Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fans To Lowe - Things Look Ugly

Wasn't too long ago that the Oilers had played just ten games, back in the days when I was clean shaven and not looking like John C. Reilly in Boogie Nights.
John C. Reilly is very cool and also very, um, lumpy. My neighbour said I looked a lot like Reilly tonight. I had to push her down the stairs.
Its truly a painful season. Many of the pluses of the first ten games - Greene's slow steady progress, Torres' solid play, Gagner looking at least reasonable as a player - have been lost due to injury, poor play (no points in nine games for Torres?) or youth. Jacques and Pouliot are tearing up the A but unable to accomplish anything in the Show. Roloson is now possibly supplanted as the number one. Souray is out indefinitely. Penner is no Lupul but its looking like a lottery pick for his services more and more.
If the Oilers win tonight they will have garnered one more point then they did in their first ten games when they were 4 and 6. An improvement of a point over each ten game segment would get them to 92 points after 80 games but we all know that this is not going to happen. It is looking to be an ugly ugly year. Yeah, we're talking 70 points and Brian Burke picking first or second overall. And Lowe with a four year extension.
My aching head.
Positives? Gilbert Gilbert is Bieksa. Cogliano is a rook but at 20 years old he is on pace for nearly fifty points and remains a plus player despite his struggles. Brodziak is fine. Garon has done a great job lately. Umm ... Hemsky has been great although sometimes he reminds me too much of Afinogenov - so much flash but not as much in terms of results at times. I'm being nit picky though. Kid has been terrific.
And then there is Horcoff.
Other then that, Tarnstrom has looked good. Staios has been solid. Nilsson had four good games in a row.
Yeah I'm fucking reaching here.
Could be worse. Wonder what JFJ is thinking today. Could have had Bryzgalov for a low round pick after trading all of those picks and Rask for Raycroft and Toskela. Nothing against Toskela or Raycroft for that matter but I would say the Russian is their equal, if not better.
Love the Leafs. Always make me feel better.


Pat H said...

"Love the Leafs. Always make me feel better."

True enough. I just worry that the m.o. of our own ownership/management is starting to resemble that of the Leafs. NOT a flattering comparison.

mike w said...

Pat, if I saw you on the street with that moustache I'd walk right by and not look back, possibly yelling "get a job" over my shoulder.

Sorry. That's just the way it is.

Black Dog said...

Mike - there are doctori' and lawyerin' jobs on Yonge Street. Brain surgeonin' too.

70s porn stash all the way.

Pat H - we're so so fucked. Not Leafs' fucked but close.