Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Prayer Is Not The Answer

With the Oilers on a roll and relatively healthy the opportunity is suddenly there for them to make some hay.

I can't believe I just said that.

Before the All Star break the Oilers have three more games on this homestand - Phoenix, LA and Calgary. Then a five game road trip through the Southeast division. The possibility of a good run is there, enough of a run to give Lowe the excuse to become a buyer in February.

A few good things have happened.

Garon has established himself as the starter, at least shortterm. He is giving the Oilers good to great goaltending
each night.

Souray and Staios have teamed up to form a good second pair. Souray's offence isn't there but by all accounts he has performed pretty well in his own end. With two legitimate pairs now the Oilers back end actually looks decent. Ideally Greene's return will send Smid back to Springfield and when Tarnstrom gets over his sciatica (what, is he pregnant?!) the Oilers would have a nice third pair as well.

Up front is where the problem lies and Torres' loss makes things more difficult. Presently the Oilers have a legitimate top line. The return of Moreau and Pisani has given them a second good line and has revived Cogliano.

They're still short up front. Stoll seems to be coming around a bit and Reasoner seems to be doing alright lately. If Torres were healthy there would at least be a legitimate NHL line but he's not.

So I have two words: Ladislav Nagy.

UFA after this season. Playing for the one team that is definitely out of it, the Kings. A plus (!?) somehow and some reasonable production, likely against soft opposition but that is what he'd be getting with the Oilers.

Pry him loose now and you add some more juice to the PP and a legitimate player on the second line. He, Stoll and take your pick - Reasoner, Brodziak or Thoresen to do the dirty work or Rowbert or Gagner for a little more skill.

Not sure about what he would cost but why the hell not?

Also a good read in the Globe today as Maki takes a look at EIG. He's no Terry Jones but I'd recommend a look at it. Now!


David S said...

The thing of it is BD, you never know which team is going to show up. The crap-ass one or the 06 re-do. I was at the NYI game last night and holy hell, it was chanceville all night for the Oil. Cogliano was skating through entire lines (he's wicked fast), Souray rung one (literally - you could hear it up in the cheap seats) off the bars, Hemsky was Hemsky and even Stoll looked OK. The last 5 on 3 was crazy, with the crowd ooo-ing and aww-ing every 10 seconds. They got a standing O at the buzzer.

But the next game? Who knows. Dear god, just two decent guys with some experience and we might sneak in there.

Mr DeBakey said...

Nagy looks good.
His Desjardins' numbers are good
His Goals/60 would be 2nd best on the Oilers.
+/- and Corsi are OK

YKOIL says the other King to get is Jaroslav Modry
Veteran D
Good stats
$1.2 mm
UFA contract

Anonymous said...

Optimism eh boys? Hehe, pretty funny!!! Back to the cellars , fellers... Y'aaaarrrrrr

Black Dog said...

Hey, you anonymous pirate - that's all we've got!