Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Bit Unexpected

In that MacTavish got cut loose. It was believed that he might resign but he either did not get the chance or decided that he was not going to.

I am inclined to believe that it was the latter and that that was his statement on the team that he was given. And perhaps the teams that he was given over the past three seasons.

I've said it a hundred times. I think MacTavish is a good coach. I also think he did a poor job this year. The team was flawed but there was enough there that they should have made the playoffs.

I think that its fair to say that this is Tambellini's team now. It will be interesting to see what else transpires in the next few months and who they have in mind for a successor. I would guess Crawford is near the top of the list. Bleah.

We will likely see MacTavish on television next season and then back behind another bench the following season.

Good luck to him.


mattwatt said...

Really like Tambellini's tone in the press conference. I agree, MacT did not put forth his finest performance this season. That said, players to an extent have to be accountable and Tambellini did a great job addressing that.

Still, expect the younger players to bounce back next year. From what I have been told (by a reliable source), young guys on the team did not disagree with MacT; they despised him. Any coach coming in then has at least a new voice for the younger players to not tune out.

Well, if Penner can tune in at all. I asked for a lump of coal this Christmas just so I could light a fire under Penner's ass. Never got the coal, and we saw what happened.

raventalon40 said...

MacTavish is a good coach but even good coaches have bad years - just ask Scotty Bowman. His first years in St. Louis weren't that great either. But that didn't deter him from becoming one of the best coaches if not the best coach of all time.

MacTavish needs to keep fresh. I think he will be a candidate for the Montreal Canadiens.

MacTavish will not be on television imo. The way the guy talks, people would actually stop watching TSN.

mattwatt said...

Good point raven,

Tom Landry first 5 years in the NFL were absolutely abysmal. Look at what he did. There is something to be said for time.

Garnet said...

Landry's last three seasons were bad too, and naturally got him fired.

Jonathan Willis said...

I think you're reading on this is a bit off, Black Dog (I get a kick out of calling you Black Dog, btw).

Tambellini in his press conference called it a "mutual decision" between MacT, Lowe, and Tambellini. I'm sure the organization would have axed him anyway, but I don't think MacTavish wanted to stick around.

Black Dog said...

Do you think so, Jonathan? I really think if it was mutual they would have allowed him to resign or they would have kicked him upstairs.

I guess we'll see what he says in his own presser.

I don't know - there were an awful lot of folks in the media who figured he would resign and then all of a sudden Monday he certainly gave no indication. I think he may have said screw you guys, you'll have to push me.

andy grabia said...

I've said it a hundred times. I think MacTavish is a good coach.I'm of the opinion that coaches can only affect the outcome of a game in so many ways, none of which have to do with "heart" and "hustle." Ice-time, matchups, line combinations...these are the areas where the coach makes the most difference. Another one of those areas, in my opinion, is special teams. And no matter how much my heart tells me I love Craig McTavish--and it does--my mind has a hard time shaking free the horrible, horrible memories of the Oilers PP the past 8 years.


You can look at the one one semi-good year, with Pronger, and say that it's personnel that makes the difference. I can agree with that, to a certain extent, but I also have a hard time looking at the three years since Pronger left and not coming to the conclusion that MacTavish never knew how to run a PP from anywhere other than the right point.

Black Dog said...

Andy, agreed. I'm of the mind that it was the PP that cost them the Cup. Brutal.

And they have had all kinds of players run through this club, many with offensive bona fides, this year included.

At leat he always knew how to put together a great PK though.

David S said...

MacT is an Oiler first and foremost. My guess is that the "mutual decision" was for MacT to be "relieved" rather than resign on his own to support the direction of more accountability next year. It makes it way easier for Tambellini to come out swinging and come across as believable. Not to mention of course that sweet $1 million or so he gets for being relieved.

Tambellini looked surprisingly pissed-off today. I think there's gonna be alot of tree chopping this summer in the Oiler forest.

andy grabia said...

At leat he always knew how to put together a great PK though.08/09-21st

Black Dog said...

Yeah I was being a smartass, Andy, but only in reference to this year. Didn't realize that prelockout the numbers on the PK were so blase, ranging to awful.

Another myth shot down.

Swabbubba said...

This is a PR move by the Oilers. New Coach they get a new Captain by default. Mac T did some good things. I always thought he did not use his timeouts correctly there were times the Oilers were giving up 2 goals in quick succession.
As for his replacement I am anti Crow not sure why. But I don't like him or any team he has coached.
I like Nolan's teams but will listen to others. I think this will satisfy the hunger for some change... should have been done 30 games ago in my mind.

Doogie2K said...

MacTavish needs to keep fresh. I think he will be a candidate for the Montreal Canadiens.

But does he speak French?

Swabbubba said...

Well written as usual, the breakup song, the phases. Although u I never really got totally bent out of shape maybe because I could see it coming.
U know MacT had to know. They should announced dead man walking on his last stroll to the bench at Rexall as u knew it was over. I hope he lands another gig. Minny dusts GM and coach quit wtf maybe the Oil are not the most screwed team this summer.

Baroque said...

But does he speak French?Why the heck doesn't the team just have a bunch of those Rosetta Stone programs I see advertised all the time in stock?

Hire the best coach, then learn him French later. All he really needs are a few cliches, anyway - he's a coach!

Black Dog said...

Baroque - you'd think so but Doogie is right.

Has to be French or he will be doomed from the start