Friday, February 20, 2009

Give Me A Home Where The Mustaches Roam

Off to Buffalo tomorrow afternoon to catch Les Sabres against the Rangers tomorrow night. The East has become a little bit more interesting, thanks to the freefall of New York and the Habs. Buffalo is in eighth but a win tomorrow and they could find themselves in fifth, just three points out of fourth.
Going with my pal, a rabid Sabres' fan, and it should be great. I have heard that the atmosphere is terrific and that there are a lot of moustaches so the opportunity for mocking may actually be overwhelming, although I have also heard that Buffalo folks are not to be trifled with. This same friend was at a Bills' game years ago and a couple of rows back there was an extremely large, hairy and hammered man who yelled "Marino, you're a pussy!" every thirty seconds from the moment he sat down. Finally, late in the game, my buddy nudges the guy beside him and says "hey, did you know Dan Marino's a pussy?"

Next thing you know buddy is in his face and my pal is pretty well begging for his life, repeating over and over again that he is actually a Bills' fan. Now luckily for him, like Bruce or Dennis he is a bit of a rainman so he knew the third string centre from the 1975 Bills or something like that and was able to prove that he was a true fan. His new best friend gave him a slug of "Clear" Southern Comfort to consummate their relationship and show that there were no hard feelings.

Should be fun, we're staying overnight and while probably the best thing to do would be to go to the game and then go back to the hotel and try and get a good night's sleepin for once the truth is we will do what we have been doing for over twenty years now, drink ourselves into a state of madness and then engage in some brutally rough sex.

Good times.


The Oilers come back from what could have been a season killer of a road trip and they are still in the playoffs and my TSN ticker tells me the deadline is a week and a half away and so that clinches it, they will be buyers. The Canucks finally look to be doing what we figured they would do and if they keep it up they will separate from the pack. Surprisingly it looks like the BJS may be the other team to do so with Mason back healthy and I would probably not want to face them in the playoffs I would think.

A lot of folks have Dallas as another one to break away and my only concern there would be how the loss of Richards hurts them. Having said that the Stars are like Jersey. Doesn't matter who is out they always just chug along. Tippett is a terrific coach.

So that leaves the Oilers and everyone else and I think its them and the Kings to be honest. the Ducks are fading and the Wild and Predators just seem to be iffier then the Oilers. Plus we know that the Oilers are going to buy. MacT's job depends on it.

If I were the Kings honestly I'd just stand pat, they might make it anyways and if they don't well, hell there were no expectations for this year anyways.

I'm glass half full guy and I will take the .500 record and the spot the Oilers are in right now considering they have Smid and Staios in the top four and young Peckham back there with Strudwick as well. Although Strudwick is 'flawless' according to his coach.


But with this team there are always things that piss you off and MacT is going to play Roli until he drops by the look of it. No surprise but its a terrible plan. Of course if you look at the alternative then you can't blame him. Its some hand he's been dealt.

And now Cogliano gets the Cole treatment and people wonder where the goals are as he drags Moreau around with him. Poor kid looks lost out there. That's bad.

The good news is that the fourth line is scoring a goal a game and these guys are always easy to cheer for and and the big guys are producing as well. I love Horcoff. He's such a terrific player. Having said that though all of the underlying numbers in the world can't hide those fourteen goals. If come April he has over twenty then they're in the playoffs. If not then probably not.

And Stortini continues to make himself into a hockey player and Liam Reddox is going to have a career too, you can bet on it. Ten to fifteen goals a year and a guy who wil take care of his own end. Pisani Jr.

As for Ethan Moreau, no more can be said. Last night was disgraceful and while MacT alluded to a lack of discipline hurting them, the strongest statement he has made about the captain this year, the fact that he has allowed this to go on all season while throwing player after player under the bus for less ... well I just don't know what to say. Moreau is a tough as nails guy and this club needs more guys like that but if anyone else took the types of penalties that he does they'd be roasted in the media. I wonder what his teammates think as they kill themselves trying to kill off his penalties. Probably its fine with them. Being aggressive type penalties its not like they have to do much but coast around out there to kill them

I am without speech.


Swabbubba said...

You know these team is manic causes the fans to be manic which is all part of Katz's master plan.So pass the Lithium

Anonymous said...

....Buyers ? ....Really ? .... I am at a loss for words.... Lucky for me I am typing... After dropping the last two..Two major parts of D down...Still no trade done by now... I was thinking...We are done....Really? .... and I would like to know, why is my period button sticking ?.......

.......Go OIL !.........

David S said...

You know BD, I hope you're right. But it seems to me we're running the candle right down to the table with our D having to cover Vis and Grebs minutes and I can't help but wonder when Roli is going to collapse.

As for Moreau? Well, he's always been a bonehead. I think he'd probably make a great addition to the fourth line. As it is now, he's got too much ice time to be stupid and most of his shots are muffins to the crest, so what do you have to lose? Too bad this team won't put it's C on the fourth. That might solve a few problems.

HBomb said...

Us and the Kings, eh?

So I'll ask this - just how bad an abortion of justice will last Saturday's game seem like if it does pan out that way and the Oilers lose out on the final playoff spot by a point to said Kings?

Shane Heier (sp?) would get the McGeough treatment in this town for all eternity, and deservedly so.

Then again, if they miss by a point, they should blame all the home losses to Toronto, Ottawa, Florida, Nashville and said Kings. Ten blown points right there, games where a bit better effort would have probably yielded a better result.

Black Dog said...

HBomb - yeah if they don't make it they only have themselves to blame

They are where I expected them to be but MacT played those first twenty games like they were a tuneup in some respects. So that cost them points.

And so did a lot of poor outings.

David - yeah I worry about Souray. He's playing almost thirty minutes a game and I think it shows. Roli too.

But as I said they're only ten days out until the deadline and four of their next five are at home and against teams below them I think.

They will be buyers. Hopefully they won't do anything ridiculous. I think that Pouliot and Schremp and some picks might get sent out in return for someone to slot into the top four along with some help for up front.

I think they've botched it with Pouliot but I'd be ok with moving those guys. I don't think there is a future here for either of them.

andy grabia said...

And Stortini continues to make himself into a hockey player

Don't make me hate you, Pat.

Black Dog said...

Andy - next stop for him is the second line ;)

andy grabia said...

The sad thing is, with MacT, you are probably right. Some PP time, too.

Black Dog said...

He's going to replace Cole when they trade him.

R-Gib said...

Hey Blackdog, how was the Rangers-Sabres game? Was wondering what you thought of the Miller injury... did it look like Gomez intended to hurt him?

Thought the lack of response from the Sabres was pretty weak... if that happens to Roli (accident or not) I would hope that one of Souray, Smid, Moreau, etc would be sending an immediate message back to Gomez.

Black Dog said...

R-Gib - it was great, really a terrific place to see a game.

Based on what I saw I am not surprised at all that Renney got fired - the team showed no life at all and all of their big names were invisible. Easy victory for les Sabres

I'll do a full on post on the whole trip later this week but as for the Miller incident the problem is that Miller is a flopper. When he went down we looked at each other and sort of figured he was just fine and that it was a dive.

We were pretty surprised when he left.

Ruff was upset after the game but I think at the time it seemed kind of incidental - the crowd was not happy but it wasn't outrageous by any means.

As for the response, I think the combination of the grey area about what happened plus the fact that Buffalo was already shorthanded plus the fact that it was a pretty big game for Buffalo plus the fact that they are a) a smaller club and b) a disciplined club resulted in the lack of a response.