Thursday, July 03, 2008


These are a few of my favourite things ...
Ok, so the dust is beginning to settle. Mirtle has a list of who has cash left to spend. Also here is who is left.
From an Oilers' point of view its been a good few days. The rumoured length of the Hossa deal was a little much but going after the best player available has charged up the fans and the team and its a nice start to the Katz era. And he turned down Montreal, Boston and New York too and there aren't mass suicides there so enough whinging about the inability to attract free agents to Edmonton, please.
I already talked about why I like the Cole and Lubo deals and I still stand by that. They will miss Torres' ability to play the tough minutes but I'm willing to give that last top nine job to Moreau or a kid and then bring someone in as a stopgap if it doesn't work out.
Look around the Northwest and there are some big holes on the Oilers' rivals. We know that some of these will be filled but for the first time in three years it doesn't feel like the Oilers are bringing a knife to a gunfight.
Lowe deserves credit just as he earned scorn the last two summers. He has picked up two very good players and an intriguing prospect. He went after the best player available and now it appears he has a one year deal on the table for Jagr. Apparently if that doesn't work then they are done - no big money or lengthy terms for maybes. Look at the Leafs (Finger) who only have seven million left and barely an NHL roster. Of course having the fifth best defenceman in the western conference will certainly make a difference. Or take the Rangers and you can see the damage that can be done. Strange how with a 39M cap Sather put together a nice roster and now that he has more money he has gone and looks to have made a mess of things in New York again.
The danger of blowing your brains out on big contracts can be seen in Philly. Fell short last year, need an upgrade on the backend and haven't a dime to spare.
Best to hear is the apparent prioritizing of an extension for Horcoff. Might he be the first prominent Oiler (Randy Gregg almost did it) to play his entire career with the Oilers? Here's hoping.
LT and others are calling for Cole to play with Pisani. I can't see it. I think he either plays with Hemsky and Horcoff or Nilsson and Gagner.
Potulny/Reddox/Schremp/Brule as extras
I don't like Penner with the kids and maybe he and Cole are swapped there. Also we all know that a veteran to eat up the tough matchups with Pisani would be nice. Failing that a veteran Dman a la Jason Smith.
I like what I see, having said that. Lowe has left cap room for next summer. He has upgraded with two significant players. He still has enough kids to keep an affordable roster and it looks like he has left spots for them to develop. Bringing in Huselius might have been a sexy move but at this point I'd rather have Robert Nilsson. It will pay off in a year or two.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Cole has capability to play against tough opposition would be wasted by giving him the kids' minutes.

Black Dog said...

yeah I agree - I think he best fits with Horc and Hemsky

namflashback said...

Yeah, Penner did okay for that stretch with Horc and Hemsky -- but that was with Stoll getting ass-raped by top opposition. My guess is that MacT goes to a PvP alignment with:

Cole-Horcoff-Hemsky 1st ESTOI
Moreau-Cogliano/Pouliot-Pisani 2nd ESTOI
Penner-Gagner-Nillson 3rd ESTOI
MP/JFJ-Brodziak-Stortini-MP/Brule etc 4th ESTOI

With that 1st ESTOI line getting the 1st PPTOI and that 3rd ESTOI line getting the 2nd PPTOI.

Brodizak-Pisani, Moreau-Horc, and Cogs-?? getting the PK time.

Black Dog said...

Cogs and Pouliot on the PK.

Yeah I could see that nam, at least to start. Pisani will likely play with Moreau and Cogliano, I would guess.

Pouliot centring Brodziak and whomever.

HBomb said...

Now how about this if we land Jagr on a one year deal? (This would be me trying to think "outside the box")

Jagr Gagner Hemsky (moderately sheltered minutes)
Cole Horcoff Pisani (absolutely bitchin' power vs power minutes)
Penner Cogliano Nilsson (softest minutes)
Moreau Brodziak Pouliot (moderately tough minutes)

EXT: Stortini, someone else

That's a pretty balanced lineup if you ask me. And I think that if you dump Roloson plus another asset (Schremp) for a mid-round pick, there's enough cap space available to make it go.

Black Dog said...

Yeah that's nice hbomb but I doubt Jagr comes here. For all of the money that the Oilers can offer him there are suddenly a ton of teams who are going to be desperate for offensive help.

Look at the list of forwards. A lot of guys are going to quietly go away like Amonte did - some nice careers are going to end.

Who is going to score for Vancouver? They had better make a move or two now, I would say.

One guy whose name has not been mentioned who might be a decent pickup - Marty Gelinas.

Jonathan said...

There's a few legitimate ways to run the roster going forward, and for a change, even going with what we have probably won't be catastrophic.

And really, who doesn't like Natalie Portman?

Anonymous said...


Gelinas is an interesting idea, but I really think that anyone involved in the original Gretzky trade might be too old and better off somewhere else. (including Ruchinsky who was I think the middle of the 3 first rounders)


This really is a testimonial to the guys who are still excellent at advanced years. Lidstrom for winning the Norris and being 6 weeks older than Gelinas, and Chelios for being older than their fathers and still getting a big-league paycheque.

Mr DeBakey said...

You might as well put Marty R into all your line-up combos.

You know he's gonna be there.

Iffy said...

I wouldn't mind seeing a little cap room for a trade deadline rental.

David S said...

Well BD, nice commentary as always. One thing I don't get is this placing Penner with the kids. It may not have been so obvious on TV, but when you go to a game you can plainly see that he doesn't have the foot speed, nor the creativity to keep up with the kids. Anybody who has seen them play at a game knows what I mean.

So if we kept the kid line intact (and I stress the word IF), where might you place Penner then?

Black Dog said...

david - this is the problem

Penner does not fit with the kids.

But Cole would fit best in a PvsP situation, that is with Horcoff and Hemsky.

So if the kid line stays intact and Cole is with H&H then Penner plays with Pisani??

The one idea that I heard was Nilsson with H&H and Penner and Cole with Gagner.

Could be worse - could be last year. At least this year the Oilers have almost a dozen legitimate NHL forwards - just trying to figure out who fits where.

Might be Cole and Pisani and Pouliot or maybe they spend a few million bucks on a year for Fedorov.