Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where Can I Find A Coach Like Hitchcock?

MacT is a friend,
yeah, I know he's been
a good friend of mine (see 2006)
But lately something's changed
that ain't hard to define
MacT's making big mistakes
Yes I think he’s lost his mind

And he's putting out the wrong guys
And he's putting out the fourth line,
At the wrong times
And Strudwick’s on the ice
in the game late,
late at night

You know, I wish that I had the BJs coach,
I wish that I had the BJs coach
Where can I find a coach like Hitchcock

I wonder if MacT is Joe Paterno,
Seems to me that there’s
a reason to change
You know, I feel so dirty
when he benches the same guys
I wanna ask him what about Moreau?,
Shouldn’t he take a seat too?

Because he’s got his whipping boys
And he’s got his favourites too,
I just know it
And he's got Penner
on the bench every single night
Like the BJs coach,
I wish that I had the BJs coach
Where can I find a coach,
where can I find a coach like Hitchcock

And he’s looking in the mirror all the time,
I wonder if he thinks ‘hey whats wrong with me’
Pisani at centre
Laddy Smid on the wing
And what about
Those “special” teams?

Tell me, where can I find a coach like Hitchcock

(Totally awesome Solo where Rick Springfield rocks the house and the women go completely bananas – its true, hard as it is to believe that this guy was the hottest thing back in the day, it seems lame but twenty years from now the kids will look back at what seems cool to us and they will laugh and say what a bunch of losers, its true, we will look back at pictures of ourselves and grimace at what we thought was style, its really strange how that works)

You know, I wish that I had the BJs coach,
I wish that I had the BJS coach
I want the BJs coach,
where can I find a coach like Hitchcock
Like the BJs coach,
I wish that I had the BJs coach,
I want
I want the BJs coach


Oilman said...

...there's a joke in here somewhere about Hicthcock's body, I just know it...

Jonathan Willis said...

Tom Renney?

HBomb said...

All I have to express my approval of this post is the following:

Clap clap.

Travis Dakin said...

Well friggin done. That was solid gold. Holy shit I got a good smile out of that.

Wil said...

BD, just to finish my thought last night (which meshes with the line in your song about Moreau) I can't see any circumstance where Moreau gets called out publicly for his stupid penalties. I really hope MacT has had the discussion with him about how much they hurt the team, but I can't ever see it elevating to the public forum.

Two reasons for this:

1) I used to work for a company that did the logistics for the Toyota and GM/Suzuki plants in ON. Toyota was selling a ton of corollas at the time while whatever they were making at the GM/Suzuki plant were piling up in the staging yard (not selling well at all). I worked at the Toyota plant and was complaining to my boss about what how friendly/nice the Toyota folk were (heavy sarcasm) and he said to me "we have problems, but at least they're good problems... we're busy and making money. The guys at the GM/Suzuki plant have bad problems". Moreau works hard and plays with passion... and takes dumb penalties, which I think in MacT's books = good problems. Penner for all of his boxcar and underlying stats is taking a lackadaisical approach to reaching his potential = bad problems.

2) Moreau is a vet and will always get more rope than a kid who isn't reaching his potential (and eats too many cheeseburgers...)

Sorry for the long post here... I was busy last night and didn't want to respond at LT's as I got back way too late. Also, love your blog, I have 3 kids and it was eerie comparing your stories to my own...

R-Gib said...

Carbonneau? Just saying...

Beauty song btw. Had me cracking up in the office... I think the guy in the office next to me thinks I'm looking at midget porn or something...

Anonymous said...

If the rumour of Sutter wanting out of New Jersey after the season is true, maybe he'd like to be a little closer to home?

more green said...

what's with the dog in the suit at the end of the vid?

Black Dog said...

Thanks all.

JW - pass, I was never that impressed by Renney; then again I'm not a big follower of the Rangers so what do I know, huh?

I like anon's idea better but I presume he would go to Calgary

Wil - thanks for the kind words, three kids too, huh? crazy trip, no?

yeah I can understand the rationale regarding Moreau to a point

but I wonder how that sits with the kids on the club? I mean we're not talking the odd penalty here, we're talking every single game.

I have no problem with him not sitting as long as the behaviour gets corrected - MacT should have talked to him right now especially with the PK in shambles.

I have no problem with aggressive penalties but a lot of them are hooks, we're not talking flying elbows or boarding calls.

the whole deal doesn't sit well with me

Vic Ferrari said...

What's the story with all the "clap clap" references on the 'sphere? Did I miss something?

Black Dog said...

Vic - after a game a couple of months ago Principe was interviewing Moreau in the dressing room - I think it was the hattrick game

Vic Ferrari said...

On Moreau, I don't want to pile on, the guy does a lot of things well, and I'm loathe to cheer against anyone who leaves marks on the boards every night and fights without being asked.

BUT: Aside from the needless penalties, which he's always taken, does anyone in the league shoot more from outside the dots than Ethan? Last night was one of those rare games where those shots went in a bit, and hit iron a couple of other times. But they are low percentage shots that ring around out of the offensive zone a bunch. No other Oiler has ever been bad for that, not that I remember, maybe Chimera. It's like nobody has ever even had a word with the guy about it. And he's always done it, at least as an Oiler.

Black Dog said...

m.g. - hey I never noticed that

80s videos - I could watch them all day

Never mind the dog though, what about the leisure pants pulled up to his nipples?

He should have never broken that mirror - this guy was enormous and then he just disappeared.

Black Dog said...

Jason Blake?

Moreau is a strange guy Vic. A lot of guys have been piling on him this year. For me its about the penalties mostly, other then that I don't mind him too much.

He has had a lot of those outside shots sneak in this year and according to Dennis' work he has taken a pounding chance wise but somehow ended in the black.

So a lot of luck on both sides this year.

I think they could move him easily and I think they should because of the contract and the fact that I can't see his numbers in any way being sustainable.

And if you saw HNIC a couple of weeks ago (the game he got hurt) he is loved. They kept gushing about him - everyone.

Guys talk about dumping him, I think you could probably get a decent pick for him.

Swabbubba said...

Well BD not to nit pick. Hell yeah lets nit pick. The dog is the same dog from the album cover. Yes I did say Album.. a item made with vinyl with scratches on it that are read on rotating device call record player or a turntable with an arm and needle.
Rick Springfield still plays the casino circuit. Was here in Calgary a while ago anyways... was on some soap back in day the day too if remember correctly

For your next lyrics project try this Song

Scott said...

Well done and much appreciated.

Vic Ferrari said...

re "clap clap":

Say it ain't so Pat, say it ain't so. Tell me that's clever video editting, like Forrest Gump shaking Richard Nixon's hand, that sort of thing.

Black Dog said...

Thanks Scott.

swabb - yeah I think he started in the soaps, can't remember which one though I'm going to say General Hospital

And now I remember the album cover - that's right

Vic - Well Benjamin did call them pantywaists

I never finished my thought about Moreau above. He was an offensive star in junior, just dominant, and it never translated in the bigs. But he's carved out a long career. Impressive.

I also find him to be an articulate and thoughtful guy. Definitely coaching material I would say.

Which makes his propensity for dummy penalties all the more perplexing.

Pat H said...

lol. funny stuff. always love your posts with any sort of musical 80s reference.

doritogrande said...

Man, what the hell happened this week?

I've been busy with school and come back to find LT has disabled his comments section. Can anyone fill me in with details, I guess without getting into the specific players involved?

By the way, do this with Hall and Oates. Then I'll be impressed.

rider guy said...

I'm reading alot of stuff about Sutter maybe packing it in with the Devils, but if he resigns, he's still under contract, no? I think he's still got at least one year left on his contract, so it's not just like he could resign in NJ and show up here and coach the Oil. Besides, all those MacT lovers who moan that he can't coach because he was just a checker would just love Sutter, wouldn't they?

sacamano said...

I don't know man, I think Rick is still pretty hot in that video.

I'd still do him.

Swabbubba said...

LT comments, There was bunch of Penner stuff there all week. I thought they were defending Penner and his numbers. Me not so much.
I did not read all of the comments. There was some stuff about Kotalek too which I thought may be uncalled for since he was new. Maybe it was questioning the whole 4 line and Captain. It was odd it was the same bad actors as usual as far I could see there are some names I see and I just skip because I find them not funny, relevant , or even question are they really fans as some of it is just mean.
Let Go Oilers... Clap Clap..

Black Dog said...

rider guy - NJ is in the top ten in goals for and third in GA and they have a couple of kids who have blossomed under Sutter

He was actually a terrific two way player in his day, scored 30 plus goals a few times I believe

Anyhow my issue with MacT is not the style its just the fact that I don't think he's giving the team the best chance to win right now.

Having said that you are right about the contract situation although if he chooses to resign I am not sure what rights NJ has then as long as there is no tampering.

I don't know how that works.

Black Dog said...

sacamano - well I never said I wouldn't do him!

As for LT's site the issue in question had nothing to do with the usual arguing back and forth.

Someone made a reference to MacT and a sexual act. Someone else (who I respect greatly) took offence to the comment.

The original commenter was pretty flip about it, repeated the reference a couple of times, last I saw, and it wasn't appreciated.

LT stepped in. Its too bad because those threads can be great, although I find them a little much at times, but this has been coming for a long time, imo. Folks get in front of a computer screen and say things they would never say if they were in a room face to face.

Joys of the internet.

doritogrande said...

Shades of the Oilers apocalypse:

- Moreau possibly back into lineup

- LT's site disabling comments

- Oilersnation has a blogroll

The most damning of the three? You decide.

Nicola said...

Amusing but not sure Hitch is the right coach. I do not see the Jackets much but seem they play the same but with a better defensive system. My choice would be Sutter but if he quits Jersey he will go back to coaching Red Deer so my choice would have to be Habsheid or Renny.

rider guy said...

BD - Agree with you completely on Sutter. Was a great player, and iirc correctly probably the most skilled of the Sutter brothers. The perception always seemed to be that the Sutters were hard working, tough, do anything to win farm boys from Alberta, but I always thought that description sold Brent short. He was a heck of a player.

Same with MacT. The arguement that he can't coach skilled players because he was nothing but a checker was/is unfair in my opinion. MacT was the checker by default because the top 2 centres were 99 & 11. If he was going to survive on that team he needed to fill a role and he did that beautifully. But man, could the guy play. I've been watching some of the old games from the "Top 10 Games" DVD, and MacTavish was a heck of a player. He was the best Oiler by a mile imo in game 7 against Philly in 87 - the guy could have scored about 5 goals in that game if it weren't for Hextall.

My only point comparing Sutter to MacT was that they were both vastly underrated all around players imo. I just didn't make my point very clearly.

Agree 100% on your point that the current coach isn't putting his team in the best position to win though. Some of his decisions are baffling to say the least.

Black Dog said...

rider guy - oh yeah MacT was a terrific player - saw the end of the Rangers win in 94 and he was out on the ice.

Own zone faceoff with the Cup on the line - that tells you the type of player he was.

I have said it before too. I like MacT as a coach, I just don't get him this year. I think its time.

Nicola - its not the idea of playing defensively that I have a quibble with, its losing games that should not be lost

They won't be getting Hitchcock if they make a change but for me he's the best coach in the league.

rider guy said...

yeah, BD. I've always liked MacT, but I agree, it's time.

The ironic thing is, MacT the coach needs MacT the player to save his job. There's been a million posts in the 'sphere about the 3rd line centre the Oil need and they all describe 14 to a T. Maybe he should just come out of retirement.

heed said...

used to know a bartender named jesse...his girlfriend was a swimsuit model at the time...the song took on a whole new meaning...well not really but you get the point

Bruce said...

I'm reading alot of stuff about Sutter maybe packing it in with the Devils, but if he resigns, he's still under contract, no? I think he's still got at least one year left on his contract, so it's not just like he could resign in NJ and show up here and coach the Oil.

Surely they still owe us future considerations for the Parise deal?
40 goals ... sheesh.