Sunday, November 11, 2007



Mr DeBakey said...

I was talking to my Grandma last night, she's 92.

Her younger brother was in WWII
He was in the Loyal Eddies
Fought in the Italian campaign, Ortona and so forth.
He also had some specialized one-on-one training, if you catch my drift.

He, along with few other old Eddies, have become minor celebrities in Edmonton - getting interviewed, making appearances and so forth - representing that whole, nearly disappeared generation.

Grandma told me he spoke at schools every day last week.
I guess he was a hit.
The kids were all really interested.

The best question was
"Were you ever killed in the War?"

Black Dog said...

Good stuff Mr. D

It seems like just yesterday the old fellows from WW1 were all passing away and now there's fewer and fewer left of those who fought in WWII

They were just kids, most of them.

Its damn sad. I couldn't imagine.

Again, thanks for a great story.