Malkin, Ovechkin) that you can overlook that they are not complete players. (And those latter two will hit you at least).

I think the contract is a big overpay - I just think the guy isn't all that.

Some say he's elite. I think without Alfredsson and Spezza he is nowhere near it and even with those guys he leaves me cold.

PDO said...


Times your dislike by ten or so, and you're where I'm at with Vinny. Completely see where your coming from.

Bobby Mac eluded to Hemsky AND Gilbert, while Duhat said Cogs & Gilbert.... either is terrible. If we're consolidating bad contracts into one though, sign me up for a 2-time fifty goal scorer who is 28 and doesn't like to carry the puck.

HBomb said...

Guys who I don't want to see go for Heatley:

Hemsky, Gagner, Horcoff, Gilbert (plus the 10th overall pick)

Visnovsky is in play IF we also move Souray for a cheap, big forward and open up the cash to go after Bouwmeester.

Pat: yeah, we agree most of the time - but you say you put up with one way players if they're super-elite? Heatley may not be Ovechkin or Malkin, but I'd have him in the next tier with Kovalchuk and a couple notches above Lecavalier (who I am not too shit-hot on).

The best thing Tambellini could do is avoid these big money guys and take a run at Jordan Staal with Cogliano and Nilsson as the "bait".

(Clowe?)-Gagner-Eberle/Brule (one or the other)

PDO said...

Stumbled across this...

How much is the $4,000,000 signing bonus on July 1 worth to Ottawa?

If Edmonton is the ONLY team willing to take him before July 1?

hunter1909 said...

Heatley plays on the first line for team Canada. And there are fans who don't want him?

I'm fairly sure Pat Quinn wants Heatley. And Katz, and Tambellini also.

Kevin Lowe, bless him, might not have had the ultimate savvy to get the team where it needed to go, but one thing he did well was manage to equip the team with an awful lot of "assets" in the form of Nilssons, Schremps, Chorneys, and all of the other fairly decent players who will have value to other teams.

Now is the time to cash in on those assets, jettison the lame assed contracts(we all know who they are), and bingo. The Oilers are suddenly a team on the rise.

Black Dog said...

yeah guys I just don't like the guy, what can I say, something about him

as for cost, if Pronger at his peak, signed to a better contract, cost what he did, then I can't see Heatley costing more then one young roster player, if that. His contract is worse and he doesn't have the impact that Pronger did/does. Murray is over the barrel. If Tambellini does go after Heatley then he had better bend him over and let him have it.

Murray that is.

HBomb - I'd rather they went after Staal.

hunter - he may be the best LW in Canada, I guess? but he's not worth the money. JMO. I'd rather they go after Bouwmeester and build this club from the back end out.

HBomb said...

BDHS: How about this?

- Sign Bouwmeester
- Souray for Clowe
- Cogliano and Nilsson for J. Staal
- Ditch Moreau and Staios in salary dumps

Clowe-Gagner-(Brule or Eberle)


Get a goalie and fill out the end of the roster with cheap veterans who play with edge.

That's still my "ideal" scenario. Bouwmeester is the choice available asset out there, even if he is a defenseman (a position where the Oilers are currently deepest).

Black Dog said...

Yeah HBomb, I'd go for that exactly.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Love the blog, but I've never bothered to offer a pat on the back before.

I have nothing to add wrt the Oilers, but I should say that I've got that same excitement and optimism I had last year in the off season... hmm.

Your experiences with your son bring back a ton of memories of my oldest daughter. She always loved being the centre of attention and everything seemed to come so easily for her in sports, arts, public speaking - you name it and the kid seems to be a natural.

She also had the self assuredness and a keen sense for injustice and that earned her no end of conflict with authority figures for many, many years.

Anyway, she's just graduated from high school and man does she have alot to learn. The sky is the limit for this kid, but I worry that having things come so easily may not end up being for the best. I'm not sure that she has the will to push through when the going gets tough - time will tell.

I think both my kids have a tendency to walk away when things don't come easily - maybe it comes from too much video gaming.. things aren't going well? Just go back to your last save point!

Anyway, I try to say the right things and be supportive and pull out the stern, responsible Dad when it's called for. It does feel a bit ridiculous though since I was a complete screw up at her age. Ah well, circle of life and all that..

Good luck in your own parenting and keep on blogging - it's much appreciated.

Black Dog said...

thanks anon - appreciate it and your own tale too

hunter1909 said...

Who says I don't want Bouwmeester? Hell, I want Jagr, Heatley, Bouwmeester, and Tavares(to cut down on cap space).


As for Heatley being the best left winger from Canada, I'm from that golden era when team Canada was built from the best center in the world, with a second line center who eventually was ranked the 12th best NHL player of all time, plus all of the other "lesser" players from the Oilers, rounded out by the rest of the NHL all stars.

Not coincidentally, Oilers were winning cup after cup. Something I learned way back then, how talent wins cups.

No one here knows which players are going to be added to the Oilers, or subtracted, but one thing I'm sure of: The new management won't open training camp without a first class shut down center, a decent goalie tandem, and more than a few seriously hard case new players.

hunter1909 said...

Anonymous: If your daughter goes away to college, she's in for a serious learning curve.

mattwatt said...

My question for everyone is this.

What is going to become of salary dumping in the upcoming offseason? With the economy the way it is, and supposedly sports to be on a huge downturn coming into next season, is the offseason going to be far more timid then in the past?

Does anyone who follows this stuff and is far smarter then me (and there is a lot of you in the Oilogosphere who fit this description) have any inclination how this will play out? I guess I see HBomb stating that Staios and Moreau should be salary dumps, and I would all be for that, but who is going to take them in the upcoming offseason?

Black Dog said...

mattwatt - good question; really I think this offseason could be very interesting

its too bad that the Oilers are so close to the cap because its likely that it is going to be around the same amount next season as this season. And then it could drop to ~ 50 million the year after.

Clubs like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, who have cap space and can spend the money are going to be in beautiful shape because they can go after free agents or pick up players other teams are trying to dump, for example rumour is the Wings will move out Hudler and Stuart and Samuelsson will also be let go. On top of that clubs like the Flyers are going to try and move players because they are right against it and then you have the poor sisters like Tampa who will try and move big contracts.

I think Moreau and Staios have some value but the problem is those type of players will likely be available on the market and will likely cost half as much.

So unless they take, say St. Louis from Tampa, and require Tampa to take Staios as part of the package going that way to even out the monies they are going to have issues moving these guys, I think.

PDO said...

Andy Strickland reporting 5th + Frolov + Johnson offered.

Run away Tambs.

Unless we're firing Souray+ to LA to get Heater ;)

Black Dog said...

Wow, no kidding?

Frigging Lowe - he couldn't do better for Pronger?