Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Wow, what a day. What a couple of days really.
And Marian Hossa sleeps on being an Oiler. Kypreos says the Edmonton offer blows everyone else out of the water.
It will make for cap issues if the unbelievable happens but make no mistake about it, Marian Hossa is an elite player. An offyear last season, yes, but this guy is a terrific player in every way.
As for the moves so far, well the Oilers have picked up two quality hockey players, a top six forward and top two Dman, in exchange for:
- a fringe NHLer who was about to passed on the depth chart, again and again
- a bottom six forward making over 2 million a year who had 3 goals at ES last season, one of those into an empty net if I recall correctly
- a bottom six forward making over 2 million a year who is a terrific player at ES and brings a nasty edge to his game - problems include head shaking inconsistency, two straight subpar offensive seasons and the fact that he is recovering from a season ending knee injury
- Pitkanen - now, don't get me wrong - I liked all three of Torres, Stoll and Greene and Torres play at ES needs to be replaced - but Pitkanen is the one guy who its difficult to watch go; having said that your man Joni misses a lot of time and for all of the flash and dash he doesn't produce a whole lot on the offensive end - this guy could prove to be a big star and playing in the East might help his game but Visnovsky does what they were hoping for from Joni and he does it now and his cap hit is not much more then Joni is apparently looking for
One of the big issues on this club was that it was bottom heavy when it came to salary. Shipping out Stoll and Torres starts to fix that - I liked both players but those spots have to be taken by guys making less then that money. They also have to do that job well and with consistency.
I think it was Ty who said it earlier today; it appears that Lowe is looking at all of the cheap youngsters on his roster and figures that they may as well strike now while that is the case.
Negatives - the fact that Cole's contract is up next summer is disappointing. They need some grit in a big way and presently it looks to me like the tough minutes line may not be great - in some cases I have seen Brodziak's name there, in others I have seen Moreau's or Cogliano's. Possible problems with all of these.
But really can anyone look at the return and complain? (Well, yes they can and have been, I know ;) ) Katz's willingness to pursue the biggest name out there is beyond exciting after years of players heading out of town. The Northwest is in flux and while Chicago and Phoenix have both improved by the looks of it I think the Oilers, if healthy, can get into the playoffs. Actually I think they can win the division.


Jonathan said...

Plus, we got a massive upgrade in offensive ability when Colorado decided that a Budaj-Raycroft tandem was the way to enter 2008-09.

grease trap said...

Agreed. I hate this team.

Last summer I was filled with optimism (as in, "the Oilers finish 12-14").

This summer I was set to be resigned to a 12-9 finish.

And now? Now they have me actually believing in a playoff berth. Christ Almighty! If exceeding expectations is going to be the name of the game during the Katz regime then I'm going to need a whole new set of parameters for success.

Last night I couldn't sleep, and off on the other side of the world Hossa right now is dreaming of all the clubs he has on pins and needles. For me? Another sleepless night, I think.

This Katz press conference will either be not worth my time or will set me off like a girl who just got a smile from the town jock.

grease trap said...

If Hossa signs, expect Edmonton to see a whole lot of Spring babies.

(I'll do my part! ;) )

Anonymous said...

How much easier is getting public money for a downtown arena with Hossa on the team?