Monday, October 01, 2007

Gagner Is In

According to TSN, Gagner has signed an entry level contract with the Oilers and will start the season in the NHL. The article also remarks that he will start the season playing on a line with Cogliano and Pouliot.
Interesting - looks like Pouliot pulled the fat out of the fire just in time.
Penner-Horcoff-Hemsky, Torres-Stoll-Nilsson, Moreau-Reasoner-Brodziak, Gagner-Cogliano-Pouliot
Sanderson will be the extra forward? And if they go with seven D, maybe Stortini or Jacques as well.
I'm thinking Gagner just gets the nine games and goes down. I presume the idea is to use these guys like Getzlaf and Perry were used two years ago - soft soft minutes and as much PP time as possible but I can't see the kid sticking for the full year.
And Throesen likely sent down - too bad - one of my favourites.


Anonymous said...

Cogliano and Gagner are both centres - is this just for the 9 games? Is Cogliano a 2-way contract? If so, are they competing for a job on the same line?

Black Dog said...

I think Gagner is going to play the wing.

weight loss said...

He looks like Jake Gyllenhal

Black Dog said...

Wish he looked like Maggie.

Hubba hubba.