Monday, April 14, 2008

Yeah, Now You Can Laugh About It

As jokester Bruce remarked: Patrick Thoresen almost gave new meaning to going minus one.
But he's OKAY, which is great news. Certainly things could be worse.
Things can always get worse but in this case we're not talking about some vague, God could smite you at anytime stuff. We're talking about giving your left nut for the cause. Do you think if Bob Clarke was GM and Thoresen had the surgery that he would qualify him like Minnesota did for Foster?
Me neither.
Shit happens so fast in the first round. Turned on the TV last night and Calgary was down three. Turned to Jenn, said 'wow, they are done' and went to bed. Woke up this morning and found out that Ron Wilson is two losses from losing his job and San Jose is getting damn close to Ottawa and Vancouver territory - a talented team that gets labelled as playoff underachievers.
Jersey and Boston got the GIGANTIC goals in OT and tonight the Preds and Sens are going to try and save their seasons.
Ottawa is fucked. Game one was not even close and while they somehow snuck back into game two I would say that a sweep is a definite possibility. Crosby had the quietest four assist game I have ever seen. I didn't even think he had a point. Meanwhile Malkin is unbelievable. Nice gig Petr Sykora ended up with. Ottawa is done and then I would say Murray is gone and probably a few longterm Sens as well.
As for the Preds, well they are hanging in there. Saw their charge in G2 and they were peppering Hasek and the posts before the Wings put them away. Gutsy team but I think Detroit splits in Tennessee and then wraps it up at home. And if you are the Wings you're looking at San Jose and Anaheim and realizing that things may be falling your way this year. Finish the Preds off quickly and rest up.
I never count out the defending champs ever but Anaheim has been the suck. One guy they really miss - Andy MacDonald. And JS Giguere too. Too bad its Dallas laying the beating on them. I went heavy Ducks in my pool so that should have been the obvious death knell to their chances. Not alone in choosing them though.
The Avs and Wild have been terrific and this one could go seven except for the fact that the Wild are beginning to run out of Dmen. Back in Denver Quenneville will be able to dictate the matchups. I think they go back to Minny up three to one. The Avs are a deep team. Biggest surprise to me - Forsberg. He looks like he has turned back the clock ten years.
So it is now. By Friday everything may have been turned on its head.


doritogrande said...

God help me BD I tried. God help me I tried to find it. It was an interview on either TSN or Sportsnet, and he was joking about it.

word verification: wunowut :D

HBomb said...

Well, Minny's going home no worse than tied 2-2. They're like Buffalo 2006, they don't give a fuck that their blueline is being held together with rubber bands and a bottle of Elmer's white glue.

That Gaborik is something else. Most anonymous superstar in the entire NHL....

Black Dog said...

Stupid Wild.

Doogie said...

"How does your girlfriend feel about it?"
"She's happy...because the nuts are alright."

Black Dog said...

I can't believe they let him go.

Mr DeBakey said...

Even worser than letting him go,
Is that he went to the Flyers

I've hated those pricks since they were winning Stanley Cups.

Now what am i supposed to do?
Cheer against Thor? Not.
Cheer for the Flyers? Uh-Uh.

doritogrande said...


Where in the hell did you find that? I was looking everywhere!

Black Dog said...

dorito - it was a clip on TSN

actually I saw it on Showcase as well but in that clip Thoresen said something a lot more filthy