Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Best Week Ever

Terrific player. Does it all.

Nice contract.

It appears that Shawn Horcoff is going to be the first player of note to have a chance to go wire to wire as an Oiler.

He can already claim to be the first prominent Oiler who will not leave town because the team refuses to pay him.

How sweet is that? Does anyone else feel like up is down and black is white? When it became clear that Katz was going to become this team's owner I posted that this meant that in my lifetime the Oilers would no longer be small market, no longer be in danger of moving. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Your man Shawn Horcoff is not going to UFA next summer. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

I guess when you and the wife just completed a third 18 year deal, you don't worry about the deal length with something like this, eh?

(Congrats on the baby)

namflashback said...

Not to worry, with kids you are bound to get value on the contract in the early years.

Around years 13- 18 and if the kid exercises the "pay my tuition" option, they are like overpaid UFA's at that point.

Black Dog said...

Heh, thanks Ty.

Although according to my folks you never stop worrying about your own so I'm thinking like DiPietro and Wang, this is a lifetime deal.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's news made my summer, too.

Congrats on another lovely daughter. My first pregnancy (10 years ago),we enrolled in prenatal sessions... on the whiteboard was an introduction of sorts to the first class-

"Parenting: The Next 60 Years".

She said...

Whoops- that was me.
(Regular reader, infrequent commenter, another 40 year old parent.)

Black Dog said...

Thanks she, good stuff.