Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When You're Hot You're Hot

Na na na na na na , when you're hot you're hot.

I first heard this song on HNIC the Saturday after Sittler scored ten points. They rolled a montage of his awesome night while Jerry Reed sang.

And for weeks after when we were at the rink or on the road or in the schoolyard and one of us was having a great game we'd sing it.

Last week we played our last game of shinny before the summer. This past season was a weird one for me. I had a really good year. I'm slowing down but I've learned to get around that with guile and positioning and guts and as a result I hung in there and did a pretty nice job. Except for one minor detail. After I scored three goals in our first two games, within about fifteen hours of each other, I went without a goal for the rest of the year. I had a breakaway goal waved off for no reason, I hit a post or two, I got robbed a couple of times. I wear #28 and like Patrick Thoresen I was doing everything out there but that one teensy little detail.

I'm no goal scorer but this was the worst one for me. I always get a few that bounce off of something.

So we had shinny organized a few times before the summer season started and I began to get my legs and last week I played what may have been the bext game of my life, except for it was, um, shinny.

I was weaving in and out of traffic, looking guys off (I never fucking do that shit) and twice threw the puck into the goalie's skates from a weird angle, on purpose, catching him off guard, scoring once. (Yes I am a sad little man but I can tell you about actual games I played years ago in beer leagues, right down to specific plays. Case in point to follow. *)

And right near the end of the hour I gathered the puck up in the slot and charged up the ice, stickhandling around a guy and crossing the blueline at full tilt (pretty slow really) with two pretty good defencemen between me and the net. So I went right up the gut and as I twisted by them one of them got his stick on me and as I lost my balance, veering to the right, I shot the puck as I fell and it went top shelf.

I was tempted, as I slid on my arse into the boards, to hang them up right there.

We started summer season tonight. Its a bastard of a league but I think we are going to be competitive. We have added two guys who can play, one on the blue who is likely our best defenceman based on how he played tonight, and a guy up front with nice hands. He potted one and I got the other, puck in the slot and top corner. My passes were crisp and hard and I almost set up another with the old bounce it off the back of the net and spin away from the D move that Gretzky used to do.

I have never ever even attempted that. And it worked.

I have a good feeling about this season.

* October 26th 2007 playing the Bombers, our arch rivals, we won 2-1. I set up both goals. First one I was in the corner and fired a pass into the slot right onto Dave Dobson's stick for an easy tap in. On the winner I had curled back to the point to cover for a Dman who had pinched and the puck came back to me. I moved to the centre of the ice along the blue and as their goalie came out to challenge I rifled a pass to Leo Magnetta who had snuck just a foot behind him and deflected it into the open net.

Beauty game. Of course I also remember that one because after a couple of pints at the Communist Bar I came home, had a couple more and proceeded to put one top shelf, after weaving through the whole team. Nine months later my second daughter was born.

Na na na na na, when you're hot you're hot!

Seven and One on the first round predictions - I only fell short with Anaheim although I did predict that one had possibilities. Second round and musings on who to cheer for when your club is out coming right up.


PDO said...

I'm more impressed that you put it top shelf after a minimum of 4, and more likely 8, beers.


BTW, did you ever manage to attempt the breakaway move I told you about?

It's money in men's league. Especially against older tenders ;)

Black Dog said...

Seriously I look at my wife and she gets pregnant, pal. There was a French Canadian family in Wawa when my dad was growing up that had 25 kids. That would be us.

I have not but no word of a lie I was thinking about it last night and playing shinny last week I had a clean break and actually made the goalie make a nice save, head fake and everything.

So I'll give it a whirl. My head is definitely in a good place from the blue line in - just confidence I guess.

mattwatt said...

Now with the kids around Pat are you "east bound and down?" Because from what I hear, raising kids is trying to do what the say can't be done.

Great song pick. The small town farm boy in me loves it.

Showerhead said...

BDHS: I have just found out that I have the opportunity to spend two weeks spread out between Montreal and the part of Canada that is East of Montreal (right to the coast!). I seem to think you might know a good pub or two? :)

Black Dog said...

showerhead - when are you heading out there?

mattwatt - hah, we're hanging in there - as my dad said when the first was born - remember son they're joining you, not the other way around, you have to live your life too

so we give 'er :)

Showerhead said...

BDHS - looks like Montreal starting Friday May 29 and East from there when the weekend's out and we all find our pants.

Black Dog said...

Showerhead, drop me a line at with your travel plans and I'll try to give you some ideas. Also what type of places you're into.

Christ you could spend a few weeks in Montreal alone.


Er, I mean, have a good trip ;)