Friday, March 14, 2008


Bloggin', bloggin', bloggin',
Bloggin', bloggin', bloggin'
Bloggin', bloggin', bloggin'

Postin', postin', postin'
While the beers are flowing
Keep them prospects comin'
California Seals
Really make me squeal
Do you remember this guy?
Pouliot will make it
My fortune I would stake it.
He just has to stop being so shy!

Who's that guy? Saw 'em good
Saw 'em good, who's that guy?
Who's that guy, saw 'em good
Pouliot, JF Jacques,
JF Jacques, Pouliot,
Pouliot, JF Jacques,

Keep drinkin', drinkin' drinkin'
Though she's disapprovin'
Keep them prospects comin'
Don't try to pigeonhole 'em
Just find a good comp for 'em
Talents like Sam Gagner can't hide!
My heart is palpitatin'
The Stanley will be waitin',
Be waitin' at the end of this ride.



Mr DeBakey said...

So, how does he keep those doggies rollin'?

Every goddamn day, at least once

I go three days in a row and have to take a month off.

She said...

Excellent, now I'm having John Belushi flashbacks.

How many beers did it take to come up with this one?

Black Dog said...

Actually thought it up on the subway on the way to work.

So only a half dozen. ;)

Lowetide said...

Oh. My. God.

There's no way you could know this but my dad LOVED Frankie Laine. "That Lucky Old Sun", "Mule Train", "Jezebel", "High Noon," "Moonlight Gambler" and "Rawhide."

I could sing all of them right now, remember the words since childhood.

Thanks for this, it made my day. I may have to Youtube "That Lucky Old Sun" just for old time's sake

Black Dog said...

Good stuff, LT. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

PunjabiOil said...