Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wild On Jack Lemaire - Live Bloggin

Oh dear, Radek Dvorak had a wide open net, all the time in the world and missed. Good old Dvo. Sorry sacamano.
Alright here we go. Feverforfalmes is predicting 3-0 for Wild on Jack Lemaire and yeesh he may be right. The Oilers always lose to the Gaboriks or so it seems and who the hell is Lemaire going to pick on tonight ? Vic figures he runs Gaborik out on Horcoff and then Rolston will beat up whoever else.
Duthie says we have two possible contenders playing tonight. Then he says that may be a stretch.
No shit.
Falmes are already down one by the way.
The introduction is making me horny. The youthful Oilers.
Gagner is a scratch, as expected. MacKenzie thinks Boogaard is a factor in this. Jacques is in. Milbury likes the Oilers but figures lots of growing pains. Pierre is overboard. He loves the Oilers - he's still an idiot though.
First Period
Rink tilts, its ugly, and then a PP. Tarnstrom made a nice play on Gaborik. Penner shields the puck twice - he's gigantic. Moves it smartly in each case. Quick shot by Hemsky. Second unit is the kids and Torres. Not much happens but Nilsson has soft hands, holy shit.
Cuthbert says Souray has the stiffest shaft in the league. Heh. That's right, I am 13.
Reasoner's line looks great. Greene makes a nice play on Gaborik. Horcoff's line has a great shift. Hemsky is flying. Staios handles Gaborik nicely. Then Pitkanen separates Gaborik from the puck nicely but then he gets it behind the net - everyone gets hypnotized and he sneaks it out to Burns (?) who fires it home. Jacques' man. Will we see him again? Ever?
Cuthbert comments on the more mobile D of the Oilers - Gilbert - check - Tarnstrom - right - Pitkanen - yep - Souray - HUH?
Another great shift by Hemsky. And a good shift for the Torres/Cogliano tandem once Pouliot gets out there. Pouliot looks terrific. Earlier on he set up JFJ nicely as well.
End of the period. Different team and I like it - ton more skill. Way faster. Cogliano can fly, Nilsson is quick, even Brodziak got the D on their heels. I like the look of Brodziak. Right place at the right time.
Hemsky looks to me like he has found a different level. Reasoner looks like a different player. Penner is a step behind but I like the way he uses his size. Stoll also looks like he is out of whack - still trying to find his game.
Souray is unbelievably slow. Jeez. Anyways, tough couple of minutes to start the game but after that they held their own, wouldn't say Minnesota had a huge edge after that. Oilers' look fast up front - they are catching the Wild flatfooted at times. Anyone who saw the Canes blow out the Leafs last night knows that speed is a good thing. This game is a track meet. 34 fast guys. Penner. And Souray. He is as mobile as my lawn.
Second period
Jacques makes a couple of nice plays and then one not so much. Playing with Stoll and Pouliot helps I think. Pouliot is looking fine. Gilbert is solid too.
Another good shift for the Cogliano line. Torres and he play well together. Cogliano does not look like a rookie. Seriously. Wheels will do that for you.
Penner doesn't seem to fit with Horcoff and Hemsky.
Gaborik has the Oilers back pedalling for an entire shift. Jesus.
Oilers PP. O for the season so far. They move the puck nicely but nothing doing.
And the Wild score.
Another play by Pouliot that demonstrates the guy's skill - gets it behind him in an awkward position and kicks it up to his stick without slowing down.
The Reasoner line is just solid. Good forecheck. They don't fuck around.
Nilsson leaves Skoula - where the hell is he. There's a shot. Rolston's line cycles but Pitkanen and Staios play it well. Clear to Raffi and its out.
Gilbert takes a chance, gets beat but recovers nicely.
Another PP - how about something here?
Nope. Very little. Souray gets beat and Stoll makes a nice play to bother Rolston to save a chance. Jeez very little on the PP - where's Craig Simpson when you need him? Little hook by Sanderson and Wild to the PP.
Solid work on the PK - not much doing - end of the period.
Well, less happening there - the Wild choke the life out of you and the Oilers don't look experienced enough to figure it out. Not a lot of room out there and when you are 0 for the season on the PP you're going to have problems winning games. The kids are as advertised so far and Raffi fits in well with Cogliano. I'd really like to see Pouliot on that line. Penner looks damn slow. The best thing I can say about Greene - I haven't noticed him really - he has just been solid. Souray says they should move the puck around down low on the PP, mix it up a bit - no shit.
Islanders win again. More Nolan magic? Milbury - I like to play my young goalies a ton - before you trade them, right? Heh. Falmes losing again.
Hand it to Souray, nice play on the two on one.
Penner gets replaced by Sanderson. He moves to Stoll and Pouliot's line.
Gilbert takes his man nicely.
Some chances but nothing too dangerous. Pouliot has the best of them.
The Wild always get the bounces but its because they are always in position, always moving their feet, always active.
Pitkanen misses his assignment. Reviewed. Looks like a goal to me. But its not.
Meh, Healy bugs me too.
Hah - wife came home and took the laptop.
Gaborik in the slot and Gilbert closes fast - nice play.
Flurry of activity at the end but nothing doing. 0 fer on the PP.
Didn't expect a win tonight - hoping but no luck.
Final thoughts tomorrow - out of gas.


mike w said...

Oh hey, you're live bloggin!

Caught me off guard, BD.

Black Dog said...

That's my style - keep 'em off balance. Works with my kids anyways.

"If I have to come in there, something is going to happen that will make you sad!"

"What, Daddy? Tell me."

"Do you want to find out?"

"No." Child gets back in bed.

Daddy pours a whiskey.

Andy Grabia said...

You need to have times besides your comments. I'm terribly confused.

Black Dog said...

What does one have to do with the other?

Andy Grabia said...

Don't make me punch you in the gunt, BD.

Black Dog said...

What's gunt? Is that like the scrass?

Read from top to bottom - easy enough.

A few more whiskies and its going to read like Ulysses so don't complain.

Lowetide said...

I like Pouliot's game tonight, and lord help me I'll defend Jacques until he's an NHL regular or I'm 60.

And those two things might happen the same day.

Black Dog said...

Jacques blew the coverage on the first goal but I think he has looked better tonight.

Love Pouliot's game tonight. He looks confident and is making things happening.

mike w said...

Bah. Some game. The universe is poo.

Keegan said...

Shutout by Backstrom again. The points in the pool for him dont make me like this game any more. We really need to rethink our powerplay, cause really we could do no worse if we sent the other team the gameplan the day before the game. But I know 4th game of the season. I was just hoping for less of the same when it comes to the "Wild" -- they are as much fun (and as wild as) as a drive through petting zoo.

RiversQ said...

Good point on Souray's 2 on 1. That was a nice play. Too bad it was about the only good thing he did all night.

I hated Penner's game tonight. He's definitely too slow for those two on the top line and I think he's just lazy too. He must be way out of shape.

Early returns on the big tickets is not positive.

Black Dog said...

keegan - the PP remains too predictable and they are not moving their feet

rivers - agreed on Souray - he was worse then I thought he would be; and Penner looked behind all night - disappointing