Friday, December 05, 2008


Heading up north until Monday night so just a quick runthrough of some points of interest for YOUR EDMONTON OILERS for the next week or so.

Apparently Ladi Smid draws in once this weekend. Considering Strudwick actually played well on Wednesday after a few weeks of bad games I'm not sure what gives, although come to think of it it maybe its Grebeshkov who is going to sit. He could certainly bear to remove his head from his ass. Or maybe MacT just plans on running Ladi out Saturday night so when he takes the big collar then MacT can send him back to the PB and say 'see, I told you so'.

I'm sure Strudwick is a terrific guy but Riversq's post at IOF certainly shows that personality can only take you so far. Playing the dregs and getting hammered while doing it is so Matt Greene, circa 2006.


Garon gets his second consecutive start tonight and Jesus just ship someone out please. The foolishness of this situation bears repeating over and over again and I certainly am interested what a guy who had a real nice year last year said or did to deserve getting benched for a month.


The new old first line is coming on strong. Horcoff has bounced back from his poor start and Hemsky continues to announce his arrival as he had moved into the top 15 in NHL scoring on Wednesady night. Penner also deserves mention for his strong play lately. He certainly looks like he is engaged.


Will Schremp have any sustain? If he does, then what happens down the road?


If Schremp does show he can keep it up and then Pisani and Nilsson return then the Oilers will have their most depth up front in a long time. Nice problem to have as the short term could conceivably see a "fourth" line of Nilsson, Pouliot and Pisani.


Can Sam Gagner get going on this homestand?


Two games in California and then a long stretch at home. It appears that MacT has finally settled into a lineup that makes a little sense (to us, at least) and hopefully the club can make some hay. If they do not then look for Cole to move up with two kids when Pisani returns (this may happen anyways). If the club still struggles then look for that threatened trade with players like Grebeshkov, Smid and Nilsson in danger of getting moved, especially the latter if Schremp can show that he can contribute.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Oilman said...

That is one dark beer! looks like you've got the Grain Products section covered.

hunter1909 said...

It looks like a farm brewed Guinness to me.

Schremp presents no problems for the Oilers. They receive a star player, who will lead them to their next cup. In return, the Oilers just have to watch him do his thing.

It's been a long time coming, but, given Schremp's good positional play etc, and like a good Guinness, it's all been worth the wait.

Black Dog said...

Actually that is an Edmonton stout brewed at one of the pubs there, I think, and that pic is from last Movember (note the stash) after Andy and I watched the Oilers beat the Hawks in a SO - Horc with the winner.

Good beer.

hunter - here's hoping he has a good week; with Brule up now the Oilers are starting to look like the Wings and Sharks, lots of young guys coming through the system

Its a good thing to see and will lead to very good things I think.

Doogie2K said...

The locally brewed stouts are good stuff. Big Rock's special St. Patrick's Day stout, McNally's Reserve, is the first beer I tasted that I actually liked.

Doogie2K said...

And as an aside, thanks for the link on the blogroll. =)

Schitzo said...

Screw the mustache, I think you need to just go full out muttonchops.

Black Dog said...

Always a big fan of the burns, schitzo.

Doogie - you're welcome

yeah, I dig the stouts most of all, not the Imperial stouts, just the regular

and there are a lot of great ones brewed here, in Canada I mean