Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Watching the Habs play Washington and there's Plekanec going for a twirl while Grebeshkov is laid up somewhere.

For fuck's sakes.

Oh and you'll be seeing this goal that Ovechkin just scored on the highlight reels for years. Pierre is gearing down right now he's so excited.

Liam Neeson looks like a boxer, eh? He's a big man. His latest movie is your revenge fantasy writ large. His daughter gets kidnapped and it turns out that he's an operative of some sort and apparently he hunts down every single guy involved and kills them slowly. Real slowly.

These movies have been around forever. The first one I remember was Death Wish with Charles Bronson. They made a whack of those. And of course there was Mad Max, the Lethal Weapon where Patsy Kensit gets drowned and all of Gibson and Glover's squad get murdered, Braveheart, The Patriot.

Hmm. A lot of Mel Gibson, huh? Weird. I think he might have some issues. ;)

Its a pretty elemental desire, the one for revenge, the desire to smack someone when things piss you off.

I've acted out on the rink before, more than once but nothing compares to what this old buddy of mine did once. He's just a little guy, probably 5'8 if that, but he's solid. He's a roofer and is all muscle, ropey sinew and Popeye forearms and enormous hands. Funny thing is he has the baby face too, think Liam Reddox. He's a fair hockey player and one winter we lost a couple of guys to injuries for a bit and he stepped in and played a few games for us on the blue.

Well he's one of these guys who makes a big difference, he's that good a player and we had a nice run with him in the lineup. We're playing one team who usually takes us to the woodshed and we had a terrific game and by the end it was out of reach. They were young guys, pretty cocky and they had a couple of hotheads. One of them was a big fucker and he would lay the stick on you, oh boy, he was a prick. So he gets into it with one of the boys and then lays in wait and as our guy picks up the puck and carries it into the zone he just lays him out.

Its noncontact so that's a big no-no even though our guy is ok, no real damage done, and this big fucker is standing there with this grin and you know he's thinking what the hell are you going to do about it and we're all thinking the same because buddy is way over 6 foot and who knows how heavy.

And my buddy skates over and he just looks at him and he says real quiet:

'Lets go you fucking pussy'

And the big fellow smirks and down go the gloves and this little guy, quick as a cat, reaches up and pop, this big fucker's mask flips up, and next thing you know, I mean you've barely blinked, and this big guy is lying on the ice and there's blood everywhere and he's sobbing because his nose has just exploded and I look at the guy standing next to me, some little skinny fucker with a porn stash and he looks at me and looks at the ice and looks back at me and says:

"Jesus look at all of the teeth"


I have to say that I'm glad that that fucking rat Claude Lemieux is back in the league because now he and Chelios are older then me; I think they may be the only ones. So the dream lives on ;) - actually I swear when I am older then anyone in the NHL I may sit down on the steps and have a good cry.

I'm so old I remember when Claude Lemieux was a rookie, that fucker. 1986 and I still remember sitting in the cafeteria at old SCC listening to all of the Habs fans crow as Patrick Roy carried that team of rookies (I think there were 11 if I recall correctly) all the way to the Cup.

Growing up in Sudbury it was all Habs on HNIC and Jesus I was tired of those guys by the time I hit high school. Four straight Cups and they owned the Hawks who went into decline after those trips to the Finals in '71 and '73 where of course they lost to the Habs. Stan Mikita was their best player even as his back started to give out and he neared forty (of course Stan was one for the ages) and they had poor Pit Martin, R.I.P., he was a nice player as well, and Tony O in net and a decent team but this was when Pulford was just getting his hooks in there and the results were predictable. Everytime the Hawks played the Habs they got thumped, so much so that I actually remember one Hawk victory, it may have been the only one in the decade, it still sticks with me. The Hawks were up by one with seconds left and the draw was in their zone and the Habs won it, it was probably Wild on Jack Lemaire, and it came back to Robinson and he misplayed it and Chicago won.

And Dick Irvin complained for fifteen minutes, he wouldn't give the Hawks their due, even this once, it was the ice or the lighting or the spin the linesman put on the drop or Robinson's optometrist. After that I hated Dick Irvin for probably 25 years. I just got over it recently.

So by 1986 of course the Habs were still pretty quality but it was the Oilers who were running the league and then Steve Smith made a primary error, as Staples would say, and next thing you know the Habs have the Flames who have already won their Cup by beating Edmonton and they fucking win it again and the whole time these guys at school are talking about Roy and this dirty, nasty Claude Lemieux.

They're going to win. They are going to win. Have you seen this Lemieux? He can't even speak English. They interview him and all he says is "I want to drink from Stanley Cup", said one of my buddies.

Every day he said that. Over and over again.

And he did. Lemieux, I mean.

Guy was a damn good player and he was also beyond filthy. Take whoever you hate, Matt Cooke, Dion Phaneuf, Todd Bertuzzi, Darcy Tucker. Lemieux was so dirty he would make any of those guys look like the baby Jesus Himself, asleep in the manger.

So when Theo Peckham started tossing him around yesterday my heart sang a song. It could have better; I mean if, for example, they had carried Lemieux off on a stretcher, but this Peckham kid is a keeper.

Nice numbers the last two games on the road, including last night, and I'm not suggesting in any way that the kid is really ready for prime time fulltime. He's raw and he has a ways to go but he's a player, as they say. When Gilbert came up I had a feeling (you can look it up) and Peckham is the same. He's a hockey player. He's a kid and he's going to make mistakes but he'll be just fine. The fact that he's rugged as hell and isn't afraid to go makes him that much more valuable on a club that lacks a little nastiness.

(I think the Cole for Ruutu rumours may be another example, if they are true, of management looking to add some grit to this club. Ruutu is an abrasive guy as well. Pretty good player as long as he stays healthy.)

We know Theo is going to take his lumps, like Greene did and Smid is doing, but with contracts the way they are now he will probably see the NHL next fall. To me its not the best way to develop players, especially young defencemen, but they get rushed these days, don't they?

He's a player though and I think he will be fine. The only thing that is going to be a pain in the ass is that you know that if he pounds a few more guys then when he gets sent down for more seasoning then the 'backup quarterback' crowd are going to start crying for him to come up to replace Gilbert. Just when we're likely to get rid of one of these guys in old Rob Schremp, tied for ninth on Springfield in ES goals (tied with six other guys btw) and who the hell is going to centre Hemsky next year now, we're going to have to listen to the braying for Theo to get the call.

Still, he's going to be a good one.
By the way, that story about my buddy isn't plagarized. Its totally made up though.
Mel Gibson isn't the only one to have revenge fantasies. ;)


Swabbubba said...

well now I feel good. That kept me awake last night thinking how karma can be over due.Lemieux is miserable prick and the bloggers are making it sound like Claude was being persecuted. The PPV showed a perfect angle of Claude which I believe is synonym in french for turtle. Garcon bring me some Claude soup tabernac este. Claude was trying grind Theos facial area with his visor. One thing Turtle young skin is flexible hard to cut with a dull visor.

Other thing made me giggle was Sam stirring Semenov in the berries with a stick.

Theo made my day. Although the man love that Rob brown has for the Sharks has to end. Got get Gene up to the booth to slap him every time he says something about the other team. This is a PPV I want 150% homer calls. I want them to question the National Anthem.

The Shark bloggers are saying they are tough enough to take us. They are bunch of pussies , there team is comprised of pussies, and there coach can wash my car.

Scott said...

That's a whole heap of anger there Swab.

Regarding Cole, one thing people are overlooking is the man's contribution on the PK. He's probably gotten the best results there of any Oiler forward this year and I'm not convinced that he'll be easily replaced. I think I'd prefer to hold onto him to be honest. He can be our "rental" so to speak.

Also, dear Black Dog, I was wondering if you'd be willing to add me to your blogroll. (I should've taken the opportunity when you were soliciting a month or two back but I'm a slow one).

Swabbubba said...

Yo Scott read the comments on this Post. They are deluded and when they call out my team as being a bunch of goons. I say hit em with so many lefts that they are beggin for a right. The Sharks have never delivered for the fans and for their fans to call our team out Englewood Jack

Black Dog said...

swabb - you're a beauty; now were the Sharks' bloggers questioning the Oilers or us, the fans?!

I do find it interesting how aggressive the Oilers were in this game. The Sharks have a rep, it seems, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the playoffs.

Scott - the only way I could get behind a Cole move is if they are bringing in a guy who won't be a UFA; Ruutu fits the bill and they get someone who can help

Having said that I like Cole a lot and I can't see the sense of the move unless the Canes figure Cole can get them into the playoffs.

Otherwise why would they just not sign him in July if they want him back.

And I'm adding you right now.

Scott said...

The only way I could get behind a Cole move is if they are bringing in a guy who won't be a UFA; Ruutu fits the bill and they get someone who can help

I think Ruutuu is less than Cole. Ruutuu has more points this year, but his track record isn't as good. Plus, the guy doesn't kill penalties, so we'd be taking a big hit there. His ability to play toughs has been mentioned, but that's exactly the role Cole had on the Canes last year, and with more success, albeit with very gifted linemates. Also, where does anyone see Ruutuu long-term? We really can't afford to pay another guy off the top two lines 2M or more and I imagine he'd refuse anything less.

Also, thanks.

Black Dog said...

No worries, Scott. I've been to your site before and its terrific but I have always forgotten to put it on the sidebar.

Now I will be a regular visitor.

Well, I think the idea with Ruutu is that he would be the 2nd line RW - don't know if he can handle that role but I guess that's the thought.

All things considered I'm not sure if moving Cole for Guerin or Ruutu is any more then an even steven move and maybe not even that. Getting a guy signed for next year would be a nice return but I heard/read about trading him for Hal Gill for example and to me that's robbing Peter to pay Paul. What's the point? So you have a big Dman to help the PK and shore up the bottom three D but suddenly you are short a RW.

rickibear said...

I am hoping Peckham has a list:
Phanuef tonight
Clutterbuck Feb. 28
TooToo Mar.3
Rutuu Mar. 5
Slu foot Mar. 10
Tucker Mar.14
Burrows Apr.4

Black Dog said...

good one rickibear