Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Am Without Speech

A guy spends the evening hanging out with his folks and he misses every damn thing.
And on top of that Fernie's Kids (hat tip to Dennis) beat the frigging Red Wings, the class of the league, in their own building, to collect five out of six points on a road trip that I figured was an 0 fer before it began.
Holy fucking shit. I mean, seriously. Seriously. Get serious.
Holy fuck.


mike w said...

Damn, what a handsome dog.

Mr DeBakey said...

So have you started making plans for a trip home next summer?
Timed to coincide with Zach the Hugger's arrival with the Stanley Cup in arms?

They are UnBeatable!

Black Dog said...

He is the Cary Grant of pooches.

JUne 21 - book it! :)

Rob... said...

I just have to say seeing all the dog pictures remind of my dog growing up. She was a black lab cross and looked ALOT like your dog.



therealdeal said...

Holy fuck is right. Another one last night.

What is going on? Are we witnessing a festivus miracle or something more?