Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OK, Now We Can Cry

As expected, Lubo is gone for the season.

This one is a killer. The presence of Gilbert, Souray and Grebeshkov means that the club may be able to survive but the little Slovak is the team's best defenceman and his loss is a killer. Only Hemsky and Horcoff mean more to the club and one could likely argue that case. I'm one who can pretty well take a pass on Lowe's body of work since June 19th 2006 but this was a terrific trade.

And anyone who saw Staios play on Sunday knows that he's no longer up to the task of playing top four minutes. He gets the nod by default I guess but one has to think that the ripple effect on this one is going to be murder. Staios playing the toughs. Strudwick back on the blue.


Add a Dman to Tambellini's list of things to do, if he ever gets around to it, right after that veteran centreman.

Seriously though this could be the killer, the one that finishes this club off. And MacT as well.


Swabbubba said...

Vish what a sissy. I have the same problem. I am following don't do that treatment. Finding a D man good luck.

The Oilers always have key injuries at the most inopportune times. What can u do? Build the rinks out of Nerf?

Black Dog said...

swabb - yeah, nothing that can be done and I'm already dreading the "ooh they would have made it if it weren't for the injuries" excuse

rananda said...

it's ok, theyre about to sign jagr. he and hemsky can fight over the right half-wall.

Travis Dakin said...

I love Visnovsky as much as anybody, but to me that was not a good trade to make. He cost the team exactly what they are missing... A veteran right had Center who wins face offs and kills penalties and hits and can be used on the power play. And a mean shutdown 4-6 defenseman.

Black Dog said...

Travis - here's the deal - you pick up a top flight defenceman for a couple of guys who are replaceable. You always make that deal. I liked Greene and Stoll but Stoll had three ES goals last year and Greene is, as you said, a 4 to 6 who adds no offence. And while he might be a shutdown guy some day he certainly is not yet.

Lowe not replacing those two guys - that's the problem. He could have picked up a hard nosed veteran D man and a centre who could play those minutes (you don't need the PP minutes with Souray and Lubo)for very little.

But he didn't. And therein lies the problem.

I'd make that trade 100 times because those guys, while I liked them, could have been replaced for cheap. A guy like Lubo who drives results at ES and on the PP while playing top four minutes - that guy is rare.

Travis Dakin said...

Black Dog - I will agree one hundred percent with you. The obviosu Problem was that he didn't replace those guys so to me, they would be better off with them right now, and they have the big three that can produce. Having said that, I won't say anything bad about Visnovsky. He is Awesome, our best defenseman. I've just been waiting all year for one of the top four (Gilbert) to be traded to replace Stoll and Greene.

This management group frustrates like no other.

Travis Dakin said...

When I say they would be better off with them right now, obviously I was refering to IF Visnovsky were still in the lineup.

Black Dog said...

Travis - thing that is even more frustrating is that you wouldn't have to move a guy like Gilbert to replace those guys.


I liked both of them too, don't get me wrong.

But a couple of veterans to handle those duties could be had for a prospect or pick or for a cheap contract as a UFA.

That is what is killer about the failure to replace them. I liked both guys but there's nothing special about them. Easy to replace.

Anonymous said...

You should be running the team. Easy to replace indeed.... Lets see, keep Reasoner (and Glencross for that matter!!!!! DAMMIT!!)
And I'm thinking, maybe stop ruining Smid's development by Pressboxing him and moving him to forward.... yeah that sounds right.

I don't know though... Do you think we've had enough time to assess the team? ha

Travis Dakin said...

that was me ^^^^^

jdrevenge said...

...and some positive news stating that the oil are looking at Jagr... again. I would take him over Cole @ 3.5 in a heartbeat. I think at this point the season is what it is. If the Oil make a bit of a run great but I would think the attention turns to assessing the UFA's for next year and sticking to the plan without Visnovsky. This shouldn't change anything in terms of the moves they make with their D other than it might ruin their chances in the postseason.

andy grabia said...

nothing that can be done

Well, that's not necessarily true. In baseball, there's been a lot more attention paid to drafting and signing guys not prone to injury. Not saying it's the case with Lubo, but it is something a competent GM would be paying attention to in general.

hunter1909 said...

Don't you love the way Oilers supposed GM isn't even accepted by the fans as the bloody GM?

Then again, since the tool hasn't bothered to even do 2 trades since "taking over" last summer, what else can you expect?

Black Dog said...

Andy - this is true although in the Oilers' case I can't really think of a prospect who you could point to as being injury prone when they were drafted

Pouliot maybe was concussed in his draft year so that would be a red flag.

O'Marra had a whack of injuries when they traded for him so that's another.

Bu tother then that I can't think of any guys, even veterans who they have traded for or signed, except for Souray of course.

Swabbubba said...

Given the logic expressed here I think we should get all our D guys the Souray wrist surgery. We would be unstoppable. And the recluse Andy has spoken wtf

hunter1909 said...

At least he's got a hottie wife to help him while away those long nights in the tundra.

She looks the type to keep her big fat mouth shit concerning his affairs, too.


Unleaded said...

The More I look at it, the more I think that finding those pieces is not easy to come by.
Stoll was a larger (6'2) right-handed draw man who could PK and play point on the PP. There isn't a replacement for the kind of gritty play he provided, and the fact that he scored at all last season playing most of the year between Torres and a half-healed Pisani is the impressive part for a guy comming back from a concussion like he had. And sure, reasoner could have come back, but he doesn't have the skill, or the grit that Stoll does. He's comparable only for the faceoffs, and the pk. A lesser version.

Greene is playing the Toughs in LA and holding his own. Can't say that about Smid, about Staois, and in three games I can think of, Can't say that about any Oiler Defenseman (unless you check the stats, and then Grebs looks really good, but that's another story). His size, strength and his intangibles are lacking on this team. Strudwick is and older, slower, less-skilled version of the player Matt Greene is.

I'm still shocked that eeryone seems to beleive that these guys just grow on trees. We had two young developing players coming off bad years, and we traded them for one very good aging player. I'm still not convinced it was the right move. 1-5 is one thing. Elite is rare. Very good... I'm not convinced it covers what we gave up.

Maybe if things work out differently with Brodziak this year, and SMid isn't HSed for Struds then this isn't an issue. But right now... it really is.

Black Dog said...

Unleaded - I can see what you're saying but at some point you have to make a move and truth is Stoll was terrible last year and Greene had not progressed much. Stoll was not hitting and he didn't score playing between Penner and Hemsky either, remember.

I'd make the trade again and again but like I said I think those guys were easy to replace. As you said yourself the Oilers had Brodziak and Smid - if they did the job or were given the chance to do the job then we aren't even having this conversation.

Bruce said...

I'd make the trade again and again but like I said I think those guys were easy to replace.

Ask a Kings fan today how easy it would be to replace those guys. Oilers invested a lot of development time and resources into them, and the Kings are reaping the benefits. From their perspective it was a Very good trade; from ours it's axiomatic (if not enitrely accurate) that whoever gets the best player wins the trade, but not if the best player is on the shelf for the duration. Sigh. :(

unless you check the stats, and then Grebs looks really good, but that's another story

Sigh :( :(

Black Dog said...

We tolerate no dissent!!! ;)

I'd rather not think about Grebs now, thank you very much.

Bruce / unleaded - you guys are absolutely right of course - Stoll and Greene are doing very well for L.A.

Would they be doing as well here? Maybe, maybe not. If not then of course, we might ask why but then that might be another whole debate.

Fact is the Oilers are flush at centre - someone had to go - it wasn't going to be Gagner and it wasn't going to be Cogliano (even with that FO%) and Brodziak or Pouliot wan't going to bring back Lubo.

So it had to be Stoll.

And Greene, well I like the guy and it was early in his development still, but it was him or Staios for that third pairing.

Of course the choice seems obvious now (and you might even say obvious then) but again, LA wasn't taking Staios in the deal.

You have to give to get.

And I still stand by the fact that Lowe oculd have replaced them cheaply if he had his head screwed on straight.

raventalon40 said...

Lowe not replacing those two guys - that's the problem. He could have picked up a hard nosed veteran D man and a centre who could play those minutes (you don't need the PP minutes with Souray and Lubo)for very little.

But he didn't. And therein lies the problem.

That's what I keep saying!