Friday, May 09, 2008

We Had To Win That Game!


therealdeal said...

Fantastic movie, but this scene will live on forever in satire form. Terrific subtitles ha ha.

Jonathan said...

Markus Naslund is our leader!

Bruce said...

Markus Nazlund?

Surely even avid Canucks fans would see the humour in that clip. (Canucks fans do have a sense of humour, don't they? They must ...)

The line where the gal reassures her friend "He would never do that" had me in hysterics. Brilliantly "executed".

Nuckels said...

Hehe, that was pretty funny :) I will stand for us Canuck fans by saying that I enjoyed it.
On a related note, I wouldnt mind seeing Naslund back next season. He scored 25 goals and still can play at a high level in the league. He has an interview last week, and he said he would NOT play on a team that had a defensive system like the Nucks did last year. Since Gillis has publicly stated that the Nucks will NOT be a boring team to watch next year, maybe Nazzy is back with some optimism and a much smaller price tag.
I would take him at say 3 mil a season for 2 years.
And as for a captain, I think he will relinquish it this summer. As Modano did in Dallas a few years back, a younger guy would be fittin to wear the C.
And finally, its been unanimously said by present and former players on Vancouver. Markus Naslund is regarded as one of the best captains in the league by his peers. That is all that matters in my opinion...

Black Dog said...

nuckels - so I presume Vigneault is gone then? I would think so.

Naslund is interesting - overpaid at 6M but I wonder how he would do with the right linemates in the proper system. He really did look as if his heart was not in it this year but my guess is he is one guy who could bounce back and look someone look like a genius.

uni said...

As Modano did in Dallas a few years back

That one left a bad taste in many mouths and it was more a stripping of the C IMO. Classless act for a guy that was the heart of that team for years and has spent his entire career with the organization.

...he is one guy who could bounce back and look someone look like a genius.

Well said =), Naslund would be interesting in a Oilers jersey haha.

Nuckels said...

I'm not sure if Vigneault is going or staying. He had to coach with what he had, and as he said at the end of the year. The nucks were forced to play a game which gave them a shot at winnin every night. With more firepower, I would think he could loosen the strings.
As for Modano losin the C. Maybe it was classless, but Modano is still there and supportin Morrow, so it couldnt have been that bad for the team.