Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Beset by injuries on their blueline the Wings still came with a Niedermeyer doink off of Lidstrom's stick in the last minute of G5 last year from likely winning the Cup.
Barring disaster this season it looks like they are golden this year and likely they will be the lead contender every year until Lidstrom retires.
They have three of the top ten, maybe top five players in hockey. After a slow start to his playoff career Datsyuk has fifteen goals in his last thirty postseason games. And Zetterberg may be the better player.
Fourth liner Hudler has a dozen points, including last night's GWG, playing around ten minutes a night.
Franzen has twenty seven goals in his last twenty seven games. WTF!
Other than Brad Stuart and a few spare parts they have everyone under contract for next season.
Zetterberg has said he wants to end his career as a Wing. Think he'll sign? And he and Pavel are still young.
Kronvall is healthy and would probably be top guy on many teams.
Osgood gives them very good goaltending.
Getting depressed yet? Any way to move these guys to the East?
Because the Oilers have a long ways to go to be in this club's league. I've watched a lot of these playoffs and while the drama has not always been there the hockey has been terrific. And as much as I love the kids, they aren't playing at this level yet. A long way to go my friends.
The WIngs are tearing a very good Dallas team to shreds. The 2-1 game the other night felt like a 7-1 game. They dominated, which is weird to say because they weren't swarming Turco or anything.
They were just in total complete control. It never felt like Dallas would tie it.
Now the fact that the Wings have not won since 2002 does prove how difficult it is to win the Cup and that there are no guarantees. Hey, they may not even win this year.
But here is a fun fact - in the last 17 years! the Wings have had over 100 points thirteen times. The years they fell short they had 98 points, 94 points (won the Cup), 93 points and 70 points (48 game season where they lost in the SCF).
And this is in a league with 22 or more teams, not six. With free agency. And drafting near the end of the first round every year.
Yeah they had the money advantage all those years but then where are the Leafs' Cups?


Jonathan said...

It all starts at the top. An owner committed to winning and providing the resources neccessary, and an exceptional GM who gathers talent in every area and makes very few poor personnel decisions.

The Oilers never had the neccessary ownership under the EIG. Perhaps they will with Katz, and perhaps Lowe will have learned from experience and use Katz's money in the best way possible.

At least we're not run by MLSE.

Black Dog said...

Absolutely jonathan - how many bad contracts do the Wings have?? None.

And how many guys on this team are Wings' lifers? Almost every single one. They are a throwback club.

Of course it makes it easy to get guys to drink the koolaid when you contend every single year.

Mr DeBakey said...

“the Oilers have a long ways to go”

I was watching that game last night and thinking ‘bout what the Oilers need to compete with them Red-winged fellas
- the skilled and smart M Pouliot to step up & supplant the earnest J Stoll
- C Glencross to sign a 3-year for $1.5 per & keep playing like he was down the stretch [I understand his shooting % will drop]
- Somehow obtain one more decent-sized skilled & experienced forward
- If the above requires trading J Pitkanen, then someone like W Redden signs for 3 years, $11.9 total; and he flourishes under the wise guidance of MacT & Huddy

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PDO said...

Detroit has 3 of the top players in hockey.

Zetterberg is the best, and Listrom and Datsyuk are right there.

And these 3 epitomize one of the most important aspects of hockey - your best players, have to be your best players. At BOTH ends of the rink.


Anonymous said...

Hello? The Oilers being compared to the Wings? In what world is this even a remote resemblance. The Wings are deep with talent, well-coached and stacked with talented scouts and a G.M. The Oilers are not really talented , not really deep in any way and are led by the worst coach with the worst coaching record since the lockout.Throw in Lowe, and the team will continue to plug along in its consistent 8th to 11th positions.
Oilers are dink right now, and there is no way that next year is different.

doritogrande said...


if you had paid any attention to the blog you just read, you'd notice no mention of Edmonton being comparable to Detroit. In fact, I believe the exact quote is "A long way to go my friends".

Because you choose to post anonymousely, I have to assume that you're either a Flames, Canucks or Leaves fan, and are bitter that your team sucks just as bad as ours does when compared to Detroit.

Black Dog said...

Buddy can't read apparently.