Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Its been a hectic week but it looks like soon we may be returning to our regularly scheduled programming. Brian is not out of the woods yet. He was very very sick last week but he is making progress, very tiny steps each day. Shortterm he is over the hump and while he has a long road ahead of him we are cautiously optimistic.

What has struck me over the past eight days is the outpouring of help from our family and friends and neighbours. From help with the kids to food in the fridge to endless offers of anything we need to a place to stay out East for Jenn and Kate we have been overwhelmed by the generousity of our community.

Its funny because in today’s world we are bombarded with references to a disconnect within our society between people; in some cases you might argue that in many ways people are encouraged to not care about their friends and neighbours. Certainly caring about yourself and yourself only is supposedly in the ascent. We read about something as disgusting as that fucker’s words about Canadian soldiers who are busy getting killed and maimed a world away and we think what kind of world do we live in where someone would say something so ridiculously cruel and stupid.

And yet just as this week has seen such vileness I am here to tell you that the reality is that what I have witnessed this week is likely no different from what happened thirty years ago when my grandfather suffered through months of cancer as he lay dying in a Hamilton hospital. Or what my great grandmother went through after her husband died suddenly in Goulais eighty years ago. Or what has happened in communities the world over for centuries.

People coming together to help those in need. The more things change, well you know the rest.

I sometimes think that written words, especially about times like these, may seem trite but believe me when I say that the words come from the heart. We have been astounded by the outpouring of friendship and love and it has made these tough days a lot less difficult.

And I wanted to say a few words to the people of our own community here in this corner of the internet. Thank you for your wishes of support and your sympathies. They are very much appreciated. Thank you for your thoughts on the beauty of sport. Thank you for sharing your own stories about sports and what they meant to you in your own times of trouble. Some very personal moments there and I was touched that you shared them with us. And mattwatt, I don’t even know what to say. Words fail me. For once.

Tonight I’m going to put my kids to bed and tell them that Mommy is coming home very soon. I’m going to relax with my folks, who have been a rock for us this past week. And just like we did years and years ago when I was just a boy my Dad and I are going to watch some hockey.
Let’s go you Oilers.


spOILer said...

"We read about something as disgusting as that fucker’s words about Canadian soldiers who are busy getting killed and maimed a world away and we think what kind of world do we live in where someone would say something so ridiculously cruel and stupid."

...The kind of world that has some free speech and idiots who will take advantage of it for the sake of "humour", which, of course, is a matter of taste. I'm assuming you're talking about Fox News' jokes about the Canadian military taking a break after their mission protecting the elite's opium crops has ended. ;o)

Sorry to hear about your pop-in-law, Pat. Hope things work out for the best.

Black Dog said...

BAAAHHH, Spoiler, its not November 11th! ;)

I'm all for free speech but its a sign of the times that buddy wasn't drawn and quartered or at least fired.

End of old guy rant.

Thanks for the well wishes and good to see you back in these parts. Get a new computer already. Or whatever it is that's keeping you out of the loop.

Swabbubba said...

I love how all these pricks wrap themselves in Free Speech. Well it was the blood of the brave young men spilled by the will of Old men that paid for that right.Those so called humorists should be made to watch several repatriation ceremonies. As ex military I cannot watch Coach's Corner anymore it I think this is really getting to Don.
The Oilers still cannot get any love from the Wings. The game was entertaining... I think we need Peckham in Strudwick out though just me ... and Zorg should be dressed as he can go tough sledding in front of the net none of the D can handle a big body.

Get Well to your Father in Law.. although with Heart Issue stay away from the Oilers race as it is going to be a bumpy road

jdrevenge said...

Glad to see everythings working itself out BD. Your posts the last few days have blown me away in terms of your insight. We're lucky to have you.

kanadienkyle said...


Have been reading all your stuff and thought I better take the time to pop in and wish you and your family well. I am afraid I can't offer much from ND, but we are certainly thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything continues to improve for your FIL. These are trying times to be sure, but they will get better. Hoping for the best, man.

Black Dog said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Good news today so hopefully things are looking up.