Thursday, March 20, 2008

Release The Hounds!

Ooh ah ooh ah ah! Ooh ah ooh ah ah!
Had a good lunch today with your friend and mine, Tyler Dellow. Always good conversation and of course we discussed the Oilers. Neither of us gives the Oilers much hope - they gave away far too many points before Christmas - but we agreed that this last six weeks has been a lot of fun, certainly a lot more fun then the disastrous end to last season. They have to get better still but its heartening to see what the kids are doing. Good times.
They still have a chance - sacamano shows how they can get it done. The problem is they have to be perfect. A loss tonight and they're pretty well done seeing as the Canucks smacked the Yotes around on Monday. Still, its lots of fun. I figured if all went well they would be about where they are right now. A lot has gone wrong and they are still in it. Good stuff.
In a post I wrote in August I discussed some pretty famous rookies from the last twenty years. Real quickly here is a summary of what I came up with:
These are the years they put together as rookies. The ages are approximate. For example Mats Sundin was born in 1971 and his first NHL season was 90/91 so I have him as 19 for simplicity's sake.
Daniel Alfredsson - 23 years old, 82 GP, 26G-35A, -18
Martin Havlat - 19 years old, 73 GP, 19G-23A, +8
Marian Hossa - 19 years old, 60GP, 15G-15A, +18
Jarome Iginla - 19 years old, 82 GP, 21G-29A, -4
Saku Koivu - 21 years old, 82GP, 20G-25A, -7
Alex Kovalev - 19 years old, 65 GP, 20G-18A, -10
Dustin Penner - 24 years old, 82 GP, 29G-16A, -2
Daniel Sedin - 20 years old, 75GP, 20G-14A, -3
Henrik Sedin - 20 years old, 82GP, 9G-20A, -2
Ryan Smyth - 19 years old, 48GP, 2G-9A, -6
Mats Sundin - 19 years old, 80GP, 23G-36A, -24
Some of these guys were playing with pretty good teams. Some were broken in slowly. Others played big minutes and with some pretty good linemates. Iginla played with Dave Gagner and another rookie Jonus Hoglund, according to a commenter.
Anyways here are Gagner and Cogliano's numbers presently:
Sam Gagner - 18 years old, 71GP, 10G-35A, -17
Andrew Cogliano - 20 years old, 74GP, 16G-25A, +3
One of the things Tyler said today and that has become quite apparent is that Gagner is a player. These numbers bear it out. He is younger then everyone on this list and has outscored six of them already. One more point and he is past two more. Only Alfredsson, Sundin and Iginla will be ahead of him and Iginla is within reach.
Neither Gagner nor Cogliano look out of place when you put their numbers against this list.
Of course in the end this may mean nothing but its damn nice to see, no?


therealdeal said...

I was pondering today whether either of them would get Calder consideration, or is that trophy already spoken for Kane/Toews.

I actually might even lean towards Cogliano over Gagner just because of his +/-, but I haven't looked up their quality of competition numbers recently either.

uni said...

With the way Gagner has been just over a PPG since Horcoff went down, I'd have to think he's the man that's the best rookie based on offensive dominance right now. All round game Cogliano is a bit more polished in the other 2 zones.

Kane has gotten some very cherry minutes in Chicago, and he's certainly made hay with it over a season though.