Saturday, January 17, 2009

Garon Gagone

A short post as my wife is abed with a flu so I'm making supper plus a vat of chili for an annual football do I am holding tomorrow, all while carrying around a cranky six month old.

Mathieu Garon got sent to the Pens for Dany Sabourin, a prospect named Ryan Stone and a fourth round pick.

Its a good trade. It really is. A borderline starter for a backup, a prospect and a pick. Consider what LA got for LaBarbera.

Roloson's goaltending has been fine and there is a glut of goaltending out there. I'd rather not go with Roli/JDD as my tandem but if Roli goes down or JDD proves wanting a replacement can be had for cheap.

I believe so, anyways.

Of course as it always seems to go with this club there's a bad taste to go along with this. The sudden leak that Garon refused an extension last summer is standard Oiler protocol as is the freezeout that began almost immediately this season, including the questioning of his toughness and the month between starts.

The management and staff of this team are almost pathalogically unprofessional.

And of course there is Lowe's ridiculous crowing about the value of the trade insomuch that it resolves a situation that management created.

Insert your equally absurd comparison here.

Even with the extra roster spot available the club is awash in young forwards, most of whom have to clear waivers, and with Hemsky, Pisani, Stortini and Nilsson all coming back at some point and a crying need for at least one more veteran player it is likely that another move is coming, probably involving Nilsson and another tweener forward or Smid going to a rebuilding club in exchange for a vet or two.

The Oilers are hanging around and are in a decent spot to make the playoffs so I suspect the next move will aim to meet that goal.


hunter1909 said...

UNlike 2006 when they had a few seriously good players(Peca, Pronger), so what happens to the Oilers when they (maybe) make 8th?

The Wings or Sharks would massacre this team.

"The management and staff of this team are almost pathalogically unprofessional." It's merely a byproduct of being in a one horse town, that sense of entitlement that is bred with arrogance/incompetance.

Black Dog said...

hunter - oh for sure, out in 4 or 5 but they do have to start somewhere; we all want a Cup but this isn't happening this year or next; next best thing is playoffs and some experience even if its a short one

DeBakey said...

Smid is not being traded

If the Oilers are going after a Big Gun earnin big $$,
They need all the cheap they can get.

And Lowe said again "we need that type player"
He also said "we're 'appy avec les D"

Black Dog said...

Deb. - I hope not. He's young, cheap, decent.

They need a few of those.