Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dispatch From The Woods

After living in the concrete jungle all of these years I'm always amazed by mosquitos. The little bastards. You don't see them in Toronto but of course you get north of the 401 and dusk hits and they'll carry you off if you're not careful. Apparently Toronto is slowly seeping into my being but I think the next few weeks will cure some of that.

The Oilers pick up Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson in the draft. The usual noise about moving up and the usual non results but they were going to get a nice pick at 10 and probably weren't blown away enough by anyone other then the top three to push for a jump.

I know little about the Swede other then what I have read the last week or so but a lot of folks more tied in then me liked him a lot and that's good enough for me. Big and skilled is a nice combination and he plays LW which has been a sinkhole once they started breaking up the '06 club.

So a nice start. As noted by Ykoil, Howson made a nice move and so did Philadelphia. And do I understand this correctly? Basically the Ducks got three years of Pronger at value and a Cup for a second round pick in the end?

Even when I'm on the other side of the moon Lowe makes my blood boil.

When we make the Island I'm going to have a ton of reading to catch up on. Hopefully Tambellini will have a good next few days.


spOILer said...


You gotta read through the live blog at Mudcrutch's when you get a a chance. Make sure you're wearin your Depends first.


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hunter1909 said...

Flames getting Bouwmeester has pretty well decided who is going to dominate the NW for the next few seasons.

Oilers? Well, they've got rid of THAT coach, unfortunately they're looking like going into camp with the same motley crew from last season, alebit with a fresh outlook coming from the coaching department.

But losing out on Bouwmeester, that's probably the worst I've felt hockey wise since Calgary nearly fluked off that 2004 cup.

PS: Try French mosquitoes. They carry terrifying diseases, getting blown over from Africa. I once ended up puking 30x into a bucket literally, after being food for them maybe a dozen times. Real monsters.

Baroque said...

The Flames don't have Bouwmeester yet - only the right to talk to him ahead of everyone else, and convince/brainwash him to sign.

Calgary will have to clear salary, too, won't they? If they can't make smart moves to allow for Bouwmeester then it won't matter.

The sound of a mosquito should be recorded on a continuous loop and broadcast at high volume to end any hostage standoffs. No other sound on the planet is annoying enough to make someone once in a deep sleep throw off the covers, turn on all the lights, and scramble around the bedroom like a madman (or madwoman) an a desperate attempt to squash the little bugger. Most effective non-lethal police option ever. :)

Andrew said...

I personally didn't ever see Bouwmeester coming to Edmonton, as much as you guys have me convinced it would be awesome. He said in the journal the other day he "wasn't sure it was a good idea" playing here as the hometown boy after seeing the pressure put on people like Chimera/Lupul/Comrie. But apparently he's building a really nice summer home.

I may cry if the flames sign Bouwmeester.

hunter1909 said...

Flames with Bouwmeester puts the Oilers in circa 1982 Flames mode, watching their most hated rivals about to absolutely dominate, while they sit on the side wondering where it all went wrong.

Black Dog said...

spOiler - I'm always wearing my depends, pal