Monday, April 13, 2009


Every year I take a whirl at this and usually I do pretty well, although I certainly don't blow the doors off of everybody. This year has a lot of potential to be an interesting one. I think that there are three favourites - Detroit, San Jose and Vancouver and I could also see none of the three making it out of the first round. Yeah it might be one of those years. And yeah I can sit on the fence with the best of them. ;)

I think that an Eastern team could win it if one of the top teams makes it through and they get either a lower Western seed or a club battered by a tough run through the West I believe it will be a Western club that wins it though.

Anyways right now I am thinking Boston or Pittsburgh against one of the aforementioned clubs. We'll see.

And here goes nothing.

Prince of Wales

Boston v. Habs - Up north over Easter and there are a million Habs fans and each and every one of those dirty bastards, most of them close friends, says that the Bruins are done but the reality is that the Habs season went south when Carey Price began sucking bag pretty solid. Throw in the fact that their best player and the key to their PP, Markov, is out and I think the Habs don't have a shot. The Bruins have a GD of +78, 25 better then everyone else and 76 better then Montreal. They're a terrific club. Kovalev et al will give them fits but they will win in six games, maybe less.

Washington v. Rangers - I saw the Rangers in Buffalo, it was the Tom Renney's second last game as coach, and when he got fired it was no surprise to me. The big name guys were all but invisible. Redden? Terrible. Beyond terrible. First the Sens and then the Rangers blew it on their big decisions with this guy. Anyways could the Rangers beat the Caps? Sure. I would say that they have the edge in net and if they can find a way to stop Ovechkin, Semin, Green and Backstrom there's not a lot of scoring after those guys and Laich. Of course stopping those guys is easier said then done and I don't think the Rangers have the horses anyways. Caps in six.

Devils v. Canes - Ice opens up and swallows both teams.

Naw, the Devils are my first hate and it pained me when they looked so strong earlier this season. Weird because the reality is everything they do is exactly how I would want the Oilers to do things. Excellent drafting and development, team oriented philosophy, players taking less rather then going on the open market and so on. Just never have gotten over the Wild on Jack Lemaire trapping days I guess. Plus the fact that they are in Jersey.

So Canes in a minor upset, winning it in six with Cole having a huge series. Then the Canes get waxed in round two.

Pens v. Flyers - Have to like how Shero runs his club. He has his big money invested in his two superstars and that makes it tough but as long as he can find low cost veterans to play the wings for these guys this club can be a threat. The Flyers are nice and deep up front but then again so are the Pens and Pittsburgh has the edge on the blue and in net. The Pens were not even in the playoff picture a couple of months ago but they've been tearing it up. Could be the best series of round one - Pittsburgh takes it in game seven of a bloodbath.

Clarence Campbell

San Jose v. Ducks - Talking to a buddy and we both agreed that we'd believe the Sharks could win it when and only when Marleau actually raised the Cup. The Sharks are the Sens of this cycle. They roared out to a beauty start this season and coasted home and by all rights they should pound the Ducks but I think this is a tough matchup for them. The Ducks have a nice blue and good goaltending and enough offence and toughness to make life miserable for San Jose. I think the Sharks win but it takes them seven and the pounding they take may cost them down the road.

Detroit v. Columbus - another tough matchup; I'd hate to have to face the BJs. Scott Howson has done a terrific job. I like the BJs a lot and I think Detroit's goaltending is going to be their downfall at some point but I think the Wings can shut down Nash and make the goaltending matchup moot. Columbus could throw a scare into the Wings but I don't think they have the offensive depth to get deep into Detroit's roster. And Detroit's roster just happens to be the deepest in the league. Wings in five, maybe six.

Vancouver v. St. Louis - the Blues are the real deal, from last in the conference to sixth in the space of a couple of months. Great coach. Nice depth up front and a whole bunch of terrific looking kids. Plus Chris Mason has really done a job for them in net. This is going to be a great series and they could upset the Canucks but I don't think so. Actually I think the Canucks could go all the way. Goal scoring from up and down the lineup, including the backend (one weakness for the Blues). Solid D including Mitchell and Ohlund who are terrific shutdown guys, imo. Two of the best players in the league in Kesler and Burrows (I can't believe I just said that). And Roberto Luongo. A lot of folks don't rate the Canucks and I could see them getting dumped in this series but if they get some traction I think they will be tough to beat. I'm taking them to beat the Blues in six but I could see it going the distance.

Chicago v. Calgary - Goaltending will make or break you but when you start the playoffs with the injuries that the Flames are contending with then you are pretty well doomed from the start. Giordano is out for the year, Phaneuf is hurting and Regehr and Sarich sound doubtful. Bourque is not back yet either I believe and even if he comes back how effective will he be?

The Flames are dead meat. This may not be the Hawks' year although looking at the teams above them they might wonder why not us? Young, fast, skilled and deep with quality goaltending. If a team or two above them fall early then they may arrive a year early.

As for the Flames well Sutter gambled by bringing in Jokinen and Leopold and I don't blame him one bit. The window for Iginla, Kiprusoff et al is closing and he rolled the dice.

Unlucky though with all of those injuries. Hawks in five.


Brad said...

from Vancouver; the biggest thing that the canucks have to worry about are themselves. If they take StLoo seriously, the series could be over in 5. If they take them lightly, or get wrapped up in their own hype in any way, this thing goes 7 and possibly the 'nucks are golfing before May 1st.
It shouldn't happen. Vigneault should have them prepped, this is the textbook definition of what they are paying Sundin for. But crack that door open (ie a split at home) and it could come back to haunt them.

...and i'm either early or late on this one...Crow to coach the Oilers next season?!

Black Dog said...

Agreed Brad, like I said I think the Canucks could be for real but I also think the Blues could do them in. Actually the best chance for an upset in the first round in the West. Bruce was ahead of the curve on these guys but I am a believer.

But the Canucks should win.

I think Crawford is a serious contender. Can't say I like it but I think he's a real possibility.

Swabbubba said...

The 1st round. it is the toughest becuse everyone is full of piss'n vinegar. You have bad 1st game and it can roll on ya.Don't be tenative it will get u killed that is waht happenes in the upsets. The Flames need to be 1st in NW they ain't they are screwed. Go Hawks

Swabbubba said...

oh yeah fuck no to crow

doritogrande said...
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doritogrande said...

I like the BJs a lot What were we talking about again?

My picks would seem to agree with yours, however I don't like Carolina nearly as much as you do. I don't possess this inbred hatred of Jersey and think they're one of the best-run teams in the league. Further, Philly is going to have an easy time with the Pens. Richards is going to be all over Crosby! and you'll see him whining to the ref in the corner like you always do. Plus that combo of Asham-Cote is going to stir shit up everytime they're on the ice. If only they'd held on to Downie.

In the West the Sharks are a much different team these days, and I like them to skate over the Ducks. Pronger-Neidermayer be damned, the contributions of Boyle this season put the Sharks over the top. If the Blues get any of their injured vets back (Brewer, Kariya) their series might be interesting, but I think they get blown out of the water with the team they've got. The Calgary/Chicago series won't be close.

Boston in 6
Washington in 7
New Jersey in 6
Philly in 6
San Jose in 5
Detroit in 5
Vancouver in 6
Chicago in 5

Doogie2K said...

I'm in the midst of a real, proper post (I know! It's weird!) on this very subject, but I did read today that Bourque is, in fact, back for the Flames, as is Warrener. Bourque's a good player, anyway, but the Hawks are in Kiprusoff's head, while Khabibulin's in everyone else's.

Mr DeBakey said...

This is easy; just pick the teams playing the teams you hate!

Boston v. Habs – The Habs are papier tigres. Bruins in 5.

Washington v. Rangers – When the Oilers drafted Paukevich in the 2nd round c.2004; Dubinsky was still on the Board. Sigh. Washington in 5.

Devils v. Canes – I hate the Devils. Nascarolina in 6.

Pens v. Flyers – Big, Strong Legs in 7

San Jose v. Ducks – Fuck a Duck. Sharks in 5

Detroit v. Columbus – BJs, BJs, BJs in 7.

Vancouver v. St. Louis – Sweet Lou beats St Lou, in 5.

Chicago v. Calgary – Black Hawks in 4.

I’d like to double down on that fuck no to Crow

Bruce said...

Plus that combo of Asham-Cote is going to stir shit up everytime they're on the ice. If only they'd held on to Downie.Didn't they pick up Daniel Carcillo to be the new Downie? Philly always has plenty of reasons to hate their fucking guts.

Richards and Carter are both beauties though, and will likely match up against Crosby and Malkin respectively. In fact, Richards v. Crosby is one of the best personal rivalries in the game. Should be a tremendous series to watch.

doritogrande said...

In fact, Richards v. Crosby is one of the best personal rivalries in the game. Should be a tremendous series to watch.I was going to agree with this too, but the concensus logic around the flyers pages is that Richards will get the Malkin assignment. It's been shown in the past that Crosby feeds off being played physical while Malkin shuts down.

Jay said...

Was (5)
Mtl (7)
Pitt (6)
Car (6)

SJ (6)
StL (7)
Det (6)
Chi (5)

-I don't understand why the talking heads seem to be rating Calgary so much. The D is suspect and the goalie is even worse than last year.
-Canadiens are my upset pick, mainly because they're my second team...but they usually play Boston tough anyway.
-Det/Chi will be a great series in the 2nd round, and I have a Pitt/Was Eastern final in my bracket that would also be excellent.
-I will probably be wrong on at least half of these, but hopefully I will beat that monkey...

Doogie2K said...

I finally finished that post. The Coles Notes: