Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy New Year!

Reading Fever Pitch again. I have a decent little library and I do my best to reread what I have when I can but as a general rule its a few years between reads for most of it. A few exceptions - a couple of hockey antholgies (Riding On The Roar of The Crowd), short story collections, especially the Hemingway stuff, a Michael Collins biography ...
Fever Pitch I read every year. Brilliant stuff and as I have become more of a soccer fan over the years I have come to enjoy it even more. Today on the subway read a section where Hornby talks about how a year to him is not January 1st to December 31st but rather from August (season begins) to May (season ends).
Until I left home to come to Toronto for school I had the traditional view of what constituted a year. University changed that. Life began to revolve around two times - September and April. Other then the long beautiful summers these were my two favourite times of year.
September marked the end of summer and the return to school and Toronto. Hockey training camps opened and the NFL season began. Baseball pennant races came to a head and then the playoffs and World Series followed. Summer flings ended and new possibilities arose. And I was a terrible student so September generally began eight months of heavy drinking, spending the money I earned the previous summer (I had a terrific summer job and put myself through five years of university on the back of it) and finding different ways to avoid going to class.
April, on the other hand, was welcomed for different reasons. School, such as it was, was ending and the annual scramble to write papers and exams and try to eke out a C in course after course barely attended would always test ones ingenuity. Hockey season ended and the playoffs began. And it began to get warm. Opening day would arrive and the promise of summer with it. I remember many days spent on patios putting off the inevitable paying of the piper.
I spent a number of years after school putting off the reality of adulthood but the rhythm of school never really left me. In my life the Tuesday after Labour Day is New Year's Day and as I get older I find this impulse has become stronger rather then weaker. I take the majority of my vacation over the summer and the pace at work and in the city slows through July and August. My oldest daughter started her second year of school this year and so of course the cycle has begun again. My own winter hockey season is starting this weekend after a month off of the ice. And while baseball no longer holds as much sway over me as it once did I still follow the pennant races and watch the playoffs when I can. The NFL bores me now but soccer has replaced it and September marks the beginning of the season and tournaments in England and in Europe.
And of course there is hockey. While I have read terrific posts like this, this and this and of course LT and Jonathan Willis have provided their usual quality shit I frankly wish they'd just get on with it and drop the fucking puck already. I'm ready for some hockey. I like the stats and what they tell me but every thread this summer seems to turn into a schoolyard brawl with the lack of respect, name calling and snotty noses one might expect from a bunch of five year olds.
Similar stuff going on over at Lowetide's where any post he makes brings on a tide of mockery and negativity, as commenters slag the blogger and each other with an astounding lack of civility.
Truly amazing. Things have changed and not for the better I am afraid.
So bring on the New Year and with it the Oilers. I can't wait to see if the kids can pick up where they left off, if Penner's improved conditioning helps him become the player we hope he can be. I want to see Horcoff back in uniform, doing the things that have established him as a top centre int his league. I want to see Hemsky continue to grow into a star, to see Gilbert play the game so beautifully, with smarts and skill. I look forward to Cole's and Visnovsky's debuts and the grit of Staios and the underrated, forever underrated, Fernando Pisani who plays hockey the way it is meant to be played. Will Brodziak take a bigger role? Will Pouliot or Jacques or *gasp* both establish themselves as bonafide NHLers? Can Souray and Moreau make it out of camp in one piece?
New Year's Day is funny. Its all about expectations really. Two years ago we were on a high and the ensuing disaster was crushing. A year ago we expected the worst and the modest successes of our club brought everyone to their feet. This year expectations are mixed.
I think a healthy Oilers' team will be in the mix but it will be the years to follow which will be our years. I can't wait though. I can't wait to watch some goddamn hockey.


Bruce said...

BDHS: Nice post, and you're right, it's time to drop the puck on training camp at least.

I too am finding the "astounding lack of civility" tiresome in the extreme. Despite all those good things about manners my mother taught me that I still aspire to, I'm not above getting drawn into it myself, especially when there's a Sean Avery lurking in every corner. Generally though it's not very enjoyable to comment when you know that every paragraph is subject to adversarial interpretation and rebuttal. Consensus is more likely in the House of Commons than on the 'sphere these days.

Fortunately there are a few places where mutual respect is more the norm like Lowetide, Copper & Blue, and BDHS. Hope you can keep it going this New Year despite the extra demands of fatherhood * 3. How's the big fella doing these days?

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks. Good post dude. I've gotten into crap flingin matches, even though I know better.
I think thats one of the reasons I come to your blog to see whats goin on in the world of Oil. I'm a huge Nucks fan and as a result need to see the Oil stumble. Its no reason to disrespect or talk trash though. And your site is consistently honest and realistic. Anyways, right from the Storts exchanges down through, you've shown yourself to be knowledgable.

ps. Got a 18 month old son who me and the wife are groomin to follow in me footsteps :)

grease trap said...

Great post as usual. Yawn. You've become civil and wistful in the years of your eld.


Black Dog said...

bruce - doing alright, better then expected really; the two oldest have been great, they're mental, but no more then so then before baby. Baby is good, we're getting some sleep and just trying to remember that its temporary, the sleeplessness that is. Trying to sneak in the posting whenever I can.

Its not that I mind a good argument but when everybody starts comparing the size of their slide rules in almost every thread it gets tiresome pretty quick.

Thanks billy - 18 months, huh? Great age. Enjoy the trip.

You're dead g.t. ;)

HBomb said...

As one of the higher-ups at my place of work put it so eloquently earlier this week....drop the f'n puck already!

First preseason game is a week from Monday. Barring complications at work, I'm going to be there. The first couple preseason games are always my favorite, because they'll give guys like Eberle their token look before re-assigning them to their junior clubs and telling them "next year kid, you'll be here significantly longer".

Then again, even I thought that's what I was seeing with Sam Gagner last September.....and I was the guy who thought he actually had a chance to make the team! Don't believe me, go ahead and sift through Lowetide's archives.

andy grabia said...

I too am finding the "astounding lack of civility" tiresome in the extreme. Despite all those good things about manners my mother taught me that I still aspire to, I'm not above getting drawn into it myself, especially when there's a Sean Avery lurking in every corner.

It's reason number #1 why I've stopped posting as much. You get tired of people telling you you suck after awhile. I, like everyone, get caught up in arguments, but I at least try and stay on task. The ad hominem stuff is tiresome. It's sad to see LT getting slagged for what he wants to write, but he isn't alone. BoA, mc79, and CiO have been getting it for a while now, too.

Of course with Pat it's different. He's a f&#*@g, and his stuff sucks. :)

Bruce, you going to the Bears/Rookies game on Monday?

Vic Ferrari said...

Ya, Pat, the Oilogosphere is dying. I fear I am part of the problem though, it is my nature to fight back. And ignoring is probably the sensible route.

I wish I'd read this first. I commented aggressively on BofA just now, and feel a bit bad now. Walking away from the whole place makes more sense.

I remember when the message board group that oilswell, mudcrutch, lowetide, Dennis, riversq etc frequented started heading this way. Really I credit MC for driving off the riffraff when we chatted, he bought us an extra year of good hockey talk I think. I think he's a marvelously aggressive guy, in a righteous way. Once he was banned though, it fell apart pretty quickly. And I doubt that Dennis and slipper are going to be able to hold the fort here much longer. (In fairness to the board operators, they measure success in traffic, and MC was a detriment to that I suspect).

But what the hell, Pat, it's just the internet. And maybe it bounces back, but if it doesn't then wherever the cool cats are headed is probably going to be even better. The internet equivalent of a gentlemen's club, with old leather club chairs, good cigars, fine Scotch, and a bunch of stuff going on in the back room that we don't discuss.

Vic Ferrari said...


Just to add, that's just beautifully written. Strikes a chord with me for sure.

And what's the deal with LT's blog comments? I'm a bit behind on my comment reading, and frankly, like Andy, I just don't see much of value at a quick glance and have skipped over most. What did I miss?

Vic Ferrari said...

Just caught up on some LT reading. Nice comment, Bruce, you old dink. I hope tragedy strikes you, motherless fuck that you are.

And with that I'm gone from the Oilogosphere. It's just too much now, and it's looking like the kind of thing that's not going to bring out the best in my nature.

Peace out brothers, I loved hanging with you. I hope I wasn't part of the problem, and if I was, I apologize.

grease trap said...

pff. Swang songs piss the hell right outta me. Just stick around, panty twister. There is much yet for me to learn from my lurking shadows.

Hey McLean, bring it on. Oh wait, there's a Pub, nevermind.


Vic Ferrari said...

Fair enough, grease trap. And I'm too belligerent to let go of anything that's already in play anyways. I'm sure I'll fade away as Andy has done recently, just because I start feeling that things aren't worth the bother.

There is a growing sentiment, among the guys whose posts and comments that I read, that the Oilogosphere isn't as fun a place to talk hockey any more. And I agree.

I mean this is first and foremost a hobby, for some it's a bit of other things, but mostly it should be enjoyable. If it's not, then people stop doing it.

Like if you golf, and you have a bad round, crap weather, slow play, they throw some annoying dude into your foursome, whatever. You think "screw this, there has to be a better way to spend a Saturday", you just do. So you skip a week or two, and if it's another no-fun round next time, you're probably going to drift away from it, and start doing other things. Just the way it works for most people I think.

For me I've been lucky to be part of some terrific online hockey communities. And this one has been the best I think. I was googling some coachspeak yesterday, and of course you hit zillions of coach commentary. You also hit a whack of Oilogosphere stuff. A testimony to the quality of this place I think.

Of course if you're Joe at work, and you think that most coaches are idiots, MacTavish especially. And your other theme of Oiler talk involves repeated demands to trade Horcoff for a bag of pucks because he isn't a true number one centre ... well if you're Joe, those google hits would be a scathing indictment of this place.

And if you're Joe, I'm not interested in chatting about the Oilers with you in my office. I'll just smile and nod and hope you change the subject.

With the Oilogosphere, for me at least, it's as if you work at a place that just happens to have the coolest bunch of guys to talk hockey with. Of course that's never going to happen, the internet pulls people together in a way that random chance won't do very often.

As I say though, whatever comes next, whatever that is, it will be better. Seriously. Because it always has been so far.

Vic Ferrari said...


Do you think that Staples involvement in the community, which was for financial gain, of course. That of his employer, at least.

Obviously that didn't have much of an impact on your site traffic in terms of numbers, but in terms of type of reader/commenter, I suspect that it has.

I know you read the excellent NY Times hockey blog, as do I. As I told you before as well, their link to timeonice doesn't link much. And you probably saw the other day that one of the writers (Hackel I think) linked to something I'd written. I went and checked the IOF stats when I saw that, there had been about a dozen people click on that link. A dozen, Andy.

Mainstream media just doesn't know how this shit works. They know that the internet is where the readers are going, but they don't know how to hold onto them.

Credit Staples for coming up with a plan and working it. He clenched onto the Oilogosphere tit (esp the prolific and entertaining CinO and BofA bloggers) and he's got readers he never would have had otherwise. His last post (I haven't read it) was linked by both CinO and BofA, meaning he would have 5x the readership on that one I suspect.

Looking forward, I think that people like Staples may prosper in this new (to them) medium, while the NY Times (which is obvious better than the Journal in every way) and similar, they are simply above engaging in that sort of activity to gain readership.

Obviously the strong papers still get online readers, that's just reading the newspaper with your computer, though. The future looks to be things like HockeyBuzz, or Staples blog (especially if they start adding people there, allotting time to another writer to churn some stuff out), Oilers Nation is another example.

Of course there are a lot of people that aren't going to be into that. So, something else will fit for them. And others yet aren't interested in being writers or making cash off of their site. So they'll find their way somewhere else eventually as well. Something like a warmer, fuzzier Yahoo newsgroup, or maybe not.

Interesting stuff, to my mind, anyways, Andy. Change is inevitable.

Black Dog said...

Jeez Vic, you're a one man thread here - just dragged myself off the couch. Three kids - I'm shattered right now. Great times though.

Things have definitely changed, Vic. I first noticed it after Lowe moved Smyth and dismantled the team. A lot less critical thought was happening, I thought, which makes me mental. Just a failure to question club management at all.

Lowe admits moving Smyth was a mistake and still guys are applauding him as a hero for dumping an overpaid greedy bum.

And then last year's game threads near the end of the year where guys like Hemsky were getting ripped regularly - just a weird twist.

And now on Lowetide's site there are a couple of trolls who are just there to contradict everything he says. And there was a thread on BofA where some guy started the comments swinging aggressively.

Just a few examples. But its in internet,as you say, and I think its part and parcel.

Is the Oilogosphere dying? Its changing and its certainly far different from what we knew it to be. Have to wade through a lot more crap and I've taken to skipping over large parts of threads that have absolutely no value.

Having said that the volume of great writing has increased - Jonathan Willia does terrific stuff and the guys at PJO are very good. Add to that the great work that the old stalwarts churn out and I think the quality has never been better, a lot of that coming from what we have learned from each other. I'm certainly a far better writer then I was thirty months ago. (Thanks for the kudos by the way - appreciate it). And the posts you did recently were amongst your best I would say.

So what it comes down to is separating the wheat from the chaff when you are reading, which is the whole point of this, is it not? Its a little more work and its harder to find some peace and quiet, as it were, to have a great discussion.

As for walking away, well now I don't think you should do that. You add too much to it and I think you garner too much enjoyment from it.

Final point - one of the great things about this place is that I have met some terrific folks - Andy and Tyler, Mike, Chris, Alana, Colby, mr. D., Allan - hope I have not missed anyone.

And Tyler, for example, is a bright funny sarcastic cutting guy in person just as he is here. He does not suffer fools. Same with Andy. And same with you. I don't think people can change who they are and I would never expect them to. I'm just a little more laidback, I guess, and that's fine too.

I just think we could all be a little more civil. That's all.

Vic Ferrari said...

Yeah, probably all true, Pat.

The signal is probably even stronger, as you say. Just a hell of a lot more noise with it now. It gets on my tit.

I think Staples has brought a lot of it. We should have driven him off aggressively at first sight IMO. And he needed a new stat the way that Huey Lewis needed a new drug. And came up with something insane. I thought he was measuring errors on scoring chances, which would have been bad enough for reasons you, Dennis and others have listed. But on goals alone? ... Damn.

I mean surely anyone can read the Hitchcock quote in my last post, pretend that he's exactly right, pretend that all the other coach quotes are right, in essence, as well. Apply reason. Remember that the one bugger you are always on the ice with when your mistake ended up in your net ... well that's yourself. Then go get the back half of PDO's "luck number". (EVsave% while you were on the ice ... assuming they separated EV from PP and SH stuff at Staples, and did a reasonable job of pinning blame).

It's going to be strikingly similar, surely. How the hell could it NOT be.

And it won't repeat worth a damn unless the recorders start trying to make it repeat.

And it won't mesh with the EV scoring chances +/- stuff worth a damn.

I mean surely we all remember playing, and having stretches where it seemed like every scoring chance ended up in your own net. That's because they probably did, shit happens.

Jesus. Now I read Staples saying that he's been told that NHL teams record Errors! What a moron. Smart people are going to wander onto the Sphere, read that, notice that nobody cut him to ribbons, and assume we're all fools.

Coaches record mistakes all over the ice for Christmas sakes. Andy Murray says that the most dangerous turnovers are between 7 and 9 feet of the blue line iirc, I'm sure he know the numbers to say why. On an Oilers PPV a few years ago they interviewed the video coach and you could see on the screen behind him a bunch of mistakes. PP44NS would be Niinimaa not skating enough in the neutral zone during the PP, for instance (he was bad for that). Lost possession, giveaways, lost puck battles ... all these things are tracked I would think by all teams. It's a player development issue. (Roger Nielson's player scorecards aside).

That's a far cry from "Errors" as Staples has defined it. I mean I couldn't give two craps what he does, I just don't want him dragging down the value of the community I talk hockey in.

And with that, I think I'm tired of ranting.

When a hobby makes you livid, it's probably not a good hobby any more, Pat. :D

HBomb said...

I just think we could all be a little more civil. That's all

Now I'm only an occasional commentor on here and Lowetide's blog, but I'll say this, and guys like Vic and Dennis will understand, because they're both old Oilfans guys as well: lately the Oilogosphere seems to be going in the direction both Oilfans and HF went in 2006.

Traffic went up during the Cup runs. Oifans used to be a smaller, more "intimate" atmosphere, but it lost some of it's charm as time went on and the traffic increased (not a bad thing, per se, MJ does a pretty good job for the most part, as Oilfans still blows away the official site forum and HF in terms of quality of discussion). I was a fan of the smaller group. Things got pissy at times between the regulars, but for the most part, they were civil.

Now, you post something, and there's always someone wanting to drive by and call you an idiot with zero support for their position, resorting to comments about things like Torres' off-ice habits when one is trying to explain the strides he's made in terms of how he plays in his own end of the rink and the strength of competition he was starting to see.

Being one of the "senior" guys on there, I felt like I was a lightning rod for controversy, so early in January this year, I took a cooling off period after a debate over an issue on the board left me a bit pissed off. Ultimately, I ended up seeing the opposing perspective and understanding it, but I started thinking about the bigger picture. Given some "real life concerns" this year, such as job related stuff, getting my ethics exam and applying for P.Eng designation, etc, I quit posting, cold turkey. Time better spent elsewhere.

I still read Oilfans, like I do the blogs. I'll comment here because I can maintain some degree of anonimity and can say my mind without fear of some troll firing back at me (only one instance has occurred to me on a blog, and I proceeded to run the other guy into the ground....Pat knows exactly what I'm talking about). Ultimately, it's less time-intensive and less stressful. I don't mind one bit if someone agrees with what I have to say, but when the argument against my opinion is extremely out to lunch (evidence to disprove is abundant, in other words), that combined with the snide nature of the reply, well, I can't say I'm a fan of that.

Having to worry about the chore of defending my opinion from some newbie mouth-breather, well, that concern doesn't exist. It's more laid back, and I'm better off because of it. Silly as it sounds, having been pushed over the edge on a couple occasions, I was becoming a person I didn't like in terms of how I was responding towards other people. So for the best interests of everyone, I stepped away, and think I am better off because of it.

All that being said, Vic, seriously....don't give up the fight. Your shit is too good and people love reading it. It's a challenge to just "ignore" some of the BS that gets flung around, but keeping on keeping on while being able to turn the other cheek is what you should try to do.

Well that response was a rambling piece of crap, I'm sure.....

HBomb said...

That's a far cry from "Errors" as Staples has defined it. I mean I couldn't give two craps what he does, I just don't want him dragging down the value of the community I talk hockey in.

Staples seems like a nice guy, but his Error stat he continues to laud is worthless, IMO. For reasons discussed.

Simply trying to find an "inverse" to counting stats via a subjective method isn't going to cut it, in my opinion. Especially when whether or not an error gets recorded is totally dependent on other guy can commit a horrendous gaffe but get bailed out by his goalie, while another guy could do something seemingly minor in comparison and it could cost him by this metric if the netminder has a 2004 Tommy Salo moment.

In's a worthless measure. As much as it might be an unhospitable position, I tend to agree with Vic's position on this.

Doogie2K said...

I had said on BoA the other day that all the hostility was getting tiresome, and I still stand by that. I got jumped at BoA/LT's today, and let it get the better of me, but I'm done with it. I'm tired of being lumped in with a lot of the people who drove the Oilersphere's first wave off HF. I'm tired of people assuming I have the intellectual capacity of a five year old because I have a question. I'm tired of people using my own self-admitted flaws as weapons in an Internet "debate." (That's my favourite one, really. Class all the way.) I'm tired of all the bullshit.

I like most of the bloggers here, I really do. Pat, of course, Tyler, LT, Jonathan, Andy, Fenwick, Sac, the CinO gang...everyone here had a lot of fun during the run. That's why I came here, that's why I've stayed this long. I didn't understand this new way of analyzing the traditional data gathered back then, but I looked at it, thought about it, and most of it made sense to me. But as time's gone on, the atmosphere has been poisoned. I'm not going to point my finger at any events or people, but it's turned into just another message board, and I don't see how anyone can claim moral high ground, really.

@Vic: The one person I have no use for at all, though, is you. This is the third blog in a day that you've sullied with your tired fighting with me and Bruce for no discernable reason. I would hope this, along with the way you've gone about things, especially at LT's, shows more of your true nature than anything else, but I'm not an optimist.

Ender said...


If you're saying I came out swinging on BoA, which I'm assuming you are, I'm sorry. It wasn't meant that way, it wasn't intended that way, and I guess text doesn't really convey that very well.

Black Dog said...

Good stuff hbomb.

I never got into the hf scene myself; I got involved in Jan. 06. Two kids at that time and blogging was enough. The few times I have dropped by I've seen nothing to keep me there. Just not my cup of tea.

As for Staples I always check out his stuff - for the most part I don't care much for it but there's some good mixed in with the stuff I disagree with or don't like. The error stat I do not agree with at all.

Noted Staples' comment the other day about teams counting errors. Seemed to me that he was linking this to his own work to validate it. I may be wrong, David strikes me as a pleasant guy but that put me off a bit.

Overall though I'm indifferent to him and he to me. Like his enthusiasm although the nicknames he gives players are a little much.


Yeah Vic a hobby shouldn't make your blood boil but I've speared a guy in the bag in a rec league game so I guess I'm one to talk. What I would say is this - the people you are trying to talk to are going to be smart enough to see what you are trying to say. A couple of guys said a couple of days ago that it boils down to goals - even that is a fallacy. Leading goal scorer on my summer team is a terrible hockey player who gives away ten times what he adds. So even there ...

Talk about rambling.

The thing is that a guy like Bruce is a smart guy and a curious guy and a contrarian to boot. Sometimes he makes me mental but I respect that he is trying to get to the bottom of shit and he will look at it in every possible manner. I don't agree with a lot of his points but I respect that he is trying to learn about a game which he has been watching since we were in short pants taking Andy's money playing trivia craps. That is pretty cool.

HBomb said...

I never got into the hf scene myself; I got involved in Jan. 06. Two kids at that time and blogging was enough. The few times I have dropped by I've seen nothing to keep me there. Just not my cup of tea.

I can proudly say I never posted on HF, and never will. And in the same breath, I'm quite proud that I was part of the mix at Oilfans for seven years (no joke), and that I try to toss in 2 cents here and there on the blogs now.

Black Dog said...

ender - jeez, no need to apologize to me. I was referring to that thread but I did not say, and will now, that I could understand that you were a little prickly because you and Doogie had had guys jumping down your throats on the previous thread.

The problem now is that guys have histories. Someone cuts someone up and its difficult to forget that so next time they 'meet' it starts again and soon there is no debate but just a lot of noise. Matt is trying to cut through this with what he is starting but every single thread tutns into a free for all.

Part of this is the times we live in. Part of it is the setting. I have met Tyler Dellow, we played hockey together, we see each other now and then. If we disagree with each other we are going to do respectfully because we know each other personally.

Its the facelessness that makes it nasty. If we were watching a game in a bar it would be loud and crass and fun but it would not be what we see here.

Would have to be a big bar though. ;)

Black Dog said...

hbomb - Oilfans for me, same deal as hf

doritogrande said...

Jesus you old guard know how to spin a yarn.

Yeah there's been negative comments going around, but that's never going to stop online where people can hide behind an assumed moniker. I had a shitstorm on the official Oilers board about a year ago, got flamed pretty badly whenever I suggested some new avenue to improve the team. I left, found you guys and got over it. Simple story of understanding who to listen to.

Keep up the great work Pat, it's nice to have a blog that I read regularly where I don't have to link to Oilersnation.

Bruce said...

Nice comment, Bruce, you old dink. I hope tragedy strikes you, motherless fuck that you are.

Why thanks, Vic, that's mighty kind. I thoroughly appreciate those personal remarks when you know nothing personally about me at all. So let me give you some back story.

I feel like a motherless fuck since my mom developed Alzheimer's and was admitted to a senior's home in another city. I have talked to her, or should I say her voice, exactly twice in the almost one year since my father passed away which was the last time I was able to visit. In the intervening year my dog died and my son's first serious relationship ended very badly indeed. And the Oilers missed the playoffs.

How much more tragedy do you wish me?

Doogie2K said...

@Bruce: Wow. That's terrible.

My sympathies on everything. =(

Bruce said...

D2K: Thanks. It's been a pretty tough year. I've spent more time than I should escaping to the 'sphere; last thing I want to find here is more grief. But some days it's hard to avoid.

Andy: Yeah, I'll be at Clare Drake on Monday, I catch that game almost every year unless there's another ironclad commitment on the same night. I'll likely be in my usual section behind the net in the southwest (offensive LW farthest from the entrance) corner, not too far from where the Oilers brass and scouts like to sit. As a fan of long standing of both organizations I won't be wearing either colours; just look for the ugly old fart in Team Canada red. I'll likely recognize you from the picture that used to accompany your posts. I'll be attending with a friend, but will be happy to talk to you; between periods is probably best.

Black Dog said...

That's an awful tough run Bruce; I hope that this year brings better days for you and yours.

Vic Ferrari said...

I haven't read your posts here, Bruce. I know how manipulative you can be, I can't get engaged in that.

What is done is done Bruce.

There are a several billion people in the world. Ever try to count to a billion?

Bruce said...

BDHS: Thanks. It has been a tough run. Better days ahead I'm sure, beginning with the new season at Clare Drake tomorrow (to finally get back on thread). Looking forward to the familiar sights of the Zamboni doing its last lap, the attendants fixing the nets in position, the goalie taking the crease and methodically scraping it down to just the right degree of friction. Then the familiar sounds of the opening faceoff, blades digging into ice, pucks slapping off sticks and boards, the buzz of the crowd. Ain't nothing quite like live Hockey in Canada.

Vic: I'm speechless, so I think I'll just shut the fuck up.

Group: The one thing that disturbs me is, am I the only one who thinks some of the above is out of line? The silence is defining.

HBomb said...

All I'm going to say is this: if you're going to comment on an Oilogosphere blog, maybe there needs to be some sort of "code of conduct" listed somewhere for etiquette.

Respect of other people's opinions, keeping the jabs to a playful manner, and for the love of god, don't get personal.

That's my two cents. Certain parties need to bury the hatchet somehow, but I do not want to get involved with those specifics.

Anonymous said...

Nice comment, Bruce, you old dink. I hope tragedy strikes you, motherless fuck that you are.

Vic...are you really wishing tragedy on somebody and calling them a motherless fuck because they disagree with you about HOCKEY on the internets? Seriously? Grow up and learn how to have a disagreement like reasonable adult. I wouldn't wish tragedy on my worst enemy, and you're doing it to somebody who doesn't like your method of analyzing a game.

You mention that this is a hobby, and if it's making you irate you maybe shouldn't do it...more to the point, if you can get irate over a debate about hockey stats, you need serious help. Lighten up or get counseling, because there is never a reason to get personal. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what the history is here, so if Bruce has previously made similar comments then you both need to grow up and quit being assholes).

Oilman said...

The silence is defining

I think the silence is more telling than anything Bruce....Vic usually gets his ass tapped 20 times a thread - not so much with comments such as those.

Vic Ferrari said...

What does that mean, Oilman?

And Bruce's pissy little comments regarding my dog that passed this winter, they aren't something I'm going to forgive.

Bruce said...

Vic: My "pissy little comments" were a couple of small jokes contained in a post that concluded, "Great story, Vic. I love dogs."

I had forgotten your dog had died recently, and in any event my little Mironov joke pretty much repeated something you had just written about him crapping near the stairs. It was meant in all innocence, whatever vicious intent you seem to be ascribing me.

Once you reminded me Bobo had died, and recently at that, I followed up with two subsequent posts that contained the word "sorry" twice and the word "condolences" twice.

Meanwhile your replies included phrases like "asshole", "motherless fuck", "manipulative" and "I hope tragedy strikes you".

BTW, my dog died about two weeks after yours did, so if there's anybody out here who feels your pain, it's me. Tragedy did indeed strike both of us.

Can you explain to me what is your problem? I'm not in this to piss anybody off. If I did, it was inadvertent, and I regret it.

Oilman said...

It means you didn't get backed up by anyone Vic - pretty simple statement no? people have your back a lot around here - no so much with those insults - pretty vindictive stuff. Uncalled for to say the least. I read those comments on LT's blog bruce made about your dog - wasn't it to the effect of "is bobo named after Mirinov?", which I assume he was, because in the blog you wrote when he passed, you said bobo was short for boris. Nothing to get your dander up about....certainly the "pox on your family stuff" and such was a tad over the top.