Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh My

Well, didn't see that one coming.
Lubomir Visnovsky is a guy whose name was bandied about a year or so ago as someone who would fit nicely with the Oilers. And now he is an Oiler - so long Jarret Stoll and Matt Greene.
Quick look at Visnovsky - he is a good bet to stay healthy. A little bit of an offyear this past season but he was playing for a pretty poor Kings' team. Prior to last season he was a plus every season and put up some nice numbers - 58 points in 69 games two years ago, 67 points the year before that. Last season 44 points, half of that on the PP.
If I recall correctly he plays pretty tough minutes for the Kings.
He's a damn nice pickup, I would say, and here is the elusive quantity for quality deal we have been waiting for.
The big question is where does Lowe go from here. Here is the lineup up front presently:
No Glencross. No Reasoner. I would think Stoll being moved might be good news for Marty though.
At the back:
17 (Vishnovsky)-77
I think Joni is going going gone. I think that coming back is a top six forward or an experienced defenceman who can bring what Greene did (toughness/size/PK) but without the youthful mistakes or a young shutdown centre to play on that third line. If its option A then Cogliano is pegged as the third line centre. If its option B then I guess they go with Pouliot as the third line centre or they dip into the market for someone. If its C then its to the market for a veteran Dman to pick up the slack.
I liked Stoll and I liked Greene but I think this is a terrific trade. Even if it means Joni going I think that Vishnovsky is a proven player and that with him and the return from a Pitkanen trade this will be a better team next season.
Here is what Rudy Kelly at Battle of California thinks.


andy grabia said...

No one cares that he's the same age and same price that was too high to pay for Ryan Smyth's services?

grease trap said...

New owner with deep pockets? Higher cap? Trading Joni? Keeping him for a year to see how it plays out?


At the time wasn't everyone thinking about Smyth, "He's more mullet now than man..."

Black Dog said...

Hey Andy, we already crossed that bridge with the Souray signing.

You are right of course.

Still, I think he's a nice pickup. This guy is a topnotch player.

Problem is that Souray contract remains like a fucking albatross, just beyond the starboard bow.

Stupid stupid stupid.

andy grabia said...

Problem is that Souray contract remains like a fucking albatross, just beyond the starboard bow.

I worry that we now have two of them. I'm not high on the guy, though I appear to be the only one. I just want to point out the Smyth/Souray/Vishnovsky thing because it clearly indicates that the "five-year plan" we heard so much about has been nothing more than a "do what makes most sense this second" plan. GT is right that new ownership changes things, but if the plan was so shit-hot that it garnered a 4-year extension right after the team had lost 300 games in a row, you'd think it would still be worth implementing with a new boss on-board.

Scarlett said...
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Anonymous said...

The easiest salary to move now looks like Gilbert's.

Gilbert+Torres for Spezza?????

Black Dog said...

Point taken Andy - I like this guy - I think as a player he's a guy who they could not pass on although I realize that this does counter what I have been saying before - stay the course, keep the kids etc.

I think the Joni talks have not been going well and this guy is Joni (8 years older) but consistent. Lowe must figure now they are paying a guy who is a proven performer and they can move Joni to fill a hole up front. They have Grebs and a whack of kids in the pipeline to take the place of Lubomir and Souray when that day comes.

The whole Smyth/Souray thing - I am with you on that - a big mess and Lowe was tripping all over himself there.

I guess in terms of this deal the question is do you beleive Visnovsky plus the return for Pitkanen > Stoll, Greene and Pitkanen

Depends on the return but I would say so.

anon - no way they move Gilbert - only he and Staios remain on the right. Its Pitkanen or Grebeshkov, likely Joni.

And Ottawa isn't moving Spezza.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen much said about the fact that Visnovsky has a no-trade clause that kicks in with his new contract TOMORROW. Wow! He's got to be pissed off. A poster on HF made the point that no-movement clauses have less value in Edmonchuk as it may be the least desirable location for non-hockey life now that Winterpeg does not have a franchise.

Anyone think that this will be a problem down the road?

Black Dog said...

someone just posted a translation of a Slovakian article including some comments from Visnovsky on a thread on Lowetide's site.

He is not happy, mostly because he feels that they had a verbal NTC even before tomorrow's actual one kicked in

Anonymous said...

Read it - he may have many more than 6 teams on his list of desired locations now.

Maybe Lubo, not Joni is the man headed out of town.

Black Dog said...

Hard to say - he does not say he will not report - sounds pissed off but also sounds like he will be the good soldier.

Sounds like the Kings screwed him. Nice.

Anonymous said...

On this one, you have to hand it to Lowe. He uses Edmonton's lack of desirability to get rid of one more No Trade Clause, Acquires insurance against offer sheets for Joni Pitkanen and shows Pitkanen that he is replaceable. I think Lowe's best move right now is to open negotiations with Pitkanen and take calls from the rest of the league.

Once Campbell signs, Lowe has the market on puck-movers cornered.

HBomb said...

Maybe Lubo, not Joni is the man headed out of town.

At first glance, this sounds ridiculous, but the more I think about it, the more I think there's the potential for a "flip" in play here. At the very least, it opens up one more trading partner in terms of teams looking for puckmoving blueliners, that being Philadelphia (because they weren't about to take Pitkanen back).

Sign Joni and send "The Vis" to the Flyers for Simon Gagne perhaps? Just throwin' it out there....

Black Dog said...

yeah but they already have Timmonen plus they have cap issues

maybe San Jose if Campbell walks?

Anonymous said...

The more I think about this, nothing happens until Campbell and Pitkanen sign. Lowe has maneouvered to give himself the choice of Visnovsky or Pitkanen. He then trades the other in what will hopefully be a hot market.

As anxious as we all are, the best move is to wait.

The desired outcome is to keep Joni and flip Lubo to somewhere he will be a little more content.

Black Dog said...

The fact is as much as everyone loves Joni's potential (well maybe not everyone but its tantalizing) Visnovsky is a proven player.

Great counting numbers, pretty good underlying stuff, if not excellent.

best case would be moving Souray and keeping Joni and Lubo but likely they keep the two veterans

Black Dog said...

oops - forgot to finish my thought - they will keep Souray becaus ehtere is no market for him and they may still (?) feel that he can earn his dough

plus in fairness to him he is a big body and they lack that back there now

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the Lubo-love, but I do not think Lubo would see that outcome as the best and that makes keeping him risky. More 'get me out of Edmonton' crap. If you are not on Lubo's list of 6 teams, I doubt that you talk to Lombardi unless you intend to flip him.

Lowe plays the game with more stones than anyone. Great theatre!.