Thursday, December 04, 2008


Oh, she walks slowly, across a young mans room

She said Im ready...for you

I cant remember anything to this very day

cept the look, the look...

Oh, you know where, now I cant see, I just stare

You know that feeling you get the first time that you're with someone? Not when you lose your virginity. Just that first time in any relationship that you have been in. Come back from dinner or a party or the bar. Maybe the invitation with the mutual understanding that this is finally it. Maybe a sudden encounter and here you are. Drunken fumbling or languidly romantic, clothes fall away and then that feeling, the revelation, the rush of excitement and lust and joy and wonder rushes through you, my God what a moment, where you want to tear open the window and shout at the moon, a moment that captures, to me, the fantastic trip that this life can be.


Last night one hundred thousand corks popped in Schremp Nation.


Good Muckin' Tonite said...

I was waiting for the chorus to apply to MacT...

...Nice to see Schremp and the team play a somewhat spirited game. Interesting comment from Cassie Campbell today on radio saying this year's team has more talent than the '06 Finals team but are missing that "something that makes them tough to play against every night". 11 shots in final 2 periods isn't tough to play against most nights, but overall good showing winning face-offs (Brodziak) and winning some puck battles.

rananda said...

a pretty slick pass for his first nhl point. now all he needs to do is the lacrosse move on a breakaway for his first career goal and youre going to have more than just corks popping in schremp nation.

HBomb said...

From Kid Rock to Elizabeth Banks with one assist. Wow....

Bruce said...

Pat, that paragraph was practically as perfect as that picture.

Positively poetic.

Black Dog said...

G.M.T. - yeah they're playing with a little more grease

This team may have more skill then the '06 team but they're a long way from there - experience, application of that skill, consistency, the list goes on and on

rananda - oh I'm pretty sure a lot more then corks were popping Wednesday night

Black Dog said...

Hbomb - I think the Schrempers don't see the Kid Rock and they're thinking even higher then Ms. E. Banks

Me, I think he had a nice game Wednesday, he has obviously come a long way in terms of fitness and compete. The question is whether or not he can sustain it.

Bruce - thanks, I appreciate the compliment and I thought the pic fitted the idea

hunter1909 said...

Schremp is that rare player that can stand up and prove what his big mouth says it can do. It's an American thing, and many Canadians see it like arrogance(a bad thing).

I could go on for 1,500 words about how the Scots presbyterian mentality permeates Canada, while Americans are innately more Irish, with all of the ramifications of whatever, but not here.

Just nice to be proven right about Schremp. Especially after having nearly been online lynched 2 weeks ago on another blog, simply for daring to speak up about my regard for him.

Black Dog said...

hunter - he had a nice game Wednesday and it looks like another last night (I didn't see it but it looks like he did a lot of good things again)

I'm glad to see him doing well.

I don't think people are against him because he is cocky; I think they were put off by the idea that he was ready to step in and contribute as early as two years ago when he was still being scratched in the AHL.

He wasn't ready and when he played last year he wasn't ready and he did not even show this well in camp, imo. PLus he had to unseat one of 13/12/89 so a tough go anyways.

But he deserves credit, a lot of it, he is fit and he is determined and he is a better hockey player then he was even a couple of months ago, by the looks of it.

I'm happy as hell - good for him.

But he has to keep it going. Lets hope he does. Tough one tonight.