Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like Gord, I Can Get Behind Anything.

Well that came out of nowhere.

I saw a lot of Pat Quinn over the years here in Toronto and I must say I wasn't a big fan. I found his teams were undisciplined and that there was a lack of structure, especially defensively. He never saw a referee's call that he could not complain about and his sidekick Rick Ley was one of the worst assistant coaches I have ever seen.

I didn't think he was a fit for this Oilers' club and word was he was pursuing that Stanley Cup - why would he come to Edmonton then? Seems though that he got an offer (likely a rich one) and he decided to take it rather then angle for something else. Based on his tour of duty with Hockey Canada over the past couple of years its obvious that he will be coaching until they no longer let him. Its in his blood. So now he's back in the NHL.

Nor did I think the cerebral Tom Renney was a fit either. (I know he's brainy because he wears eyeglasses). Too passive. Too, well, calm. An egghead. No passion. No ... wait for it ... elan.
I love that word.

As a team though, well now I am intigued. Quinn's teams played a style that is going to please Oilers' fans - they had a lot of flow, even in the so called dead puck era, and they were a difficult bunch to play against. As Harry Neale used to say between whiskies - they tended to arrive at the puck in ill humour. Aggressive, attacking, arseholes. Three A words to describe Quinn's Leafs. Just ask Ottawa. Guess Hossa won't be coming now though. Maybe Jagr though.

And Renney is known as a systems' man first and foremost. So maybe the marriage of old gnarled foil on the hands hockey with the 21st century coaching of every last turn and twist on the ice will work. The fact that Rick Ley was nowhere mentioned certainly warms my cock, er, cockles.

But Kelly Buchberger? Comic relief I guess. Or they need someone to retrieve the pucks?

One thing, I sure hope that Quinn will be doing the pressers - your man is entertaining. Man oh man he's a grump. I saw him on the subway once and I was hoping and praying for some teenagers to get on the subway car and begin acting asinine. The man positively glowers, he looks so damn surly.

One thing for sure if Penner is still on this club come September there will be no mollycoddling or timeouts in the naughty chair. Quinn will be chasing him around the house with his belt, bellowing with rage. He'll catch that fat slow bastard and whip him within an inch of his life, all the while redfaced, gasping for air, screaming curses.
Afterwards he'll stagger off to the lazyboy and fire back a quart of Black Bush. Sometime in the night his heart will stop and Gagner will find him there in the morning, grey faced and stone dead.
And then Buchberger will be coach.
ADDENDUM - Vic noted in the comments below that in the presser there was talk of maybe another addition to the staff and that when asked about Rick Ley, Quinn had a lot of good to say about his old crony. So the possibility exists that Ley might be making his way to Edmonton after all.
Goddamned Ley must have pics of Quinn with Eric Vail. I can't explain it.


Vic Ferrari said...

You've misquoted me there, Pat.

There was talk of possibly adding another assistant coach to the mix.

In response to a question about Rick Ley, Quinn raved.

Certainly strikes me as a possibility IF they decide to add another assistant and IF Quinn has a large say in who that would be. Two big IFs though.

Swabbubba said...

I don't want to see Quinn die behind the bench. Somebody oh lets say our captain does something epically stupid as he is known to do. That may cause the old guy to stroke out right then and there.
Could be bad news. they went outside the box for the Oilers but more into the Tambo zone this don't work. Tambo and his coachs are going to get run..

Black Dog said...

Fixed Vic. Must have been the rage. All I remember is clutching my chest, next thing you know I was lying on the floor.

Mr DeBakey said...

What an interesting move.
Old Tambo caught me flat-feeted on this one.

I always liked Quinn
[tho' I'm not sure I wanted him as coach]

It all started many years ago
Quinn was a Flame, an Atlanta one.
Playing the Broadstreet Bullies.

Watching the highlights, I remember
[do I trust it? its a long time ago]
Quinn pounding one Bully,
another hops over the boards and Quinn pounds the rescuer too,
Kinda like a Popeye cartoon after the spinach sequence.

I loved it because I've always hated the Flyers.

doritogrande said...
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doritogrande said...

One thing for sure if Penner is still on this club come September there will be no mollycoddling or timeouts in the naughty chair. Quinn will be chasing him around the house with his belt, bellowing with rage..

I'm not sure how up you are on your Simpsons episodes, but I imagine it more like this:


mattwatt said...

All I know is I have not been this excited since they shot that movie in my hometown.

Excited in the sense I am quite unsure how this will work. Part of me likes to think the balance of Renney and Quinn will work well. Part of me wonders how players will react to having a ornerier hard-ass behind the bench. Then there is the notion that this marriage will never work.

Much like you Mr. McLean, I can get behind anything.

uni said...

Much like you Mr. McLean, I can get behind anything.

Oh how I wish, I wish you hadn't typed that. Now to go cry myself to sleep as I try to wash that image from my shattered mind.

hunter1909 said...

Pat Quinn will make a hilarious coach for my fave North American sports team. And after the last 20 years of disaster that's really saying something.

As a bandwagon Rangers fan, am not such a big fan of Renney. Tambo said that he's not giving out promises, and I believe him. Therefore, Renney won't or probably be the next head coach, thank fuck for that.

Personally I'm tickled pink Quinn is here. He's got everything I like: he's big and tough, won't take any crap, and unlike the last coach understands that motivation is a serious tool in the coaching armoury.

And with Schremp on the first line... lol...okay well at least we know he's going to be getting a fair shake come TC.

Traktor said...

No player has played more games with less skill than Bucky.

That's a valuable message for guys like Brodziak or Schremp or Brule or any other player that's on the bubble - If Bucky can make it then anybody can make it as long as your willing to put in the work.

I think Bucky's role is going to be working with the 4th liners and PB crew.

Why Bucky over Huddy?

Sometimes a 7.0 piece of ass is better than a 9.0 piece of ass if you've had too much of the 9.0 piece of ass (sorry for all the guys with wives). Experience was actually a doubled edged sword in this case. If Bucky had been around as long as the others he would've been shipped as well.

Black Dog said...

Good stuff Mr. D and DG

mattwatt - yeah hard to say how it pans out but it should be fun to watch all the same

as for you, uni, you have a dirty mind

Black Dog said...

Hunter - yeah figured you'd like this one.

Traktor - well, in Huddy's case too he has been with MacT since their Ranger days, no? Moores too or am I wrong there? I think wherever Mactavish ends up Huddy will as well.

But I think there is truth in what you are saying about Buchberger - Bruce made some good points in his defence yesterday. I think a lot of folks' views of him are coloured by the fact that he is part of the old gang. I would include myself in that group.

We'll see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Bucky also represents a direct communications link from the dressing room to Lowe.

Good Muckin' Tonite said...

A couple of thoughts came to mind right away hearing this announcement the other day (after re-reading the ticker 3 times). First was that Quinn never really liked playing the younger guys in Toronto which could be interesting for a young club with guys earning spots, or on the flip side, it could help shore up the Springfield club who finished last in the AHL this year and start the system rebuilding from the ground up. He's definitely never been accused of bringing a guy in too early.
The other thought was, as you mentioned, Jagr may be enticed by the Renney addition since his last couple of great seasons in NY were with Renney on the bench. Change is welcomed regardless.

mattwatt said...

Little does uni know that with a 2-6-er of rye, and with someone of the opposite sex, does that statement have a hint of truth to it ;)

spOILer said...

So Pat, was that how Eric Vail earned his nickname? Not to mention his curls?

Can't imagine what that train looked like when Willi Plett joined the Flames.

HBomb said...

Now for today's edition of terrible journalism: can this fat piece of shit hack writer not make it through an article without taking a cheap shot at Dustin Penner and Robert Nilsson?Frankly, I'm surprised that he made it through the entire article without kissing Ethan Moreau's ass at least once...

hunter1909 said...

Watched Pat Quinn being interviewed on youtube - what a cool guy to coach the wayward children of the Oilers. My money says he calms most of them down instantly. Finally, a no bullshit coach!

Even Renney in a reduced role from head coach is cool news. He wasn't good enough to make the Rangers a contender, but on the other hand he rescued them from a very dark hole.

HBomb - I dunno but I never mind Terry Jones. Probably since I grew up reading him, and he's seen the team ever since the WHA.

Whatever money I have left goes on Penner having a breakout year under Pat Quinn. Nilsson will probably get traded back to the Islanders, lol.

Black Dog said...

spOiler - what was his nickname?

GMT - they'll bring in a few vets and move out a few kids but Quinn wil play whoever he has I am sure, he prefers vets but all coaches do - those Leaf teams had a few kids who did well but they had the money to contend so they loaded up on vets

I'm not worried how the kids do under him myself.

spOILer said...

Eric "Big Train" Vail.

I shit thee not.

My mind mustn't be too far from uni's because that's what I thought of when I read the blackmail photos comment.

Black Dog said...


Was he the engine or the caboo ... never mind.

Marchantfan said...

Late to the party I know, but I just wanted to tell you I've been laughing about the final paragraph several times a day since you first posted this. It's to the point now where my wife and I were watching the game tonight and I started chuckling. She just said "Stone dead?"


Black Dog said...

Glad you enjoyed it Marchantfan.