Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa

Good times around the McLean household these days. Baby has been sleeping through the night for the most part for coming on a month. When she wakes up and can't settle I get on in there, which has been entirely effective. When Mommy goes in Baby K figures its time to belly up to the Boobie Bar. When its Daddy its rockabye and back to sleepies in 5.

If you haven't had kids or only have one for that matter, then you have no idea. My wife went through nine months of discomfort and poor sleep being pregnant and then six more months with basically no sleep.

This isn't good.

So now we're talking a month of solid sleeps under her belt and she's got some energy so she's out training for a half marathon and playing some soccer and going out for beers afterwards and now when I make plans like my trip to Buffalo this upcoming Saturday night to watch Les Sabres and get wasted then its smiles and a fare thee well.

We're on a roll and its great.

This morning I stirred with a crack of light coming through the shutters and leaned over into my beautiful wife and listened to my youngest daughter waking up. Up until today this was a sudden happening, an uproar of sorrow and rage. This morning there was a sigh and then a squeak and then another. For five minutes she talked to her feet or God or the picture of her brother or Banquo's ghost.

Whatever, it was the cutest thing I've heard since the boy used to do it.


Speaking of not making a lick of sense, I've seen a few Sens games in the last couple of weeks and after Hartsburg got let go they had a few close calls and now they are on a roll and one that they are full value for. As a quick aside if there's one guy who ever deserved his name on the Stanley Cup its Jason Smith. Lowe pulled the trigger at the right time, just like he did with Janne, but the old fellow plays hockey the way its meant to be played, so help me he's terrific, mean and nasty and tough as nails.

Anyways the Sens are flying and yet there was Tortorella echoing McGuire and Damien Cox and pretty well every other media guy in the country who has said that Hartsburg is a terrific coach and the Ottawas are basically gutless and let a good man down.

And this is the problem I have with the hockey media in this country and it was repeated in McGuire's projected Olympic lineup, full of monsters! who dominated, wait for it, the World Juniors. Carey Price was included, despite his complete collapse this season, partially because, wait for it, he's from BC.

And of course so was Phaneuf. No Duncan Keith. No Chris Pronger. No Regehr.

Now these choices are up for debate, of course, after hockey that is our second national sport, talking about hockey, but you knew and I knew that Phaneuf and Price would be on McGuire's list because conventional wisdom says that they are the next great things. I think Phaneuf is a bunch of sound and fury signifying not a lot and I think a lot of folks would agree but we know from the Norris voting last season that a lot of folks believe the hype.

And so all of the talking heads fail to give the young Ottawa coach credit and of course a lot of this has to do with the old boys' network which is everywhere and looks out for its own. Craig Hartsburg was a star in junior (I remember him in junior - talk about dating myself) and was a very good NHL defenceman and he is a very good junior coach. He has also had three cracks at this NHL thing now as a coach and in every single case he has failed. So why does everyone treat him like the second coming of Scott Bowman.

I think maybe he is not cut out to coach in the NHL.

See this makes me mental. Its like the free ride that Kevin Lowe got after June 19th 2006 from the Edmonton media.

Although very funny last night was the end of the segment where Duthie said it was interesting to see teams going with newer blood and having a lot of success - the end of recycling old tired coaches.

Fonzie suddenly looked a little distressed.

Hey, these guys are always talking about how smart they are and how much access they have and all of that shit. it would be nice if they made a little sense, you know, actually talked a little sense. At least the baby is a cutie.


Another win last night and the Oilers are playing with house money on this trip now as Ty says. Every time I think they're done for they show that after all they are a resilient bunch.

And speaking of Goo Goo Gaa Gaa how is it that Liam Reddox has as many ES goals as Rob Schremp in a third of the amount of games in Springfield and yet Schremp is getting screwed somehow?

Other Springfield players with as many or more ES goals then our friend, the offensive genius: Potulny, Corazzini, Brule, Stone, Lerg, Peckham, Trukhno, Spurgeon, Sestito, Colin McDonald, Guillaume Lefebvre and some guy named Derek Bekar.

Hey I know its not as simple as that but let me also be clear that I could not care less about Rob Schremp. I have nothing vested in him more then hoping that he helps the Edmonton Oilers - if he can do that, great. If not, oh well. I would love for him to be the second coming of 99.

I just don't get what all of the fuss is about for three goals at ES in the American League when he is supposed to be some offensive whiz kid.


Jay said...

re: hockey media - Amen. I also enjoy that the Carey Price narrative has gone from "he is completely unflappable" to "he has absolutely no confidence" without any of these morons batting an eye. Wasn't there a time when mainstream media wasn't filled with blithering idiots or am I just remembering a non-existent Valhalla? We need a whole bunch of Ron Maclean clones.

Oilman said...

I have to take exception to the "having one child" comment you made. After my daughter was born my wife ended up with something called surgical pneumonia. Something that kills about 40% of patients within 30 days. Now, most doctors would recognize the symptoms and begin treatment. My wife was discharged from hospital three days after her C-section, with discharge papers signed by her doctor, who never once checked in on her after delivering the baby. (have you heard of the Fort McMurray doctor who was recently sentenced to 4 years for sexually assaulting patients - that's the guy that delivered my daughter!) So, 2 days after being home, and not being able to get out of bed, my wife called her aunt to bring her to the hospital because she was having difficulty breathing (she wouldn't wake me because I had so little sleep since the baby was born that she said "I looked too tired" to take her to the hospital. I woke up to a crying baby, fed her, got her back to sleep and then went looking for my wife, and found a note explaining to call the hospital. The doctor treating her actually told me to "start praying for her" when I finally tracked him down. Scariest time of our lives by far and it shakes me to even write this. So, my wife (thankfully) recovers in the hospital over the next two weeks while I'm at home "taking care" of our newborn. Add to this the severe depression that my wife went through afterwards - and I honestly know what you're talking about when it comes to knowing the joy of your baby beginning to sleep through the night:o)

Other than that, great blog as usual!

Oh, and I think Pierre McGuire is trying to atone for his "this pick is right off the reserve" comment when Price was selected - what a moron.

Black Dog said...

oilman - well there are exceptions, obviously ;)

in all seriousness though after our third was born and she and my wife were ok I immediately burst into tears of relief

a lot of shit can go wrong - its pretty damn scary

Jay - well there was less hype once for one thing but there always has been an old boys' network which the media is part of

Not a lot of independent thinkers, imo.

Swabbubba said...

Kids I only can afford two. My son start in life was pretty good for 5 hours followed by 2 weeks in the NICU. Not a word of lie on my drive home from hospital Big League. My son has very little interest in hockey but does like soccer. I actually woke up last night to hear him talking in his sleep to his cat. Quite an animated discussion.

What Mcguire being a idiot again. I understand that some of the older players are required but do we have the right ones. Iggy is a deep funk, Marty has been hurt all year, Dione has been channeling Celine. I think this list was released way to early.

I am becoming a proponent of players from the NHL be excluded from the Olympics. Let the Jrs and minor leaguers have the stage to audition their wares to the pros. I absolutely dig the World Juniors.

doritogrande said...

While I love all the talk of the Canadian roster selection, I think it's also pertinent to discuss the multitude of Oilers that could potentially suit up for their home teams.

Is Tom Gilbert not a lock for USA's top pair?

Lubo is going to look like a god lining up with Chara.

Grebeshkov for Russia's top-4. Book it.

Hemsky's going to FLY with Jagr.

Nilsson's got an outside shot at playing with some very good athletes for Sweden.

Black Dog said...

swabb - yeah I'd like it to go back to the way it was or at least make it like soccer - only players under 22 or something like that

its exciting having the pros but you can have your best on best in the Canada Cups

now having said that probably my favourite all time hockey (and maybe sporting) moment was 2002

for sure its early to speculate but its fun, hell I was pimping Horc for the team last year before he got hurt

they need some vets but most of all they have to not play politics; you can get high quality guys to play roles - like Smyth in 2002 and 2004 and Thornton and Doan in 2004 - no reason that you can't have Richards et al as checkers


dg - yeah the Oilers will likely be pretty well represented - maybe Omark too?

And of course Schremp will be first line centre for the US.