Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh me, oh my, its going to be hot and sunny here this weekend and while I do understand the economics and all of that other shit around it the reality of the situation is that they should be finishing up the playoffs this weekend. Instead we are going to foray into June. That is so dum that I can't even spell dum correctly. Just to signify how dum this is.

Anyways a taste of summer this weekend and I may hit a patio tonight and then the beach tomorrow to roller blade and check out this year's crop of teenage girls in their bikinis, oh yeah! Um, I mean, oh never mind.

Who am I trying to kid anyways? Like Wooderson said:

That's what I like about high school girls. I keep getting older and they stay the same age.

Yee haw.

And of course I have two daughters so I am genuinely fucked.

Now I love summer. Absolutely love it. When I think about summer I get an erection so massive that I thank my lucky stars that I am sitting at a desk right now. Any wander through these 'pages' will reveal that, for me, summer represents glory and youth and riotous times spent in tiny pubs and fully wandering city streets and nights spent sweaty rolling about between the sheets. Walking down long roads with the heat rising visible, eating steak, cool waters, road trips, nights on patios, driving down a back road to go fishing, boating in Charlottetown harbour, beers and stories consumed by the thousands in backyards and on decks and in bars and everywhere.

And we are almost there.


I play summer hockey but other then that I would prefer that hockey have an offseason, I think. I love it, hockey that is, but with the media and the money its become a year round thing. Playoffs run into June and then the draft and then free agency and next thing you know training camp is open. Of course for the players its not like the old days either where they would go back to their hometowns and drink and play golf (or work) - now its all about prepping for the next year. I guess that is the way it is and I won't lie about it. I'll still follow the shit all the way through, just as I always do.

Can't help it.

And of course it will be like every other summer since the lockout for the Oilers - interesting. Tambellini is really in charge now, so they say, and thank God for that. Every time Bobby Ryan scores another wonderful goal I realize again why this team has been treading water for so many years - the guy who ran it thought Ryan was a bum. That tells you something.

And the old boys are going to get scattered according to Barnes and while that means some good soldiers (Huddy) take the hit as well its likely for the best. This organization was an embarassment top to bottom this season. Like Hercules they need to divert a river and wash out the stables.

Now if all of this means that the Crow is coming then its worrisome but I'd have to think that Tambellini looks at his last gig and figures he'd best not ruin his first hire for the sake of old times. Me, I'm thinking that someone like Scott Arniel may be where they are looking.

Salary hell is coming and the Oilers have to move some bodies. I believe they keep Pisani because he is most useful of the three vets plus he only has a year left on his contract. Staios and Moreau still have value, I believe, and are replaceable. Moving them out will save almost 5. I think Nilsson also goes now that O'Sullivan is here.

Will they move Penner? I think not. I think they wait and see if coach #3 can get through to him without going mental. He is useful anyhow and that contract would be a tough one to move.

How about moving a Dman? Well if they go after Bouwmeester then someone goes for sure and my guess is its Souray. He had a great year and I like him a lot but you don't move a young guy with 40 assists in his second year in the league , a guy who kept his head above water playing good opposition, a guy who stays out of the box and who was tough enough to play every game this season despite a bad back. I read Bob McCown's book on hockey arguments this year and the first thing he said was how ten people can watch a game and see ten totally different things. I guess so because I just don't get the rush to denigrate Tom Gilbert. Guy is a terrific hockey player. Moving him would be a dummy move, I think.

If the Oilers either lose on Bouwmeester or don't even give him a sniff then I think they keep all of their top four around.

Sounds like Roloson wants two years (no surprise) and that the Oilers only want to give him one (fine with me).

The Jagr rumours continue to fly and I could see him coming in to play RW with Gagner and O'Sullivan next season, just long enough to make Gagner a PPG player so he breaks the bank.

Hossa will sign with Detroit.

The Sedins will sign in Vancouver.

That is all.


spOILer said...

The problem with your summers is the fact you are not a free agent.

You, laddie, are signed to a long term contract. But I hear you've renegotiated and it's no longer front-loaded, at least. Hehe.

Me... I'll be out there looking for a Jagr deal. Short term big deal with a pretty good-looking team, and a good shot at the Holy Grail. Sadly, though, there's the chance I might have to go play for my last team. Ahh, not all loyalties are necessarily contractual.

Traktor said...

Media Guy: What's the Oilers biggest problem?

Tambi: We're not tough enough to play against!

Common Sense: Souray is Edmonton's most physical and intimidating player.

Bloggers Solution: Trade Souray!111!

YKOil said...

That whole comment on Gagner having a scoring year next year and breaking the bank...

Right on the mark. As LT would say: book it!


Black Dog said...

Traktor - if they don't sign Bouwmeester I would keep all four and run Smid and Peckham as the third pair.

I'm more worried about replacing the goals then the toughness though. You can find size and toughness. Moreau brings those things but I think we'd agree he should be moved though, right?

Bring in a lot of big cheap nasty guys to play in that bottom six and I think the Oilers will be fine in that regard, Souray or no.

I like him and I'd rather keep him but Lubo is more important and moving either of Grebs or Gilbert would be dumb. You don't move good youngsters unless you're looking for someone to put you over the top.


Black Dog said...
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Fake Craig McTavish said...

Pat....does your wife ever read your blog?

Black Dog said...

Fake McT - sometimes.

Apparently her parents read it a little more frequently then her.

I try not to think about that.

Swabbubba said...

This just before mothers day u r a brave man or have the Florist/Jeweler on speed dial. The Oilers need to make some moves. But Penner just play like Buffalguglin the fat dude from Chicago. Watch the series learn. The guy does not scrap bu the guy is hard nose player.