Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fluid - Schremp and Stortini Up

The Oilers haven't fucked around this year - spots are open and they are giving time to whoever earns it. Although I'm not real sure why Pouliot was a scratch tonight after a good game the other night. Anyways there has been talk here in Hogtown how the Leafs have changed very little from last year's club - except Toskela and Blake its the same club. They are a veteran club but when even your PB guys are the same as last year and last year you didn't make the playoffs, wha?
Anyhow, third loss in a row tonight for the Oilers and they sent down Nilsson who hasn't produced and Jacques who apparently seems to be getting it a little bit but not enough to save him from being sent down. Schremp and Stortini in and I guess they will play tomorrow night? Not sure what is up with Pouliot.
I think we had better get used to this shuttle. MacT said as much in training camp.
Schremp has five points in four games this season. Good on him for not sulking when he got sent down. Lets see what he can do.
And Trukhno got his second goal in three games as well. How long before he gets the call.
Never a dull moment.


Scarlett said...

No kidding. What a quick reaction. I just get home from the game and see the news on tsn. Crazy but I like it. It's something new for this team to mix it up!

Black Dog said...

Well Scarlett it certainly keeps everyone on their toes. If you're not producing then you're gone. I think Schremp is going to get five games, same as Nilsson, and if he can hang in there and produce, well, here's his shot.

mike w said...


Kev said...

Didn't follow Trukhno much last year, but he sure has my interest now. Am so glad we have our own AHL team now, will be following them faithfully. Surprised Nilsson hasn't produced; I will be patient. Don't know what to think of JFJ. Agree, I think there'll be much shuttling this season.

Schremp Stortini - sounds like an Italian dish. Looking forward to seeing how they do tonight and if they'll be mostly together.

Black Dog said...

We all do Mike. We all do.

uni said...

Nilsson will be back, here's hoping he tears it up in the AHL like the semi 3rd year pro he's supposed to be.