Monday, July 14, 2008

Kate Olwyn McLean

Welcome to the world.


EboR√Ęguebi said...

My name is Luis!
And you, as you flames?
I can handle for you?
I also have a "space"!
Want to visit him?
Anda then


uni said...

The above post has to qualify as the most random Oil blog spam I've seen to date.

Congratulations man, you've got bigger [insert testicular euphemism here] than I do, taking on 3 of those little 'uns at once.

This offsets a little of the pain from my discovery today that MacGyver is a Flames fan.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! All the best to you, the missus and all your little ones, especially the newest one.

Loxy said...

Babies look like babies, but what is precious is your other two kids meeting her.

Congrats. :)

mike w said...

Another little munchkin!

Congratulations, Pat!

Bruce said...

BDHS: Congrats!

Nice pic of the three kids together. How's the big fella responding?

melanie... said...


She's beautiful!

Matt said...

Congratulations bra. Three is fun, I promise!

doritogrande said...


Now please pronounce the middle name.

Jonathan said...


IceDragoon said...

Well done, Pat.

By any chance does Wales factor into your family tree? Olwyn, in old-world-Welsh, would have been pronounced:
long O - l - long oo - un:
Today's pronunciations have been influenced by ages of the surrounding Celtic tongues, and there are still distinct differences between north and south Wales. I imagine it's "Olwin" now. Right, Pat?
(remove the space)

Variant of Olwen:

"Means "white footprint" from Welsh ol "footprint, track" and gwen "white, fair, blessed". In Welsh legend Olwen was a beautiful maiden, the lover of Culhwch and the daughter of the giant Yspaddaden. Her father insisted that Culhwch complete several seemingly impossible tasks before he would allow them to marry, and Culhwch was successful with all of them.

Admittedly trivial info from someone who researched 31 years ago, before naming her firstborn, Branwyn.


YKOil said...

Congrats bd; to add to the chorus that 2nd photo is very sweet :-)

All blessings for you and your family.

Vic Ferrari said...

Terrific news, Pat. Congratulations!

PDO said...

Pats boys can sure swim! Congratulations!

HBomb said...

Nice work shooter. She's beautiful....

....which I assume means she got her looks from her mother.

I kid, I kid....enjoy three. I can't fathom being the father of one, let alone three. Thank goodness that's not in the cards for me (the joys of being single).

Lowetide said...

Must be a smokin' hot Mom to turn out these gems with very little help.


Looks like a happy family to me. Congrats.

PS, Best advice I ever got on parenting: SLEEP WHEN YOUR KIDS SLEEP!!!!! It's boring, but it's true.

Black Dog said...

Many thanks to all of you for your kind comments, especially you Luis.

bruce - you know why there are millions of dogs around the world? because way back when some canine got the bright idea to protect some caveman's kids, I would say

big fellow keeps on checking to make sure all is ok with the newbie, driving Jenn nuts

hopefully he doesn't go 3 for 3 - within a week of Paige and Jack being born he was sprayed by a skunk

thanks Louise - we actually made our name lists and I put that on there, no Welsh in our family but I liked it - we pronounce it "allwin", the singular of the Oilers' record this year

Again thanks everyone, nothing better. Sleep deprivation is setting in already but the two older kids adore her and she and her mom are well. All that matters.