Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Programming Note

As you can see things have changed here at BDHS. A while back I was approached by The Score with a proposal to join their new blogging network. My original response was that I was flattered but not interested. Writing this blog is a hobby, one that I enjoy very much, and I had no desire to be beholden to The Man anymore then I already am.

Stupid The Man.

After some thought and discussions I changed my mind. I was assured that there would be no extra demands on my time and that I would be allowed to write as I always have. I have always wanted to write but have neither the work ethic nor the talent, to be honest, to do it for a living, so the thought of actually writing for a bigger audience is pretty exciting to me. Add to that the opportunity of hopefully showing more Oiler fans that there is a lot of great writing on the Oilers out there that they are missing out on and I decided to take the plunge.

(I apologize in advance if the sites out on the Oilogosphere are suddenly flooded by *LOL Schremp is hot OMG* comments.)
It appears that I have truly sold out as not only am I making money off of this but I am sleeping with the enemy.

I hope that if you're a regular visitor that you will continue to drop by and not be put off by the ads and banners. If you are a newcomer to the site, welcome. Try to show some respect in your comments for the process here, including your fellow commenters. Check out the sites on the right of the page. There's some terrific stuff there and I guarantee that you will be entertained and educated if you take the time to check them out.

Finally I'd be an ass if I didn't point out that if you have a blog or website and you link to me there to make a note in the comments so that I can add you to my blogroll. I am making money from this, if not a lot, and if you are sending people my way so that I end up buying a pint or two off of this then the least I can do is reciprocate.


Swabbubba said...

Does this mean u can punch Steve K in the noggin? Inside track on some score swag?

Kent W. said...

Did they buy you off with women and cocaine too?

Oilman said...

I've avoided asking for blogroll links...just didn't wat to be that guy, but now that you're making money off the 12 people a day that visit my site (and you asked) - perhaps it's time to give credit where credit is due:o)

Black Dog said...

Kent - a bacon and egg sandwich and a bic pen

and the damn pen doesn't work


Oilman said...

I can understand the bacon and egg sandwich, but no Nickleback Darkhorse Album?;o)

Scott said...

Congrats! This is nothing but great news for a very fine, and overly humble, writer.

Aside: Was it intentional to have "Stupid the Man" written directly under the Smytty picture? If so, well played. If not... providence?

Anonymous said...

Hey now! I offered you the Score baseball cap sitting here on my desk and you didn't want it! It's never been worn! (Mostly because my oblong head looks terrible in hats.)

Another Scott

Black Dog said...

Poor Smytty. I miss him so.

This is the second day in a row that someone has been greatly amused by something I wrote inadvertently. I'm in the zone!


I'll be by for that hat later, Scott.

Well, my people will be.

Anonymous said...

You're one of my daily must read blogs. And definitely deserve those pints.
As an older fan who had lost interest in not only the Oilers but all hockey those years ago and then was drawn back with that 05-06run, I feel I've caught up nicely from good blogs like yours. Thank you.
Cheers on that first frosty pint.
Will that be a Guinness, sir?

PDO said...

Nothing to say but congrats. Looks good on you, and I mean that in the best way possible.

R-Gib said...

Hey congrats BDHS!

I'm a regular reader, occasional commenter, and I recently started an Oiler blog myself here:

Anyway, best of luck with the Score.

Chris! said...

Wow! Congratulations, Pat!

Craig said...

never actually commented on your site before, but you're my favorite oilogosphere writer. Not as prolific as some, much more prolofic than others, but always the best writting. If you can make some scratch while amusing me, more power to you!

ps. sometimes i amuse myself.

fake said...
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Billy said...

Good stuff. If you can make some extra coin doing something that you've been doin for free, go for it.

I've been enjoyin of late the game blogs on Lowetide. I don't comment, cause i'm not an Oilfan. Its great readin, and i've really enjoyed watchin and readin what you guys are seein in the games.

Anyways, Hoegardden was my beer of choice when I wanted something special. Can't go wrong with it in me opinion.

ps. Nucks are lookin good, and the celebration on the ice after tonights win spoke volumes about the chemistry.

Black Dog said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Much appreciated.

Doogie2K said...

If this is an invitation to self-pimp, done and done. The (TM) in the name is not optional. ;)

Also, congrats on the new gig.

Bruce said...

BDHS: Congrats. The Score chose well.

I appreciate that Oil Droppings is already on your blogroll so I don't need to ask. Thank you!

If I can make one tiny suggestion, it's to include a date stamp in the comments section. The time stamp alone is insufficient to tell if a thread is still alive. Should be a check box somewhere to enable that.

Black Dog said...

Thanks Bruce.

As for your suggestion, done.