Thursday, November 22, 2007

In Andy I Trust, Unless He's Sneaking Up Behind Me To Give Me The Edmonton "How Do You Do!"

In twenty four hours Andy Grabia and I wil be driving around Edmonton.

And things will never ever be the same again.

I suspect that this may be too much fun for me to bear.

Worse case we will spend tomorrow afternoon in embarrassed silence, realizing that sometimes these internet blind dates aren't all that they are cracked up to be. We will attend the game Saturday night and then part ways gladly, slinking out into the night much as someone who wakes up the next morning with the result of far too many drinks the night previous laying beside them will recoil in horror and then try to tiptoe out the door. If caught, we might mumble a false phone number and then dash into the street. However, seeing as I have met Chris!, mike w., sacamano and mudcrutch and they are all terrific fellows whose company I enjoy very much, I suspect that this weekend will hold more of the same.

Here we go but first an old joke, nothing to do with this weekend but if I do get stabbed on Whyte Avenue let it be my requieum :

Buddy moves into the country into an old farmhouse. He enjoys the privacy and the peace and quiet. His nearest neighbour is a couple of miles up the road. After a few weeks however he begins to wish for a little human contact. He's sitting out on the porch when a pickup rolls up - its his neighbour, a fellow about his age. After introducing himself and some small talk about the weather and the barley, his neighbour says: "Well now, why don't you come up to my place Saturday night. Fellow gets a little lonely out here. I'm having a party and it should be terrific - lots of drinking and fighting and fucking."

Well, buddy is a little lonely indeed and he thinks this sounds great. He agrees and waves to his neighbour as he heads up the road.

On Saturday night he showers up and puts on his best blue jeans, combs his hair and puts on a little bit of his eau de cologne. Thinking of healthy ruddy faced farmgirls, he heads up the road to his neighbour's place. He knocks on the door and his neighbour lets him in.

Taking off his coat, he says "So, when does everyone else get here?" for nobody else has arrived as of yet.

Buddy looks at him, a little surprised. "Ain't nobody else coming. Here, have a beer."

Yuk yuk yuk.

EDIT - Andy has our itinerary ready.


Anonymous said...

I love Black Dog - the little set of photos you got going, I'm now wondering what he's looking at.

Hope you have a great time here!
Let's Go Oilers!

mike w said...

Keep us posted. That way we'll know you're safe.

And could you post pictures of your dog forever?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Craig here. Totally short notice but, since I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it, could you bring a picture of your Black Dog to the pub?
We put them on the walls for immortality. Your pooch could join pics of dozens(?) of other Black Dogs on those gross walls. If you've got one handy throw it in yer suitcase and we'll frame it and nail it.

See you on Saturday?


Rick Marnon said...

Good looking dog. I have 5 dogs, and I live in the country. 2 of which will watch games with me.