Monday, May 26, 2008


Methinks that Lurch is hurt because since game one against the Flyers he has the grand total of two points. Was in the Market Friday night sitting on a patio and explaining to my buddy how I figured the Wings could do this thing. Pretty simple really, shut down Evgeni. I like Sykora and I like Malone but if Malkin isn't rolling neither are they. Complimentary players. Good ones but they aren't winning a game without help from the big Russian.
Saturday night started as a beauty and Crosby's line deserves kudos for going even at ES against Detroit's big five. The problem? They were a minus one anyways and the rest of the team went minus two against the rest of the Wings AND they got outscored on special teams.
Franzen is back tonight and suddenly Cleary and Samuelsson are on the board (anyone who saw Samuelsson scoring two is a liar) and if Malkin cannot get it going tonight then the Pens are going down quickly. They need a split.
If I am the Pens I'm thinking a PP bounce in G1 and they had the lead, which is true. Osgood was very good in the first. Problem is when you start needing a bounce is when things start going downhill.
Finally I've been doing my best to follow the Wings' side of things over at AtoY, for my money one of the best out here on the Interweb. Take a look, at least to read his recap of G1, which he witnessed live. Its good stuff.


andy grabia said...

It's over. It's been over for a week now. Time to focus on basketball and baseball.


Black Dog said...



Did watch the Champions League Final at McVeighs though.


Jonathan said...

Good call, Black Dog. Injury is a much more sensible conclusion than, say questioning his drive, character, etc.

Jeff J said...

I wonder how many times in the last couple of seasons that Zetterberg/Datsyuk/Lidstrom were stacked up against a 20yo centre. Malkin might be hurt but that's still quite a compliment to Crosby, who's still not 100% recovered from that ankle sprain.

Black Dog said...

jeff - agreed although I would say what is most impressive is that Crosby is holding his own; its not enough but that in itself is incredible