Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Times

Watching the ticker last night and a smile came to my face at the list of unfolding events.
The Yankees out in the first round again thanks to a lack of pitching (who knew pitching won ball games?) and a lack of hitting with men in scoring position. As usual that parade was led by A-Rod, who I despise. Can't say why. Just do. Good on him.
The Leafs get crushed 7 to 1 and it would have been much worse if Toskala had not have been so good in the first twoo periods. Seriously. Plus the most overpaid player in the league, cap millstone Bryan "mistakes are a part of hockey" McCabe, got burned oh so badly on the fourth goal and was also checked by an inanimate object (his net).
Lying cheater Marion Jones is broke, stripped of her medals and in disgrace.
An arbitrator ruled that sadistic thug Michael Vick owes 20 million dollars of his bonus money to the Falcons.
Its beautiful.
And tonight I will be catching the Oilers for the first time this year. They are playing the Wild and it is in Minnesota so it could get ugly. And some wags might say that in this case EIG and Lowe will get what they deserve. :)
Me, I'm hoping for a win. May try the live blogging thing. Have a great day!


MetroGnome said...

and was also checked by an inanimate object (his net).

I laughed quite loudly when I saw that replay this morning.

Mr DeBAkey said...

Live Blogging