Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Deadline Thoughts While I Dry Out

Lucky enough to get over to Dublin where I managed to get in a few pints. The pub pictured at left was the scene of the crime one night. Em, some fun was had, like. I actually have another blog which I have not updated in nearly a year, which I can barely believe. Anyways lots of posts for that one so if you're interested in pubs, Dublin or boring drinking stories then take a look in the next few days as I try and get things rolling over there again.

Landed yesterday, got my car at the airport and turned on the radio, jonsing for deadline news. It was a busy day, as it always is but nothing happened in Edmonton, which was my expectation.

If the Oilers owned their first round pick I think you may have seen a couple of moves but when you have very few NHL players, last year's post deadline abomination is fresh in your mind and its Brian Burke who will benefit from the mess I think we could all see this one coming. The veteran guys are few and far between on this team and you're going to have a hard time getting Staios' replacement for the money he is making, I think. Looking at what guys like Marty Lapointe brought in (sixth rounder), its clear that moving Reasoner would have brought something similar in while dampening morale in the room. What's the point? And Geoff Sanderson would have no value. You might have to throw in a pick just to get someone to take the poor guy. Nice goal last night but he's a stiff.

And yeah nobody's taking Roloson. That contract. They might be able to move him to someone looking to get to the cap floor this summer but even that is unlikely. At least there's only one year left.

Stoll and a couple of kids seem to have been the ones in play but I have said may times and will continue to do so - Stoll is going nowhere until Horcoff's contract is resolved. Trading your one present bonafide NHL centre when your other one is due for UFA in a year's time would be the height of stupidity. Well not as bad as say signing Sheldon Souray to a five year big money contract, say, but you know what I am saying. Naw they will wait on Horc to extend. If he does then the Oilers can trade Stoll and line up at centre thusly :

Horcoff - Gagner - Cogliano - Brodziak

Horcoff gets moved then you have a weaker lineup:

Stoll - Gagner - Cogliano - Brodziak

Now say you move Stoll and then Horcoff walks:

Gagner - Cogliano - Brodziak - Take Your Pick Because We're Fucked

Like those apples? I'm guessing (hoping?) that they extend Horcoff this summer and then trade Stoll. He has value and could bring something in a package maybe.

Anyways other notes from around the league:

- Jay Feaster got a nice deal for Richards who is a nice fit in Dallas but his signing of Dan Boyle (who I like a lot btw) makes me wonder if he gets it? After a couple of years of struggling with a top heavy team salary wise he turns around and gives a thirty one year old guy a six year monster deal. Boyle is a terrific player and Tampa got some nice return for Richards but huh? Of course they are in the SE so they probably could run the table there for a few years now. As for Dallas, they can fit Richards' salary in apparently and he will likely sign with them for less when its all over methinks so why the fuck not, right?

- the Hossa deal is nutty; you have to admire the Pens for going for it. I look at the East and nobody stands out at all. Adding Hossa and yes, Hal Gill, moves them to the front of the line. They could easily go to the final and lose Hossa and you would say its worthwhile. But they gave up a shitload or so it seems. As for Atlanta they got some interesting pieces but I wonder how long hockey is that town. Savard and Hossa gone now and does anyone care? Likely not. Waddell said today that dealing Hossa didn't mean they were throwing in the towel on the season. In other news, D. Wilson was shopping Joe Thornton. Righto.

- big mess in Ottawa but there is still a quarter season to right the ship - yep that's right. Have to feel bad for Paddock who for years was considered one of the best guys out there not coaching. He finally gets his shot again and doesn't last the season. Hopefully Sens' players didn't scrap their goggles - with Murray back spitting and lisping they'll need them.

- can't say much more about the Leafs but har har har - what a mess. Not sure how JFJ can blame this whole lot on MLSE. God knows I hate those wankers, esp. Mr, R. Peddie, but the guy left a team that was full of virtually untradeable guys. And who really believes there is a lineup for Darcy Tucker or Jason Blake's services anyways? Where would that be?

- what may be really interesting this summer is the Sundin situation - do the Leafs lowball him and if they do does he walk away? Fact is, they can likely have him signed for two years and to me that is a far better option then giving five years to some stiff UFA. So we can expect Mats to sign on for two years in Detroit or Calgary I am sure while the Leafs give thirty million bucks to Vinny Prospal.

- wonder what Sutter thinks when he sees Stuart going for a second and a fourth

- at least the Oilers aren't curling up and dying - lets hope they give her right until the end, my guess is that they will pass a few teams that start to mail it in

- the darkhorse team for me now is the Avs; granted they still have to get in and they'll have a mountain to climb if they do get in but they have an impressive lineup now, certainly deeper up front then most

- Lowe's worst nightmare, a year after Pronger hoisted the Cup - Smytty doing the same, followed by Brian Burke picking first overall - hell, if that happens even "Jonesy" might have a thing or two to say. OK, you're right. Probably not.


Mr DeBakey said...

For your information Mr O’Smartypants, Comrie has re-signed with Wang’s Wonders.

About Stoll – listen to KP’s post-deadline interview on the Oiler’s site. Does that sound like Stoll is here for a long time? Plus, Holy Mackeral, we’re gonna add a D-man!

Pittsburgh & Hossa – an interesting deal, Pittsburgh gave up two depth players, a good one & an excellent one, a pick [28th overall?] and some guy who’ll be Top-20 in Swiss League scroing in 5 years. Good one you Penguins!

Curling up & dying – Whilst the rest of us have been gnashing our teeth, MacT has said over & over how much he likes this team. Maybe this guy knows what he’s talking about?

Black Dog said...

Haha - yeah I missed the Comrie signing.

I think Stoll is a goner but they better have Horcoff under contract when they move him. All I'm saying.

If they can get Hossa to sign with them at a discount it will be a beauty deal for the Pens. Don't know if they can though. Still I don't think they gave up tons really. And in terms of sending a message to their team, can't beat it.

Hey, considering what Lowe gave MacT to work with, they've done ok. A lot of SO points but hell, we'll take them. Could be worse. Last spring was worse.

therealdeal said...

Good point about the value of Stuart. When he was rumoured to be going to the Oil I kept saying 'I hope not' and then he ends up on my other team for a useful guy like Andrew Ference.

One year later Stuart isn't even worth a warm body.

Andy Grabia said...

I wish we had pubs and streets like that in Edmonton. Thank God a new downtown arena will solve that problem.

Black Dog said...

Actually Andy, a little known historical fact for you. During the War For Independence in Ireland the final tipping point that drove the English out was when Michael Collins built an arena on O'Connell Street, which happens to be right in downtown Dublin.