Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Interesting to see how Don Cherry's rant about Detroit turning the other cheek conveniently ignored Datsyuk going after first Malone and then Roberts the other night.
Doesn't fit in with his usual narrative about soft Europeans to see Pavel toss Roberts to the ice in the game ending melee.
It has been men against boys for sure and that is without Detroit's PP clicking. The only thing to hang your hat on if you are a Pens' fan is the possibility that Crosby and Hossa will get away from the big five tonight. They've played that group at evens which tells you how good this kid is and how good Hossa is. Although speaking of dummies and the stories they spin I am sure that McGuire will once again be calling Hossa Maid Marion next spring unless he starts potting three a game.
I would not bet against Crosby and Hossa having some success against some of Detroit's lesser lights but then Staal and company will have to shut down Lidstrom, Zetterberg, Datsyuk et al. Not sure if they are up to it. Not sure if any would be at this point.
This is it. Wings win tonight and its over.


Anonymous said...

Don Cherry is a senile racist dink.

Bruce said...

Guess it isn't over after all. A spirited affair last night where the Pens held their serve as well as their own. Now it gets interesting.

One highlight of the series for me was seeing Datsyuk put Roberts down in the Game 2-closing scrum. Glad to see it get a mention here, since those in the MSM inc. Cherry seemed to all be looking the other way.

A lowlight has been the MSM group fellatio of Roberts during/following last night's game. Guy played under 9 minutes, landed his usual assortment of late, high and/or from-behind hits, some of them a long way from the puck, beaked the usual disrespect of game officials as well as opponents, and notched a crummy, scrummy assist on a garbage goal. OK, sure he gave a good effort, but knock it off already.

You want to talk about inspiration, how about Brooks Orpik landing four big hits in the span of 14 seconds? That was awesome, but it's a good thing I got a PVR and could watch the whole sequence again during commercial, cuz the CBC crew forgot all about it. Never showed it, never mentioned it again that I noticed. It's right there in the game play-by-play though, four "scoring" plays in a row: defensive zone hits by Orpik on Draper, Drake, Drake and Cleary, all between 9:10 and 9:24 of the third. That delivers a message loud and clear to both teams: you guys want to establish a forecheck in our end? Bring it on.

As for Game 4, bring it on too. Did we really need an extra day off between games in the same city?

Black Dog said...

Yeah Bruce I don't remember seeing a beauty stretch of hockey like that in a long time, from after Hall's goal to about the six minute mark or thereabouts when the next whistle came. The Orpik sequence was a big highlight as was the Holmstrom miss right after the goal. Terrific stuff.

We'll see if the Pens hold serve or if the Wings do them in on Saturday. Despite the heroics last night I think the Wings get the job done Saturday. A bounce or two and they are up 3-0.

As for the scheduling, well its Bettman and the NBA all over again except even the NBA learned and doesn't have the BS scheduling anymore. Its brutal.