Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Stop Believing People

Seriously. Don't stop believing. Without hope there's nothing. It would be like living in Bulgaria in the 50s. Or Detroit right now.

So keep the faith people. A little Journey. For Andy. Remember, so long ago, Andy, when we met in Edmonton. It seems like another time, another age.

Strangely enough we were both dressed like Steve Perry in this video.

Andy was beautiful that weekend. I will never forget it.


heed said...

thanks i needed that this morning. i even shed a tear.

ryanbatty said...

I froze my ass off this morning after missing my bus but this certainly has my day going in a better direction now.

Sarah said...

thank you for spreading some positivity. If i hear that Rexall crowd boo our players one more time i'm gonna lose it... We USED to have class in this city people.

doritogrande said...


The fans had a right to boo last night. That was a piss poor effort put forward by a team that should be better.

I give the D a pass because they're playing horribly short-handed, and Roloson because well, he was stellar last night. But the forwards have no excuses to hide behind. The top-6 are all playing their natural positions now, and they're shitting the bed. They're playing listless, uninspired hockey and to be honest, I'm looking forward to the plummet down the standings. I imagine it'll be like a car crash, it'll be so brutal you can't look away. Another tank of a season will be in the best interests of the team long-term if it means we're drafting in the Brayden Schenn/Nazem Kadri range instead of the John Moore/Zack Kassian range.

Sarah said...

I don't disagree with the suckiness of our performance, I just cringe when the booing starts -- it's even more embarrassing than our effort last night.

Zach Stortini should be captain.

Mr DeBakey said...

I give the D a pass because they're playing horribly short-handed,

Taking your conciliatory words to heart,
the Oil braintrust passed on Ossi Vaananen.
Vancouver got 'im

Vaananen in Vancouver
Vaananen in Vaancouver
Vaananen in Vaanancouver

Unleaded said...

I have hope. I have been holding onto a fools hope for so long I can't let go. The real hope is that Katz figures out what needs to happen, and he makes it happen.

I don't buy this shit that the top 6 are at fault for the crap last night. Why is horcoff playing like he's 50? Overworked. Give him a pass. Penner was the most effective forward we had last night. Bar none. He passes. Nilsson wasn playing well. Pass.

Who does that leave? Hemsky, who really hasn't been the same since the Concussion. His fault? Maybe. Gagner has been handed his chance to do something with the butterworths of the team, and failed. Is it his fault management put him in that position, and NO ONE has been willing to stop giving him those chances he keeps not capitalizing on? Which leaves Cole. Who has been working his ass off to make that second line something more than two underacheiving sophmores and a vet.

I could blame the players. But the fact is the top six is playing like shit because they've been put in a position to fail. And now we're all upset that they are?

Like I said earlier, I have hope. But thinking it's much else than a fools hope this season makes goes beyond foolish forest into the insanity jungle. This team's problems go up to management. Until the root of the problems are resolved, this team will not bear fruit.

Scott said...

Yes indeed Black Dog! Anytime you're in Vancouver Willis and I will be fighting over you (you know, if we're still here).

andy grabia said...
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andy grabia said...

I love you too, brother. It was a glorious time, those days.

Unfortunately, I stopped believing in this franchise a long time ago.

But I still believe in Steve Perry. Even have the Journey DVD to prove it. And sweet fuck is his t-shirt in this clip ever gloriou

Black Dog said...

Andy - remember the time we had that threesome with Steve Perry up in the hayloft?

Memories ....