Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When Will Zubov Retire? Soon Would Be Nice

Just because I am a copycat.
The genius who does the NHL schedule needs to give his head a shake. How does a team have five games in hand on another, as Andy pointed out. I've heard of similar weirdness - a team not playing for five days, playing one, then being off again. How hard can it be?
Are the Oilers a couple of players (Moreau and a pickup in a trade) from winning a few more games in regulation? Or is even getting to the shootout just the result of a lot of breaks, as Tyler argues. I'm a glass half full guy as we know and part of me thinks that the Oilers have had a lot of bad breaks so far with injuries so the good luck in terms of high shooting percentage is just evening things out. But I'll be the first to admit I can't back that gut feeling up.
Shootout points, luck, karma - whatever - I'll take where the Oilers are right now for sure. I'm of the mind that it will not last for despite my tendency to blue sky I still think that this team is not that good. Having said that someone (MacT?) deserves some credit.
They need another defenceman to play in the top four. Things have worked out with Pitkanen and Gilbert (cough cough sign them!) but they need one more guy. Too many fives and sixes.
And with Torres going down there is once again the issue that they need help up front. They have a legitimate #1 line (starting to feel pretty good about Penner now - even Fat Terry had nice things to say about him today) and Fernie's kids are holding their own. That leaves a bunch of guys who Grabia described (paraphrasing) as having to absolutely play their best to hold their own. Now we know there is no lack of effort from Brodziak and Thoresen, for example, but the remaining forwards seem to range from too young to too old. Boy am I glad that Thoresen is back, by the way. Maybe its the underdog thing but I love that kid.
Moreau's return will help and Stoll has shown signs of life. If Torres is ok and gets back healthy things look better still. But I wonder of Jacques or Pouliot gets moved at some point for someone who can help out. Problem is other then LA nobody looks to be out of it yet and I don't see anyone there worth a look. So unless the Oilers move Tarnstrom (why is he sitting again?) to a team in a swap for that forward or they find a team who wants to clear a guy to make room for another pickup I'm not sure if I see anything happening.
Two days until I hit 40. Yipes.
And the Dallas Stars? Fuck those guys.


Andy Grabia said...

Zubov not having e a Norris is a tragedy. He's good for all the same reasons Lidstrom is good, with more speed and more offensive upside. A real mystery. But he kills us all the time, so fuck 'em.

rickibear said...

A freind of mine said to me: "Remeber the day after your Fortieth birthday you are closer to 50 than 30."

Vic Ferrari said...

Yeah, I think that the Oilers will continue to improve as well, Black Dog. To a large extent it's all the young guys that are hurting them. They're eating a lot of the offensive ice time and getting outchanced doing it. But young players get better.

I'm not so sure that they'll continue to be any more than a point-per-game team over the back half of the season though. We'll see how the cookie crumbles.

But as long as most of the important young players (Gagner, Coglino, Gilbert, Nilsson, Smid, Grebeshkov) show improvement, that's okay I think.

Black Dog said...

Thanks rickibear. Thanks a lot. :)

I think LT compared him to Brad Park, Andy. Similar to a lot of the great centres in the 80s to mid 90s who get overlooked.

Agreed Vic. I think every day that they are "in the mix", however much that is skewed by shootout wins, is a nice little bonus but the reality is that there are too many kids up and down the lineup.

The good news is that for the most part I would say that they are improving. Also I think that it appears that Gilbert, Nilsson and Cogliano all may be better then what was expected. Early returns and all but I like what we see there.

Mr DeBakey said...

Someone pulled the "closer to 50" line on me when I was 35
"You're closer to 50 than 20"
It wasn't funny then,
I can't quite come up with the words to describe it now.

As usual, I agree with everything you type
and laugh when I'm supposed to.

I wish, for once, you'd post something
boring & disagreable.

I'd like to close by saying
Happy Birthday to You

Black Dog said...

Thanks Mr. D.

Appreciate every word.

She said...

Happy birthday Pat! My 40th was on Monday and I didn't feel a thing.

Welcome to the dark side.

Oh- I loved the "Fernando Yeah" song.

Black Dog said...

Thanks she. And Happy 40th to you too.

But next time you may need to speak a little louder. :)