Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Luck

Not for this young man. For Rob Schremp.
Lowetide has a quick post on the latest from Guy Flaming and while Schremp is near the top of the list the truth is that unless something big happens between now and next February his time as an Oiler is done. He will likely be moved at the deadline next year I think unless someone gets hurt or fails miserably next season and he comes in and does a terrific job to replace them.
So he had better be hoping for some misery to befall one of the kids or for Penner or Hemsky to get hurt badly enough that he can get an extended audition where he can prove to the Oilers that he is a better option then someone else in the top six.
Unlike Pouliot or Jacques who got their chances and failed to impress, Schremp has had his own run of bad luck. Of course unlike those two guys he doesn't have another option other then top six minutes.
Last season the team had very little bubbling up in prospects up front. Schremp wasn't ready but there wasn't even a spot for him with nine veterans for nine slots. Then Smyth was moved and the summer saw Lupul and Sykora go too. Stoll was coming off a concussion and so this fall there were plenty of openings, even with the Penner signing. When Pisani and then Moreau went down it became clear that Stoll and Torres would have to pick up some slack checking.
So what happens? Even recovering from his own injury troubles he had a decent camp but he was outplayed by Islanders' castoff Nilsson, the collegian Cogliano and a barely eighteen year old Sam Gagner. Passed by, just like that.
We knew politics and his age would mean Nilsson would get his shot but Cogliano seemed slotted for the AHL and Gagner for junior. Now it looks like Nilsson has created an NHL career for himself and the two kids will likely never play a game in the minors ever.
And next year - well there are no guys even close to Schremp's level in terms of competing for an offensive spot on this club. The problem is there are no offensive spots.
He's pooched. And in two years, if he is still an Oiler, Riley Nash will be in camp and if Trukhno has anything he will be in there and then there will be whoever they pick this summer. Penner, Hemsky and the kids will still be under contract and one has to think Horcoff will be too.
In a year and a half Rob Schremp is going to be Robert Nilsson. Trying to save his career with a team other then the one that drafted him.


uni said...

Schremp is well and good pooched. But that's not to say he still can't try to force the issue.

All he has to do is work his ass off (like skating and strength training in the off season) and then destroy the AHL (kind of like Getzlaf and Perry did on being sent down). You pump in 2 points a game over a 20-30 game span and something is bound to give. Wouldn't hurt if he actually learned to "battle at a standstill" either.

Black Dog said...

uni - I think Schremp actually deservee credit - he has done what is asked of him and I have no doubt that he will come to camp next year in terrific shape.

But he needs one of those top six guys to get hurt or the team to be in a situation where they drop Cogliano to the third line or Rowbert to be so awful that they think Schremp is a better option.

I think he will be a player but he is going to need a whole lot to be a player for the Oilers

Pat H said...

//In a year and a half Rob Schremp is going to be Robert Nilsson. Trying to save his career with a team other then the one that drafted him//

Yeesh. amen to that.