Monday, February 04, 2008

With The First Overall Pick The Anaheim Ducks Select ...

The last guy they could afford to lose is gone.

We could be talking last spring bad now.

I picked a bad week to quit smoking. And drinking. Amphetimines. Heroin.

You get the picture.

Somebody obviously sold their soul to the devil for that '06 run because this is just getting silly.


HBomb said...

Last spring will have nothing on this spring.

My guess is that Souray ends up going the same route now, because it's now quite apparent we have no fucking hope.

Let's hope Anaheim trades the Oiler 1st rounder for Sundin, the Ducks go down early in a playoff upset, and the Leafs proceed to fuck up the use of said draft pick. That, right now, is the best case scenario.

That guy said...

Does this mean we should send all the two ways down, so springfield can have a run? Or are they out of it too?

doritogrande said...

Do we call up Pouliot to replace the PKing and possibly some fraction of the points we lose from Horc, or give Sugartits the keys to Hemmer's apartment for the rest of the year.

Gut check time for the kids.

I'm trying to put a more positive spin on the fact that we're hopelessly fucked. It's not going over so well.

Black Dog said...

Go Falcons!

hbomb - well last season was the mother of all disasters - Smyth traded, everyone but Horcoff (ironically) and Smith injured - still a ways to go to that

but not that far

dorito - yeah they're fucked

and this is going to sound like some 'so what' but the Lowe left the Oilers short in a key area again this season and as a result this hurts even more

lots of teams have injury issues but when you are thin at a position it really does you in - case in point is how Boston has survived Bergeron going down because they have Savard or how the canucks have muddled along since Morrison went down because they have Sedin or Kesler

MacT was musing today on having Gagner or Reasoner playing Horcoff's minutes - whose fault is it that those are his two options

its a terrible blow, made even worse by the fact that there is no depth

doritogrande said...

I don't understand why Cogliano's being kept in the closet. More points than Gagner, better defensive player, about a truckload more offense than Reasoner, why doe he not get the 1line assignment? Boggles the mind, but then again, this is the Edmonton Oilers.

Can we loan Gagner back to his junior team for a shot at the Memorial? Anything's better than him getting shitkicked in the NHL now.

Black Dog said...

Not sure about whether they could send gagner out but at this point it would mess with his confidence and make them look panicky in the bargain - no use sending him out after he has played 50 games.

Not sure about Cogliano other then he seems to have had some chemistry with 18 and 34 and maybe they like him there?? Playing Reasoner with those guys is pointless and its not going to be Gagner's role in the future so ...??

that guy said...

By the way, Airplane! is a wicked movie. Allow me to scream "Their coming right for us!" and jump out the nearest window.